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What is happening with the cockles shippers ??

nothing big, just the typical “they aren’t flirting, guys are allowed to have close relationships with other guys and that doesn’t mean they’re screwing eachother; it’s disrespectful to the wives; y’all are stupid”. whatever whatever whatever whatever. 

if i wanna squee over two grown men making goo goo eyes at eachother, i will. i’m not hurting anybody, i’m not sitting here saying that they’re being unfaithful to their wives (especially since most shippers think the wives are in on it, unlike a certain group of individuals who claim the wives are beards, or a lot of people just ship them for fun like “hey look at these two besties being absolutely unafraid to show how much they care about eachother")

 i respect boundaries, and if ever there was a moment (because we all know they are aware of the shipping, especially misha) that they came out and said they were uncomfortable with the shipping, i would immediately stop being cockles trash and just squee over how great of friends they are


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHHwxU2p5Lw) A special extra video tonight for my fellow #Outlander #SamCait shippers! We did a Jamie and Claire version of this song but had to of course use this perfect song for SamCait as well! Credit for this beautiful thing goes as always to my talented sis Julia LeBlanc (moduinne-and-redjamie)​. Song credit: Friends And Lovers-Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson
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RPF: To Carry A Heart-SamCait Chapter 4/?

Chapter Four



10 years later

She found she didn’t miss him. How was that possible? After a life shared… okay so maybe for most of that time it had been a long distance thing and the actual time spent together might total only about half that time but…What she felt was anger…hurt…rejection…pain but not…Cait looked around her Los Angeles home and thought, it doesn’t feel empty. Maybe because David hadn’t actually ever moved in.

He didn’t like that she had switched her career from modelling to acting even though she’d told him from the beginning that had been her dream. “And have to watch you make out with those brainless stud actors? Fuck that. Why would you think I’d be okay with that?”

Ironic really, while he was going on about her potentially have fake sex with co-stars, he’d been having real sex with groupies. And to top it off, he’d gotten one pregnant. Her model friends all told her it was just how men were. Especially musicians and she told herself that a part of her should have expected it but she hadn’t. Nor could she accept it either. The confrontation had been messy, ugly. He’d called her a cold, stuck up bitch with no time for anything but her career so of course he had to look elsewhere. What did she expect? So it was okay for him to travel half way across the world pursuing his dreams but not her? Oh no? She was supposed to just mindlessly follow him from gig to gig like some mindless arm candy? Fuck. That. She tried not resent him for the guilt she would sometimes feel whenever she did get a part in a play or a small part in a movie. Did he feel that resentment and was it that which drove them further apart? Because her resentment was making her pull away too? She always believed that there were two sides whenever a relationship went south but to have her side of it be ambition?

“I mean, what the fuck was I supposed to do? Not have my own dreams and goals?” Cait asked. A whiff of smoke passed behind her as she and Karolina sat on the couch. She’d stopped smoking a few years back after one of her friends children died of cancer but the craving sometimes still hit her. 

Karolina sipped her whiskey. “It’s a total guy thing. Maybe you should become a lesbian like Flora.” They looked over at the young Flora, sitting in the doorway of the terrace in the lap of her girlfriend, making out.

“If only I could,” Cait snorted. “I don’t know if that would make it any easier though.”

"Yeah, I heard about Donal. Poor guy. Guess he and Craig couldn’t work it out," 

"Looks like all our relationships have gone to shit. I’m taking Donal to Big Sur for the weekend for some R and R. Maybe this is a sign, you know?” A loud snort next to Cait made her blink. There was one of the other models, bent over a mirror snorting coke.

“Yeah. I lost out on the drug campaign to that one,” Karolina said, rolling her brown eyes. 

“How’s that for irony…oh Christ, is that…?” Cait blinked at the blonde woman over by the partition that separated the kitchen from the living room. 

“Who?” Karolina asked, shifting on to one knee and trying to look behind her on the couch. 

Cait tugged her hand to pull her back around. “Never mind. No one important. Just a friend of Donal’s.”

Karolina cocked an eyebrow. “Well lets go say hi.”

“Let’s not,” Cait shook her head. She could see this only increased Karolina’s curiosity but she was saved from answering any questions by the appearance of her agent. She waved the middle aged woman over quickly. Out of the corner of her eyes she could still see Amy though. Wow. It had been ten years and the girl still looked the same. She must have a really good surgeon, Cait thought uncharitably but quickly pushed the thought out of her mind. She shouldn’t spare the woman another thought. Amy was irrelevant….Cait stiffened suddenly. Oh God, was Sam here with Amy? She snapped her gaze around the room. Her heart raced with both nervousness and…not anticipation. No, Cait told herself. It couldn’t be that because it had been such a long time since she’d seen him. The kiss had been nice but that was all it had been. It didn’t matter one whit if he was here with that Amy girl or not. She forced a smile and kept her attention on her agent.

“I’m glad you could make it,” Cait said. “Karolina and I were just about to get some more drinks. You want something?”

Laura shook her head. “I think you’ll forgive me when you hear why I was late. I was on my way out the door when I get this email about this new show I think you’ll be great for. I ran back into my apartment to print out the sides and spent the whole way over here on the phone with Suzanne who’s casting this thing in Scotland. A TV show based on a book series.”

Excitement shot through Cait and she beamed at her agent. “No shit! Gimme!” She made a grabbing motion with her hands, making Laura laugh.

The older woman pulled out a set of stapled pages and handed them to her. Karolina read over her shoulder.

“Outlander. They’re making a show from that movie with the guy who played Jesus?”

Cait laughed but looked to her agent for clarification.

Laura shook her head after the host handed her a tumbler of brandy. “A historical-sci-fi-fantasy-drama-romance-action-adventure thing set in Scotland in the 1940’s and 18th century.”

