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Welcome to Dalton|| Huntbastian

“All right Simmer down, boy” Hunter spoke with an authoritative voice to let the boys know that he meant buisness. “Nick.. please sit on your own seat and not on Jeff’s lap.” Once the bustling settled down he stood in front of his desk. “Alright boy today we will be having a new student join us,” he gestured to the door to let the boy standing outside know that he may now enter the classroom. “Boys please welcome your new brother at Dalton, Sebastian Smythe.”


Dalton Reunion || KLAINE

While Kurt made breakfast, and after Mabel was ready to eat as well, Blaine headed downstairs to get the mail, which usually consisted of catalogs, mostly fashion ones addressed to Kurt, one sports magazine for Blaine and a couple of children magazines for Mabel. But that day something else stood up over the small pile of things stuffed inside their mailbox, and after some struggle, he was able to pull everything out without breaking it, and his eyebrows went unusually high when he saw what it was.

An envelope.

Who sent letters anymore? Especially in the digital era they were all living in. He pulled the envelope and turned it around, his eyes going wide when he saw the unmistakable emblem on the front side, the Dalton shield. He ran upstairs, carrying everything in hand and opened the door in haste. “Kurt! Kurt! You’ll never guess what we got in the mail!” He walked up to him and showed him the envelope, which was addressed to both of them, Mr. Kurt and Blaine Anderson-Hummel.