I see a lot of art playing with religious motifs when it comes to depicting Kankri and The Signless. I think in terms of symbolism that art is rad, and gorgeous. However people should not take the abundance of religious imagery in Vantas fanart to be canon indicators of the Vantas personality. 

The only troll religions spoken of in the comic, were the Church of the Mirthful Messiahs, and the Cult of The Signless.

The Cult occurred after The Signless was horribly martyred, and it was a zealous reconstruction of his ideals militarized for violent revolution. The Signless didn’t live to be constered into some sort of prophet, his emphasis was that he was an equal to all trolls, as all trolls were an equal to him. He would not have wanted to be a religious figure. 

Kankri may be preachy, holier-than-thou and self righteous, but none of that makes him religious in canon. His derision for all that the Cult of The Signless did to warp The Signless’ message is evident in his mocking use of 6’s and 9’s in his quirk. He mocks the shape of the shackles that the Cult worshipped. He doesn’t agree with the religion surrounding The Signless. 

Karkat wears the symbol of The Signless’ shackles unknowingly on his shirt from childhood. He finds Gamzee’s devotion to the freaky clown cult weird, and generally seems ambivalent towards religion. But he does call himself a God. So you know, you can go nuts with the religious symbolism for Karkat. It would probably feed his hungry little ego. 


Honestly, consider yourselves lucky that your yamis aren’t butting in as much as they could, all things considered.

I mean, if they were more emotionally invested in the outcome of your relationship, they’d be smacking you two around for acting like total idiots.

A proud crew member of your ship

  • KANKRI:Just y9u and the s9und 9f y9ur knitting eh?
  • KANKRI:The click 9f needles and the s9und 9f s9litude.
  • PORRIM:Rude, what do+ yo+u have against my knitting? I enjo+y it and yo+u get to+ wear all my new stuff, it's a fair trade~
  • PORRIM:Haha.
  • KANKRI:Y9u mistake f9rced enj9yment f9r legitimate enj9yment. Wearing 'all y9ur new stuff' d9esn't delight me as much as y9u think it d9es.
  • PORRIM:O+h no+, I kno+w it do+esn't, no+t in any way.
  • PORRIM:Yo+u do+n't hide yo+ur distaste and po+uting as much as yo+u think yo+u do+.
  • KANKRI:And here I th9ught I was 6eing s9 p9lite.
  • PORRIM:Yo+u do+n't o+utright argue everytime, so+ I'd co+nsider it po+lite. I'm thankful at least, we'd never get anywhere if yo+u did.
  • KANKRI:See if 9nly I'd kn9wn that sweeps ag9.
  • KANKRI:I c9uld have maintained a full 6l9wn re6elli9n against knitted g99ds 6y n9w.
  • KANKRI:I c9uld have run a 6l9ckade.
  • PORRIM:Precisely why I didn't say anything sweeps ago+.
  • KANKRI:A picketed pr9test.
  • KANKRI:My dreams 9f amateur re6elli9n are n9w dashed, dashed cruelly I say.
  • PORRIM:And my o+wn dreams o+f seeing yo+urs crushed are finally fulfilled. Isn't this nice?

Anyway, Mitsunari just needs to have someone in Hive to look to for a sense of purpose. He’s still worshiping the empty space that is Hideyoshi’s ghost ‘cause he was told it was his goal to serve the Toyotomi. He’s never lived for himself in a single day that he’s breathed air into his lungs. It’s a crippling trait and it’s why he’s such a piece of shit towards people. I mean, he’s still gonna be a murderous fuck that could snap at any given moment, but at least if there was a light for him to follow he’d be peaceful.

This isn’t in terms of a ship, either. Even if some vagina was given to him he’d only settle that shit down a little bit. What he needs is for someone to slap that mentality out of him. Making it clear deep down that he needs to lead his own life; ordering him to live his life. Still, he’d probably look to that person as he would Hanbei, but it’s something. My broken down piece of murderous shit baby.