“How many hyphens is that?” Karolina asked.

Laura nodded with a rueful laugh. “Right? It’s sort of all encompassing.”

“What’s with the two time periods….Oh, it’s a time travel? How odd.” Cait said her eyes quickly scanning the character break down. A world war two nurse on her second honeymoon gets transported two hundred years back in time. “This could be amazing or really bad,” Cait remarked, biting her lip, but her body pulsed with excitement. “You said there were books?”

Laura spend the new few minutes explaining the about the book series and how huge the fan base was.

“You could be like the female Harry Potter,” Karolina joked, making Cait choke on her whisky.

Cait dabbed at her red dress as she struggled to both laugh and breathe at the same time. “That was totally worth it.”

She bought the first book in the series the next day. Josh, a friendly hippie looking dude who had been trying to score a date with her for years tried to impress her with the information that they were making Outlander into a tv show.

“No kidding?” she asked, trying to sound suitably impressed as he rang up her purchase.

“That’s right,” he said smugly.

She smiled at him and pulled out her phone as she walked through the door, expecting the latest bit of news from her agent. The male lead had been the first one cast and Cait had been curious about who she’d be playing against if she was lucky enough to nail her audition tomorrow. She almost dropped phone when Laura informed her that the male lead was being played by a Scottish actor named Sam Heughan.

She sat in a bench in the park and stared at the text. Sam Heughan. Sam. She’d never actually gotten his last name. What were the odds…she squeezed her eyes shut once she’d typed his name into Google on her phone and his familiar face popped up. “Of course it’s you.” She groaned. “This is my life. Fuck.” She was probably overthinking it. It had been ten years. He probably didn’t remember her and damn it she wanted this part!

The years had been very kind to him. Gone was the almost boyish softness she remembered, yet somehow, the boyishness still peeked through in his eyes, when he smiled. That smile made her stomach flutter. He was still so handsome. Things could be very awkward if she got this part and they had to work together. She wouldn’t let herself worry about that though. Odds were she wouldn’t get it. That was the nature of the game. She would focus only on her audition.

He wasn’t there at the first audition, which helped Cait relax a bit more. They liked her and she got a call back the next day.

Chemistry test. With the lead actor. Who was Sam. She would see him again after ten years. Cait didn’t know what to do with herself. She put off leaving her apartment until it was almost too late, but shook herself out of her stupidity and focused on grabbing this amazing opportunity before it slipped through her fingers. Then the universe seemed to conspire against her with the LA traffic being worse than it had ever been, Cait was sure of it. The minutes ticked by and still they didn’t move. Her panic grew and the more it looked like she wouldn’t make the test, the realization that she might not make it made her realize she wanted this part more than she’d ever wanted anything in her life. Nothing else mattered, not her unease at seeing Sam again, not the fear that fame would change her life, not the idea of leaving her friends and having to move to Scotland. Claire belonged to her and she could not let the chance to play this amazing woman get away. As soon as she could, Cait pulled into a car park, got out of her car and ran the three blocks that were left to get to the studio, wishing she’d joined Karolina at the gym as her friend was always badgering her to do.

Panting heavily, she burst into the casting office and quickly asked the receptionist where the bathroom was so she could make some attempt at looking presentable.

When she felt halfway human again, she walked back towards the office, her nervousness increasing with every step. You can do this. This part is fucking yours. Don’t think about anything else. Cait took a deep breath. He’s on the other side of that door.

She turned the knob and pushed it open and Sam was the first thing she saw. He dwarfed everything else in the room. He got instantly to his feet and recognition was there in his eyes that crinkled at the corners as his entire face bloomed in a bright smile. Cait’s mouth went dry and her knees went weak. It was all of a sudden too much, like looking directly at the sun and Cait had to look at anywhere but him.

“I’m sorry I’m late.” She learned it was always best to skip the excuses. She could feel Sam’s eyes on her and Cait struggled to remember her own name, never mind her lines. Dear God. What if she totally blanked?

Susan, one of the casting directors nodded. “Let’s get started then, shall we?”

“what am i supposed to do? am i supposed to forgive and forget? because i don’t want to do that. i don’t know if i can do that. i don’t care that we were broken up. i don’t care that i’m being a baby or selfish. or anything. i don’t know what i’m supposed to do. you broke my heart. again.”

“i am so sorry.”

“you already said that.”

“you didn’t let me finish. i’m sorry. i am. but i can’t live without you and i know you can’t live without me. we have to deal with this. but maybe if you just love me again this will be easier. please love me again. because i love you and i never stopped for one second, even when i screwed up.”

Oh the blessed hypocrisy of the SamCait anti-shipper trolls have brought such a spring to my step today. A few of these darling kumquats like to screen cap shippers tweets and posts to mock and tear apart. One of these delightful creatures has decided to take issue with the fact that I write SamCait fanfiction. Their reasoning is that Diana has been vocal about not wanting people to write fanfiction based on her books. (which I have my own opinion on and that is that an author has no business telling a fandom how to express their creativity, but I digress)

I’m gonna let that sink in for a second.

Anti-shippers love to go on about how shippers can’t separate reality (Sam and Cait the actors) from fiction, (Jamie and Claire the characters) the ‘reality’ being in their opinion that Sam and Cait are dating other people and not each other…despite there being not one iota of proof to these ‘other people’ whatsoever and the ‘fiction’ being our fantasy that Sam and Cait are in a relationship with each other as anyone with two eyes and a functioning brain can logically deduce based on their behaviour. 

So shippers have a problem separating reality and fiction… but anti-shippers can’t tell the difference between a set of novels and the real life actors playing roles. 

I give you Sam Heughan dancing, your honour. The defense rests.