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An Unlikely Ally


   They say time heals all wounds. They L I E.

For if that statement had even one ounce of TRUTH in it, then why hadn’t he been able to recover from those ? The wounds inflicted on his T E N D E R mind were still as fresh as they had been the day he had woken up to find himself all alone in the world. 

His MOTHER, who was to protect and nurture him, had abandoned him. Granted, she had never been A F F E C T I O N A T E, but still. Her mere presence had been enough for him.To keep the HOPE burning B R I G H T inside of his small, naive heart.

                  Time had done NOTHING

The boy had grown up to be a man. Or rather, a broken S H E L L of one. With time, the B L O O D might have dried up, centuries of torture might have MASKED the pain, but it hadn’t S E A L E D the wound itself.

Even today, even after claiming the T H R O N E for himself, some tiny, minuscule part of him was still in AWE of magic. Spells and enchantments that he had no real knowledge of. And perhaps that was the reason he was here.

Word had reached him, that there was a witch (well, half-witch) wandering about this little off-the-charts town. And here he was, dark coat B I L L O W I N G out around him. Waiting for the M A N to turn up. And he will LEARN what his mother had deemed him unworthy of learning. 

Time had F A I L E D to heal wounds. He W O N’ T

An Unlikely Ally


Apollo was so, so anxious.

There was so much going on, so many things he needed to do. Kazu was one step away from sealing a god damn demon into his soul, and it would be only so long before he realized Apollo’s seal was a fake. From there it got dangerous, and the angel was hoping he could perform the ritual before that happened. But Kazu was smart, smarter than him and Marshall expected, and so it made him a major liability. Things needed to change and fast.

But how and where and by what manner Apollo wasn’t sure. He couldn’t tell Desmond or Marcus about what was going on, somewhat out of pride but also because they might side with Kazu and the entire plan would be up in smoke.

He couldn’t go to his church or his mother because more than likely this matter would turn bloodier than it needed to be, and though Apollo was willing to kill Kazu if it came down to it he would prefer to avoid that situation as much as possible.

So, with very little options and even less ideas, Apollo found himself wandering the town late one night. It was easier this way, he could hide his wings and claim that his stumble was due to silly drunkenness more than wingless clumsiness. He could mingle among the crowds and not get questioned (except by patrons who were looking to get more out of him than a smile and a drink). He could allow his mind to wander as he searched for ideas. 

Who knows, the smallest inspiration could come from the most unlikely of sources.

Unlikely allies Closed with more-than-one

It was surprisingly easy to sneak into Bond’s apartment withouth the agent noticing. Of course, with the place so barren, it was clear Bond barely lived there or cared much about the place.

Silva stayed out of sight as Bond came in, and as Moneypenny came and went. He waited until Bond fell asleep in front of the television, still paused on M’s message, before stepping out and pointing a gun at the agent. He had, after all, learned the hard way not to underestimate him.

“Even from beyond the grave she manages to still send you out on missions. Now that is dedication!”

Unlikely Allies | BlackFrost RP | Closed | WhoisRomanoff

Loki moved along the rocky planet, locating the opening of the underground temple with ease. The Trickster was wanted on pretty much every realm in the galaxies. Between the All-Father and Thanos, he seemed to spend most of his time in hiding. A fate that did not exactly please the young god. So when he was offered a second chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the Eternal, he took it.

Loki hated having to bow to another’s whims. One day he would be stronger than the All-Father and Thanos combined. But today was not that day. For the moment, he had to be satisfied with being more powerful than nearly everybody else. And he needed to deliver the orb that the Titan desired.

Loki slid open the hatch and jumped into the shrine below. Moving quickly until he located the statue that it was buried beneath. With a quick incantation the hidden coffer slid open revealing the silver orb. He grinned widely as he lifted into his palm.  Now he simply needed to bring it to the rendezvous point on Xandar and Thanos would drop the bounty that he had placed on the God of Mischief’s head after his failures on Midgard.

Unlikely Allies

Claire had taken the night off. She found the bar closest to her motel and claimed a bar stool. She hadn’t seen much action hunt wise in a couple of days. This happened occasionally and she was somewhat grateful for it. She ordered her third beer and swiveled in the seat to look around the bar. She couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching her.

There was also the familiar buzz of an angel nearby. Though that had been an almost constant feeling since the angels had fell. But it was the first time she’d felt it since being in town. She turned back to the bar and took a large swig of her beer. She needed to stay alert. Luckily the grace that was still within her made it a little difficult to get drunk easily.


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“I have no need or desire to betray anyone. Though, I understand the validity of your threat…”
The robotic visor on his helmet blinks in quick succession, and the sword sheathed on his back feels restless. All his equipment was reacting to her chi. It was giving him a migraine.

“I’m sure this will be mutually beneficial.”

   “Hmm, beneficial. We will see.”

   Mia shifts her gaze from the stranger and back to the task at hand, sure to keep him in her line of sight. She crouches, chewing on her inner lip as she considers a possible route into the compound. This is not her area of expertise. If Rai or Lux where here they’d have a good plan to get inside but they’re busy with retrieving other artefacts, so Mia ended up having to acquire the artefact currently held in that building.

