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Gif icons: Lucky Blue Smith.

Under the cut you’ll find 106 gif icons of lucky blue smith made by me, please like or reblog if using. These are from almost all the youtube videos of him out there and are sized 100x100, i personally don’t care about what you do with these as a long as you give credit so go wild!! If you have any requests my ask box is open, enjoy!!! 

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anonymous asked:

Do you think If Kate and Barton split, who lucky would go with?

Kate always assumed if things went south that Lucky would come with her. Of course he would come with her. Clint could barely manage to keep himself alive and fed. How on earth would he cope with a dog depending at him. 

(She tries to ignore the voice in her ear that hisses how disloyal she is. She doesn’t care. Really she doesn’t. She’s mad at him after all.)

So when she stands in their–his–apartment, bags in hand, for the second time, she doesn’t even think before saying. “C'mon, boy." 

Lucky jerks forward, then leans back, doing an agitated little dance while he whines, like he doesn’t understand why his humans are being so stupid. When Kate purses her lips and calls him for the second, he doesn’t budge, leaning back against Clint’s legs. Oh. 

"Guess we’re gonna have to work out joint custody.” Clint says roughly, and the tense way he’s holding himself makes something in her ache. 

“Whatever.” She mutters. “I need to go. We’ll talk about it later." 

The ache gets worse with each step she takes towards the door, worse yet when Lucky whines again with a pitiful little yowl as she closes her hand around the doorknob. She yanks the door open before she can convince herself not to and strides into the hall, head high. She’s earned the name Hawkeye. She doesn’t need to follow Clint around like a smitten teenager. She doesn’t need to keep picking up the pieces of himself that he breaks off without care. She’s an Avenger–mostly–and she’ll be fine on her own. 

(Months later she’ll finally admit to herself that this time she was the one running scared. It’ll be more than three months after that before she shows back up, trying to lean casually against the doorway and tell herself that her heart absolutely doesn’t do a flip at Clint’s crooked smile. 

"Joint custody sucks. Let’s not." 

Yeah, dealing with feelings and working things out between them like grownups makes stomach twist with nerves, but she thinks it just might be worth it to hear Clint laugh and call her ‘girly-girl’ while Lucky runs around her in excited circles.)