rp: the ring

The United States of Horror


I animated this.

Storyboard and backgrounds by Jay Hasrajani

Color script by Luz Batista

Written by Heather Anne Campbell

Editing by Nathanial Atcheson

We had about one week from start to finish.

Sadako Yamamura S.H. Figuarts

“Ring (リング Ringu?) is a 1998 Japanese horror film by Hideo Nakata, adapted from the novel Ring by Kōji Suzuki, which in turn draws on the Japanese folk tale Banchō Sarayashiki. The film follows TV-reporter and single mother Reiko who is caught up in a series of deaths surrounding a cursed video tape.”  - Wiki 

Pretty much by now most of us that are into Horror films have seen this movie. I for one am a horror  fan and when I saw this in Wonder Festival Winter 2014 and that Bandai was making this figure i had to get it

Sadako Yamamura is the antagonist of the movie, and the reason the cursed tape exists. it is said “when you watch the tape you will r a call saying that you will die in 7 days”

Front of the Box 

The box is designed with a  nice touch of the circle portraying the view Sadako has when looking up the well. The labels of “ Ringu” and Yamamura Sadako then product licenses at the bottom right as the S.H. Figuarts at the top right. The display gives you a feel of what this figure comes with. 

Back of the box 

Like with Figma boxes, This is where you see the different poses you can put Sadako in. 

Blister Package showing off everything she comes with.

Items she comes with are as follows 

2nd skirt piece

3 extra head pieces  

extra pair of hands 

tv with well screen 

tv screen with a hole 

video tape 

Here is how you put the 2nd screen. 

This is pretty much easy. the back of the tv is hollow so all you need to do is push the screen back so it pops out of the pegs. 

once it’s out replace it with the 2nd tv screen and push it in place. 

putting sadako in place is pretty easy too. 

pop her off her torso then peg her into the tv. 

then Wala! 

She comes with a bunch of different hair parts. 

2 are hair pieces that attach to her main head and the other two are heads.

1st her hair when she comes out of the tv, 2nd when she is crawling on the floor, 3rd her face  hair piece one with all her hair covering her face when standing up, 2nd hair piece when she is giving “The Look” with one eye to the victim. 

I have to admit the attention to details on her fingers make it more interesting. since her crawl is very iconic in this movie. 

Her articulation is some what limited due to her hard plastic skirts, but luckily she came with a crawling pose. which can be used for her to sit down and do different things with. Over all just enough to keep her characteristic personality in check. She’ll be perfect when halloween rolls around the corner. I sorta wish she came with a well too and additional hands. but The tv makes up for the ideas. So if you are into Horror shes a great catch! 

Here are a few photos of Sadako in action. 


Eren: AHHH!!! Sadako: - uugghhhrr-  Levi: =_=