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Super Junior’s (old)Dorm Stories

 Because Super Junior doesn’t live in dorms anymore i decided to make a collection of all the stories during their dorm days :)


Whenever Leeteuk found bugs in his room, Yesung caught the bugs for Leeteuk because Leeteuk is really scared of bugs (Yesung too is afraid of bugs)


Ryeowook once went into the dorm’s bathroom and spotted Heebum doing his ‘business’. Ryeowook who respects the cat’s privacy left the bathroom and close the door for the cat


When Donghae can’t fall asleep at night, he becomes lonely so he visits various members and does aegyo. For instance, if they turn off the lights, he turns it back on, if they pull up their blankets, he pulls it away. It’s really meant to be cute, he means it


Lol this isn’t too related but I found it funny so im adding it. Shindong is pretty pale and Eunhyuk seeing him nude described Shindong as a “white sasuage”


Shindong thought a foam cleanser was just another type of body soap..until Siwon told him what it was used for (his face)