Hold him.

I feel like I should officially jot down all the mini groups I’m currently working on here on this page, in order of their tentative launch sequence:

  1. Belluarum College (see here; basically a 6x6 group set in a secret supernatural college that’s going through a civil war in the supernatural community. I will probably post this some time next week so keep an eye out!)
  2. Alpha (see here; I actually created this two years ago. It’s about a group of rich kids in the Upper East Side dealing with the death of one of their clique. Because everything is set up for this site already and it’s only five characters, as soon as Belluarum’s application process begins, I’ll probably start Alpha so expect this sometime around mid-May)
  3. Auror 3x3 (it’d be set in the Harry Potter world, right after the Battle of Hogwarts. Six non-canonical aurors are assigned to a special task force to hunt down all the Death Eaters that escaped from the castle after Voldemort was defeated. I sort of got inspired by Agents of SHIELD. I’ll only post this if I have enough time this summer, but I will definitely start it in the fall at the latest since I’ve been thinking about this group for quite a while now)
  4. Praetorian Guard (see here; it’d basically be a 3x3 or 4x4 set in Ancient Rome during either Claudius or Nero’s reign. I’ll have to do more historical research on this. I think for this plot, the format won't be my usual skelton bios, but people will be free to submit their own original characters. I would love to get some help with the research stuff from anyone who’s well versed in Roman history. I know some because I studied Latin for six years, but it’s always good to have someone help me out with the historical accuracy. I’d like to start this plot some time in the summer if all the stars align in its favor)
  5. Pulse Music Group (basically a 5x5 about the singers, bands, and producing staff at a music producing company. Have yet to flesh out the plot trajectory but the idea of it was very much sparked by Empire and how there are a lot of teeny bopper rp groups out there set in talent/modelling agencies but not many of them have a good story/character collection though there is so much potential in this genre. Not my main focus here unless many people are interested)
  6. Mendelssohn Octet (see here; not really sure when or if I’ll start this 4x4 group and take it off of the far back burner)

My past 5x5: Little Philosopher; current 3x3: O Dionysus. As you can see, I’m definitely really getting into the mini roleplay groups. I’m still doing the traditional 1x1 plots, I’m currently closed for 1x1 plots unless I message you directly. I’d really like to devote more time to launching the groups I’d listed above.

If you’re interested in any of these groups, please comment/like (or even reblog to spread the word; I’d really appreciate that) or message me so I can gauge interest and determine which plot I should prioritize on! I hope y’all will be interested because small groups are always great chances to meet other talented writers, create intricate character relationships, and brainstorm up plot devices in intimate and fun group chats ooc. 

Thanks so much for reading. This means so much for me because I’ve always had so many amazing experiences with delightful writers in every small group I’ve been lucky to participate in, and it’d be a dream to see some of these groups come alive eventually soon!

OoC was ahead of the curve all along

It just hit me that now the current IDW lines have some similarities to certain post-series RPGs I’ve been a part of. One thing that came up a lot when I’d tell people about some of them was “wait, the war is over? what’s the plot about then?”
Just because the war is over doesn’t mean everyone’s going to be friends. Heck, it was a major theme of the last few arcs on cybertron that some people are just so sick of the war that now that they have an out, they’re going to take it. They’re willing to transform their perspectives and deal with what may fall. Swindle, SWINDLE of all people carried people to safety. You could say he did it because of a lot of reasons, some of them weren’t neccessarily being a good guy. But in the end he did the -right thing-.
It’s what I’ve loved about the lore my friends put there in the beginning of Oracle of Cybertron. Why Hare and me have worked so many references back to it. The funny thing is all the unintentional things I’ve noticed, like a lot of characters who are mentioned to have gone through Stormrave’s Military Academy tend to be those who are on the cusp of being Techno-Organic but not quite. They -all- have at least one vehicle mode, The Young Combaticons, Armorhide, Shellshock, and others.
The fact that Starscream has actually gotten himself -onto- the councils in recent years, but before IDW put him in charge of cybertron. It was done in a very real way, that his contribution to the people of Polyhex was the defense through his Combaticons and Young Combaticons firepower. And people are left grudgingly admitting he was a part of the war of the spark.
Or heck, with my own contribution of the idea of the enhancers… “Why did you bring gender into things?” Why not? 
Roberts has mentioned on certain tweets there may be some gender redefining characters down the lines, not like Arcee but those of a voluntary choice. It’s like I’ve always said to the second question. “They’re transforming robots that regularly change alt mode from time to time, you’re saying they can’t change their chassis?”
It feels good to have proof we were right about all that, that these are things that can be written and written -well-.

