Nothin’ t’do in this damn city.

Least nothin’ that won’t leave you with a knife in the gut, a missin’ coinpurse, or a few gil short – always a few gil short – of a hot meal ‘n a warm bed.


Honestly, consider yourselves lucky that your yamis aren’t butting in as much as they could, all things considered.

I mean, if they were more emotionally invested in the outcome of your relationship, they’d be smacking you two around for acting like total idiots.

A proud crew member of your ship

I see a lot of art playing with religious motifs when it comes to depicting Kankri and The Signless. I think in terms of symbolism that art is rad, and gorgeous. However people should not take the abundance of religious imagery in Vantas fanart to be canon indicators of the Vantas personality. 

The only troll religions spoken of in the comic, were the Church of the Mirthful Messiahs, and the Cult of The Signless.

The Cult occurred after The Signless was horribly martyred, and it was a zealous reconstruction of his ideals militarized for violent revolution. The Signless didn’t live to be constered into some sort of prophet, his emphasis was that he was an equal to all trolls, as all trolls were an equal to him. He would not have wanted to be a religious figure. 

Kankri may be preachy, holier-than-thou and self righteous, but none of that makes him religious in canon. His derision for all that the Cult of The Signless did to warp The Signless’ message is evident in his mocking use of 6’s and 9’s in his quirk. He mocks the shape of the shackles that the Cult worshipped. He doesn’t agree with the religion surrounding The Signless. 

Karkat wears the symbol of The Signless’ shackles unknowingly on his shirt from childhood. He finds Gamzee’s devotion to the freaky clown cult weird, and generally seems ambivalent towards religion. But he does call himself a God. So you know, you can go nuts with the religious symbolism for Karkat. It would probably feed his hungry little ego. 

Vore Starters

-{ “Come on- I promise I don’t bite…”

-{ “I’m just trying to shelter you…”

-{ “Are you alright in there…?”

-{ “Hush- you’ll be fine.”

-{ “That wasn’t so hard… Right?”

-{ “I wouldn’t mind if you hid me in your mouth…”

-{ “ARGH! Would you quit tasting me?!”

-{ “W-Wouldn’t that kill me…?!”

-{ “That can’t possibly be safe!”

-{ “Did you really think you could evade becoming my meal, now?”

-{ “It won’t be much longer.”

-{ “You might as well make yourself comfortable.”

-{ “You promise you won’t digest me, right…?”

-{ “I don’t have all day. Are you willing to crawl in or not?”

-{ “I suppose it’s alright in here, even if it’s a bit slimy.”

-{ “Hey- I can hear your heart from in here!”

-{ “Would you keep it down? I’m trying to sleep.”

-{ “You better plan to spit me out after this.”

-{ “Don’t waste your energy- it’s not like you’re in any danger.”

-{ “Struggle all you want- you’re not getting out of there.”

-{ “I’m sorry… That it came to this…”

-{ “Would you mind if I curled up in your belly for a little bit?”

-{ “It’s a bit like your stomach is giving me a little hug… It’s nice.”

-{ “Of all the damn things you could’ve done, you just HAD to stuff me into your mouth and swallow me whole, didn’t you?!”

-{ “There- now you can’t get distracted and stressed!”

-{ “We really don’t have many options… Go ahead and open up…”

(( OOC: I want to say this because it’s been a recurring thought of mine recently - but some of you guys are just amazingly creative.

There’s way too many people in this community for me to follow and actively track but I totally stalk all your blogs when they pop up and I just want to say… I dig it?? Because even though the rp community has kinda exploded over the last number of months with so many new people, there’s still so much originality and creativity and it makes me hella happy.

Not only that, the support and encouragement you all give each other is so cool. I haven’t seen any real negativity in a long time, and it’s so nice to witness such a safe, non-judgemental space.

I have an awful lot of appreciation for this community, and the majority of that is down the the people in it. So keep doing all the things. You’re all great.

*Goes back to stalking* ))


So, behind Vaard I’m a very shy little bean.  I’m 200% comfortable with fully written RP, love it, been doing it solid for 8 years, but I am a full and complete nooblet when it comes to in-game.  I can confidently write out a 2k reply in text but catch me in game and I fumble and stumble through the limits of the say and emote system (even more so at large events when multiple things or conversations are going on with me at once and I just kind of panic RP while trying to sift through everything and then moan and groan and cover my face at my writing afterwards lol).  In-game makes me really nervous to be honest lol I have so little experience with it and I’m not always as snappy with responses as I’d like to be so mostly I stay to myself and stay quiet at events.

I really would like to get more practice with it outside of 2-3 events a year I attend.  I can’t take on anymore full RPs at the moment since I’ve taken as many as I have time for, but what would you think about picking an area like Stormwind, something easy to get to, and plopping Vaard down for whoever may want to walk up, do a little RP or just drop by to say hi? (it’s NA Wyrmrest Accord).  I’d really like to get better at in-game and kick the nervousness about it (even this makes me a little nervous lol).