   While having a look around she ran into this shady fellow. She can’t tell if luck has shifted into her favour as of yet.

Unlikely Allies | Asha & Rickon (and Lyra?) (PRIVATE)

The two deckhands rowed the unmarked tender toward the shoreline of the inlet, a league south of Seagard. Black Wind was anchored one cove further south still, for the Mallisters had no love for Asha and the sight of the Iron Fleet’s flagship would cause them to ring the bronze bell, which would run counter to the entire point of secretly plotting to seize Seagard.

She’d been surprised at the appearance of a raven from the King of the North, who had personal reason to hate House Greyjoy moreso than any other ruler in the Seven Kingdoms. But his words indicated that his hatred of the Freys ran even deeper, and if that was the case, she was more than happy to treat with him and discover what might be gained from the alliance his letter proposed.

Still, she was nothing if not shrewd, and the two deckhands she brought along to row were also two of Black Wind’s most intimidating: Myio the Mute, freed from Uncle Euron’s Silence, his former slave tattoos long covered by inked kraken tentacles, and Iarl Pyke, called Iarl Ironfist, who was only as tall as her shoulder when she discovered him years ago as a bastard stowaway but now towered over her. They were celebrated fighters, and loyal enough to lay down their lives for their Queen, if need be. Of course, with her trusty axe at her hip, she had no reason to think it’d come to that, even if it turned out Rickon had only requested this meeting as part of a clumsy deceit.

Myio and Iarl beached the tender as close to the shore as they could, and Asha stepped over the rail, splashing as she landed. Were she a Lady, she would have waited for the men to get out and pull it higher on the shore so she would have a drier place to debark, but she was a Queen, specifically a queen who did not mind wetting her boots.

While Myio pulled the little boat above the tideline, she and Iarl surveyed the beachhead. It appeared she had beaten King Rickon to this meeting.


I directed this video for Unlikely Allies, a new sketch comedy group.

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Unlikely Allies No. 11 :)

You asked me about unlikely allies?!?? I am so happy right now.

11 - What do you like best about this fic?

See, here’s the thing. I wrote this fic a year ago. I have been craving Snow and Killian bonding for even longer than that. It’s a relationship that needs to be explored on the show, badly. So, I indulged myself and wrote this and will forever love it because it is essentially a Snow and Killian moment of connection. I love how easy this was to write, because in my head, they have a lot on common. And, because it will forever make me laugh, this is maybe my first attack from “The Charminator”, the crazy David Nolan superfan who attacks fics on FF.net with nasty reviews. She really didn’t like Killian driving around in a car with Snow after midnight. ;)

Unlikely Allies || Reina & Tharja


     The Valkyrie muttered to herself as she became soaked to the bone. As much as she loved the rain, she didn’t like it so much when she was on patrol.

     Rei angrily paced next to a tree stump, waiting for the person who was supposed to be joining her on patrol. Who was it again? She thought, Well whoever it is, they’re late.

     She heard footsteps approaching her, and hastily turning around, Reina found herself face-to-face with a dark-haired woman. “Ah, you’re finally here!”

justarighteousman // Unlikely Allies

Months and months of a head-itching case, and Catherine was going crazy about two men that she had only come in contact with on a sheet of paper. The focal of the case was the Winchester boys, known for their constant fake facade and quiet thefts in order for personal gain, although Catherine appealed that that wasn’t the entire story. The pair were running from something– or rather, chasing after something.

    Catherine’s precinct discovered a face match upon the outskirts of town and objectifying Cat from an endless nap upon her paper work, her belt and weapons were applied before she deputed to her car. Lights on, noise abruptly awakening silent New York City and Cat was anxious to see the men she had been obsessing with for months. –Well, not like that, of course.

                                 And yet again, there was her boss in her ear. Damn Joe.

          “This is Chandler– I am in pursuit. Back up would be nice, Joe and please get your tongue out of my partner’s throat so she can get down here and do her job.” Silent buzz and Catherine hung up.

     Yet another creepy warehouse. What on Earth were these men doing?

                Glass shattered, and Catherine yanked herself through the fresh opening, exulting a righteous position, metal gun posing a threat ahead of her. “Hello? This is NYPD. Is there anyone…–here?” Seemingly empty, but then again, these boys were known for being silent.

                        A different approach may exalt a new discovery. “Winchesters. My name is Catherine. I’m not going to arrest you. Just…–I just have a few questions.” And with the pursuit of her confidence, gun met its home at her belt with the safety lock off. Just in case.

Unlikely Allies // Frankie + Jenna

Jenna had ended up staying later than usual at work, and it had been an annoying day, full of annoying, sleazy guys so she was looking forward to getting home, but first she had to stop and see Frankie. She honestly hadn’t seen the younger girl in a while, it hurt too much if Jenna was being honest. Things had been different ever since her accident, but to know that she could pick people like Clare Edwards over them just…sucked. But now wasn’t the time to think about that, she wanted to hear whatever it was that Frankie had to say and then get home and get in bed. Or go out, she hadn’t quite decided which she would rather do tonight, it was honestly a bit of a toss up.