RP Ramblings - I can't make up my mind.. :(

So I have a few ideas for a few RPs with different people, I won’t go into details, but some people may know bits and pieces. The first thing I need to worry about is getting out of the cabin.

I have had many ideas on this but I honestly can’t decide. Below are just a few bits and pieces that I have been contemplating:

  1. Break out and somehow find my way back to the castle.
  2. Break out and go to my own secret location.
  3. Be a good Thaumturtle and wait for Nights to allow me to come home.
  4. Have someone else find the cabin, and force one of the above.

I think what the main issue is though, is that personally, I want to stick it out with the crew and not annoy Nights more than I already have. But Krauzer on the other hand, he doesn’t like being kept in the cabin and will only put up with it for so long…

For the Kankri tag.

Hopefully awareness of Kankri’s canonical use of ace umbrella terms will increase awareness of what those terms mean, will help reassert Kankri’s chosen ace labels as widely recognised fact, will allow the people who focus only on his vow of celibacy to explore what these terms mean rather than erasing them under the false assumption that celibacy and asexuality are mutually exclusive and will remove, through research, some of the problematic assumptions of what an asexual consists of, is and is not.

Hopefully widespread knowledge of this phrase and what these terms mean will increase representation of asexual characters without their asexuality being depicted as some hurdle to be overcome by another character’s sexual or romantic prowess. The more representation asexual people see of their sexuality in media and popular culture the easier it becomes to reconcile with asexuality in a widely romance/sexual-oriented society.

It will hopefully increase awareness and understanding of respecting the boundaries and consent of asexual people and characters.

It will hopefully lessen the number of unwanted sexual solicitations, guilting asexual characters into sexual situations or forceful instances of sexual assault on asexual characters that is present on rping websites used by the fandom.

It will hopefully encourage people to look up these terms themselves through resources such as the Asexuality Visability Education Network which can be accessed here ==>> http://www.asexuality.org/home/

It will hopefully encourage intersectionality and inclusivity to keep ace umbrella terms in mind when considering asexual people, and the publics awareness and understanding of asexual people.

And hopefully the respect for asexuality and the wishes and lifestyles of asexual and ace umbrella identifying people will increase and translate into real life through representing asexual characters accurately and fairly.

=>Awkwardness ensue

>.Fae! Get your ass in here now!.<

=>After everything that had happened a few weeks ago you were acting your normal self, and Faelyn appeared to be the same. Back to her normal, and dare you say useful and still getting it wrong self. You were considering if you weren’t so good at what you do going into acting, you’d make a great actress. You had come across her note that she left in one of your books, it was sweet but you were unsure on what to do. Hate and black you can deal with, being bitter and bitchy yes your strong point. Red and sweet, not so much, so you were just acting normally. 

>.Hurry up will you.<

=>You sigh holding a dress you were having her finish as you were working on another order that came in from some snooty highblood. 


ok everyone’s talking about being a skandiddily cheater

so now I’m curious

are you talking about just being a skandiddily cheater on your spouse

or a skandiddily cheater in general


are they also like a skandiddily test cheater

or a skandiddily lottery ticket cheater

or a skandiddily scam-old-ladies cheater

or a skandiddily cheater on life