Just a thought if anyone would be interested.

I am so used to Zenyatta being the kindest, most patient individual in the whole world, then I remember that he can rip your being apart at the atomic level with some horrific science-magic weirdness and can make you more or less regret everything with a well-placed magic orb thing.

So I’ve got to thinking about my Finrod’s and Feanor’s relationship as nephew and uncle. Even though Feanor was never too keen on being around his half brothers family much, children wouldnt know this. Finrod as a child didnt know about any of the family drama. He simply knew that he loved his uncles and aunts. They were people he could look up to, role models! So after having heard so much renown about his uncle Feanor’s skills he was eager to meet him. He wanted to see his famous uncle that makes cool things. Little toddler Finrod probably ran right up to him and hugged his legs because FINALLY he had his other uncle he had been so excited to see. Finrod never noticed any off-put nature from Feanor, he only saw his uncle, and surely all uncles were like his uncle Fingolfin? As a child he just /knew/ that Feanor loved him and Finrod loved him back. Thats how uncles worked. 

Unfortunately he was unable to visit often due to distance and drama he knew nothing about. So when he was grown he hadnt been around Feanor when older to know that while Feanor surely didnt hate him.. he certainly would prefer not to be bothered by him.  I think the fact that Finrod did love his uncle only made it harder when he felt he was betrayed by Feanor. He always saw the good in him even despite everything.  ;~;

Just thinking out loud, @minstrelmaglor, @first-son-of-finwe I cry ;-; the feels. I hadnt never thought about this much before and thought i’d tag you since relevant XD

For those who might need it

I recently noticed I have 108 followers. I was thinking what I wanted to do and I want to do something to maybe inspire people (or maybe just one person). I am not good with words but I hope this reaches someone who needs it in the rp community (or any community).

This is for those who are starting to role play, who have been doing it for a while and for those who want to. Do it! Keep doing it. If you thought “I want to do it.” Then do so. You thought about it for a reason. Everything takes time and practice, of course it does. And it can be tiring and complicated. But how are you going to improve if you don’t start?

You will learn, improve, make new friends and have fun. Of course there will be people who will be demanding, maybe they won’t like what you do, how you do it or who you are. Well, surprise: that´s life. But there will also be people who will like you, find you cute or funny, and even be inspired by you. Maybe you will make someone smile at the other side of the world, maybe you will help them fight for their dreams. I know some people inspired me to start.

I started to rp because I wanted to. I wanted to do it from years now but started a few months ago. Why I didn’t start before? Because there was no one who inspired me, who said the right words to me. I was afraid of what other would think about me or say to me. I was afraid that people wouldn’t like what I had to offer.

You can’t live scared your whole life. It sickens you, while others don’t even care what is happening to you. Don’t do things thinking about what others will do or say. Do them because they make you happy. Because you feel like doing them.

I started to rp because I am starting to do things I like and not what others want me to do. I am doing this for my own good, for my health. I am starting to love myself and this helps me. I want to own my life. This is part of my healing process.

I live in a house with four more people and none of them know I am doing role play. Because I know that if I tell them they will take this away from me. Even if they say it is for my own good. This is something I want to do for myself and not others. And that makes it hard to do too. Some role players have the approval or their families don’t mind, even their siblings are part of their blogs. And that’s amazing, I love to see that. But I don’t have it. And who knows, maybe in the future they will know and be part of this. But right now I do this for myself.

If someone out there doesn’t want to start rp because they are worried about what their families have to say or don’t want them to know, it is all right. I know it can be a complicated decision to make. You will not have enough time to be online or are afraid they will find you dressed up (or down) as someone else. I do understand it.

Ask yourself: I don’t do this (anything) because others opinion or because of mine? If it is because of others, throw that thinking out the window. You don’t live to please everyone. You will hurt people, doesn’t matter what you do, if you are careful or if you have the best intentions. If you don’t do it because of you, then find what is stopping you and fix it. If you really want to do it, look for a way to fix it.

You can do anything you want to. You don’t have the right clothes? Don’t worry, we don’t notice or mind. You don’t have wigs? Make a headcanon why the characters have that hair color. Or don’t. You don’t own us anything. You don´t have time? We will wait or you can write down your ideas and ask someone to do them for you. You can’t keep a straight face while filming? Don’t worry, practice. You don´t have any ideas? Ask or look for them somewhere. Just fix the problem and do what you want to do.

Do things because you feel like doing them. If they make you feel happy do them. Would you prefer to have a life where you lived for other or a life where you lived for yourself? You can have mistakes, but they will be your own. People will talk, but that is what they always do. Just be who you want to do and don’t let others stop you.

If you needed a push to do what you want to do, then I hope this helped you to think about it.

Just be creative, be true to yourself and do what you want or not to do.


I’ve seen a few people say this but like. It’s gotten a bit out of hand.

Please don’t befriend me or any artist just for the sake of the fact that we draw??? Like that’s incredibly fucking rude and depressing.

I have had several people now just want art out of me and not actually treat me nicely oocly.

