Basics of Aura seeing and reading

Although I may not be an expert upon this subject. I have been asked to give some information on what little I know on seeing auras. So here it is.

What are Auras:

Auras are basically the energy surrounding a living being protecting it and acting as a sign of well being. It is a different shape, size and colour for each being depending on their health, emotions and many other factors. Because auras are life energy, they not only surround humans (although for many these are easiest to see) but plants and animals also. There are many layers of auras, each showing a different aspect of the being they surround.

How to begin seeing Auras:

I personally began learning from a boo called “Energy Powers” by Walter Woods. This book came with a pack including come small squares of bright colours which will help with practicing.

You must first learn to blur your vision. I could already accomplish this. Allyou need to do is relax your eyes. Once you get the hang of it, you wont have a problem doing so.

Next you need a being with an aura you wish to see, its easiest for most to begin with a human rather than plant or other animal (I only learnt to read plants after a lot of practice.) Place a brightly coloured piece of paper behind the being and blur your eyes, allow the colour to spread around the being (usually about an inch) and although this might not be what you expected, you will be seeing the first layer of an aura.

Keep practicing with and withouhg the colured papers and you will find your ability to see these energy fields grow and you will soon no longer need the paper and, although it may be easier on an in-patterned background, you will find your abilities grow to be able to distinguish the aura from the air surrounding it.

Colours in Auras:

Some people can see colours in auras straight away but others, like myself, find they need to practice. Practice is always needed and it will take a long time. After a year I still find it difficult to see aura colours except greens and blue but for everyone it is different of course.

I will add a post on aura colours soon but it is similar to normal colour connotations. Brighter colours are positive and strong and darker, murkier ones are negative and weaknesses.

Layers of Auras:

There is not definite number of aura layers and different people can see different numbers of layers. You must practice a lot to begin to see the different layers of the aura, fading out as they expand from the body, (google aura layers images if you have no clue what I’m on about.) The first time I saw the second ayer of an aura was in an English class so believe that you can practice anywhere as nobody will notice.

The layers represent different aspects of the being. For example, layers closer to the body tend to be concerning physical traits and further one represent mental, emotional and even spiritual ones.

You must keep practicing and believe you can do what you wish. Learning will take a very long time and, as with everything, it will take a long time to see even a faint aura for some.

It is also possible to both feel and sense the aura and pendulums can be used sometimes to find the edges of each layer.

I hope this has helped anyone who wishes to learn.