She found herself in front of the Hollingsworth’s, feeling completely out of place, but it was a feeling that she was used to, even after spending time there when Frankie was a part of the Wild Ones. It didn’t seem like she could ever get comfortable in their home, it was just…so…perfect and unlike what she was used to. And it didn’t help that Frankie’s parents certainly didn’t approve, so she hoped that they didn’t answer. Or Miles didn’t answer. She didn’t want to see his smug face anytime soon. She made her way up to the door and knocked, grabbing her phone, she started to scroll through, needing a distraction as she waited.

The un-kindness of strangers

I got added en masse to this local FB group about a local coffee house closing. I guess it’s more than a coffee house because alcohol and some food are served there. It largely serves as a comfy clubhouse for the local arty kids to hang out, play music, games and just be.

The owner decided he needed to close – mainly because it is not profitable enough for him to support his family. I have a sneaking suspicion his profits were dwindling because many of these cool cats were loafers who either nursed a cup of coffee or bottle of water all night or bought nothing at all. 

People were posting about the tragic loss of this place and wondered what they were going to do.

Me, having been around considerably longer than most of them and who has some outsider perspective, decided to offer a few thoughts.

I suggested that while it is tragic to lose a local business, couldn’t they channel that positive energy into something larger for the greater good? I suggested that they were acting like this place closing is the end of the world. I tried not to sound catty or preachy. I wanted to them to think about helping others, policing government or something big.

Oh for fuck’s sake. The commenters started in on me, claiming I was older and telling them what to do and that I was being negative and that I was an idiot. Literally, some girl who doesn’t have the first clue about me called me an idiot.

They were nasty and mean, especially the girls. 

I jokingly remarked that maybe I’m too much of a hippie for this group, and they savaged me. One girl (I swear I’m not making this up) quoted Urban-fucking-dictionary for a definition of hippie. At least it wasn’t Wikipedia.

Jesus, if you’re going to make a point, be original.

I was pretty shaken up – mainly because a handful of people who don’t know me would personally attack me. I wasn’t attacking them, just trying to put things in perspective. But they would have none of it and were reduced to being nasty. 

I see this happen sometimes on my FB page, when I post something and one of my friends makes a comment and then another person who doesn’t know the commenter begins to make personal attacks, and before you know it my page is hijacked by a few strangers cyber-warring.

See, I would never, in a million years, dream of personally attacking anyone for something they said. I would counter their arguments with actual facts or points, but never let it get personal. That’s shitty.

And it bothers me that people who don’t even know each other can just start being bullies and assholes because they can. I guess it makes them feel better.

The hilarious part is, I would have LOVED to have any of them try to say the same things to my face. My money says they couldn’t. It’s part of the passive-aggressive nature of the Internet and anonymity that gives people supposed power to do stuff like this.

Anyway, hours later, after a two-hour workout, I was calmer. The group had been killed, and I heard from a friend that he came to my defense, for which I was grateful. Nothing sucks more than people piling on you and no one has your back.

I messaged the guy who was the group’s founder. Explained that I meant no ill will and tried to further explain my point. He was surprised and glad that I’d contacted him. We had a couple of friendly e-mail exchanges and then (wait for it)….

….he friended me. I accepted.

Sometimes, it helps to be disarming instead of defensive. Learn from this.

Unlikely Allies | HawkeyeAgentBarton | Closed

Loki stood along the sidewalk, leaning against the light post as he waited for the archer to exit the building he had just seen him enter moments before. It was the first time he had found him alone all morning. He needed his help and it galled the young god to have to ask for it. But he was the only one that he would trust with this. He knew how much he cared for Natasha. And though their closeness normally annoyed the god. In this instance, he needed it. For while the others might be able to sacrifice one of their own for the greater good. He was certain that Barton would not abandon her so easily. Not if he knew where she really was.


Unlikely Allies [barabaranobuggy and meromeroempress]

.¸¸.•´¯`♡ Boa Hancock stood as far away as possible from the assorted marines and vice-admirals that were keeping the peace at this meeting. It was surprising she was even there, although the government was obviously trying to keep a tighter reign on their subordinates after the War of the Best. They had even complied with her request to have their meeting somewhere other than Marie Jois- the only stipulation she’d had about attending. 

The current meeting was at the new Marine Headquarters, just past the red line. She’d only been to the New World a few times, and she much preferred the chance to go to Fishman Island rather than the goverment route, although it was much safer.

The men had obviously been briefed about her ability, she noticed. Not many of them even dared to look at her. The ones who did only glanced when they thought she wasn’t looking. She noted an unusual number of female marines as well- as if that would stop her power from being effective. Typical.  Didn’t these government scum know her ability affected males and females all the same? She scoffed to herself, drinking the expensive government sake as she glanced around.


She could be back at Amazon Lily right now, she thought with a pout. Luffy would be done training soon, in just a few more months. She sighed, stirring her drink with a perfectly manicured finger. She shouldn’t have gotten to the meeting so early, she thought with a frown. Her fellow Shichibukai were the type to keep everyone waiting and make a grand entrance.