My characters have a lot of love put into them. The fact that people often reduce it to “ if I try and woo this character I’ll get free art.” Is lower than low and it really hurts.

So yeah. Just don’t be that person please…

  • KANKRI: Just y9u and the s9und 9f y9ur knitting eh?
  • KANKRI: The click 9f needles and the s9und 9f s9litude.
  • PORRIM: Rude, what do+ yo+u have against my knitting? I enjo+y it and yo+u get to+ wear all my new stuff, it's a fair trade~
  • PORRIM: Haha.
  • KANKRI: Y9u mistake f9rced enj9yment f9r legitimate enj9yment. Wearing 'all y9ur new stuff' d9esn't delight me as much as y9u think it d9es.
  • PORRIM: O+h no+, I kno+w it do+esn't, no+t in any way.
  • PORRIM: Yo+u do+n't hide yo+ur distaste and po+uting as much as yo+u think yo+u do+.
  • KANKRI: And here I th9ught I was 6eing s9 p9lite.
  • PORRIM: Yo+u do+n't o+utright argue everytime, so+ I'd co+nsider it po+lite. I'm thankful at least, we'd never get anywhere if yo+u did.
  • KANKRI: See if 9nly I'd kn9wn that sweeps ag9.
  • KANKRI: I c9uld have maintained a full 6l9wn re6elli9n against knitted g99ds 6y n9w.
  • KANKRI: I c9uld have run a 6l9ckade.
  • PORRIM: Precisely why I didn't say anything sweeps ago+.
  • KANKRI: A picketed pr9test.
  • KANKRI: My dreams 9f amateur re6elli9n are n9w dashed, dashed cruelly I say.
  • PORRIM: And my o+wn dreams o+f seeing yo+urs crushed are finally fulfilled. Isn't this nice?

schrammes-ramblings  asked:

Val, OG Veloxa, and Bralane!


1) Val’s whole body, from nose to toes is covered in freckles!

2) She has a scar on the back of her shoulder, from when a particularly racist commander of hers shot her in the back for mending him without his consent. How dare she touch him with those filthy, alien fingers.

3) Val really enjoys being a Mandalorian. The rush she gets from fighting really fuels that Zeltronian passion thing.

4) She’s actually bashful and shy when paid genuine compliments as she’s not used to them, due to the fact that she’s a Zeltron.

5) She takes consent VERY seriously. She will never willingly use her pheromones, or engage in any sexual acts without explicit permission to do so. She won’t even mend someone unless it’s clear that their life hangs in the balance.

6) That said, she WILL use her pheromones on enemies to make them more compliant to avoid unnecessary casualties on one or both sides.

7) Val has 6 siblings, two sisters and four brothers.

8) Her parents run a brothel and spice bar on Zeltros. Though they aren’t married and practice polyamory, they have sired all seven of their children together.

9) Val herself is NOT polyamorous, making her an oddity amongst her people.

10) She’s only been on a handful of actual dates, and can count the number on both hands.


1) Veloxa has had several very unsuccessful relationships in which her spouses have all died. Essentially.

2) She is currently married to Darth Krustov.

3) Her right arm, all the way to the shoulder is cybernetic. She’s had it weaponized and adjusted to use force lightning as a source of power.

4) She has never stepped foot on Csilla, nor has she ever been a part of the Ascendancy.

5) Veloxa sucks at the more physical aspects of fighting. Her lightsaber is more for decoration and status than it is useful.

6) She has one child with her current husband.

7) Veloxa has a large amount of personal wealth, Krustov’s sources notwithstanding. She managed to procure it from a sleezy business man on Nar Shadaa.

8) Veloxa can be absolutely pleasant when she wants to be. Even sociable. She just doesn’t like to be.

9) She won’t take on apprentices. She hates them and has better things to do with her time. At least in her opinion.

10) Vel is well into her 40′s and likely seeking some sort of way to extend her life. Which will be leading her into Sith Alchemy and other force rituals that are really sketchy.


1) At this point, with the absence of Zayed, to whom Tervho passed on the leadership of Clan Mereel, Bralane is acting Clan Leader.

2) Zayed is actually her adopted father and she has no actual memory of her biological parents. And she doesn’t really mind.

3) She wants to have a real family of her own, with a plethora of little ones that she can raise and train, just as she had been trained.

4) Brae really likes explosives. Like really likes them.

5) She also likes to fight hand to hand. She feels it’s the best way to see how strong someone really is.

6) Bralane spits on mysticism and anything vaguely hocus pocus like. With the exception of the Force, which she’s actually seen used, she finds most “magic” to be nonsense. If she can’t see it, can’t touch it, then it’s not real.

7) She likes to play huttball in her spare time. Corellian Capeworms are her favorite team. (I just made that up.)

8) Bralane is really short. She’s about 5′1″, but she’s built like a brick shithouse.

9) She’s an awesome cook. (Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.)

10) She’s really good at scavenging and finding use from things that would otherwise seem useless.