It’s really disheartening when I reblog memes and nobody comes to do them. It makes me feel like nobody actually wants to interact with my muse, and really puts me down for roleplaying. I think memes are a great way of starting interactions with a roleplayer that you haven’t talked to before, and it really makes that roleplayer happy to know that his/her/otherwise’s followers care to talk to them and actually pay attention to them. So when I don’t get any, I just feel left out and lonely. -Anonymous

While I try my best to stay as IC as possible and with that to respect the Historical setting too, I still make some mistakes. I just want to point out: every RPer is allowed to make mistakes concerning an age which isn’t ours, no one of us was born in Ciel’s age and not everyone found the right places to research. Be patient with those who miss some details -explain, communicate, interact. Give them links and references. Help. Speak. Teach. These are the keys for a good RP community.




I want like an RP partner that will do a plot with me and is dedicated to do it with me.. I want an RP partner that is willing to be my friend and talk to me andwhen I get online they get all excited and message me.. I want an RP partner that will not only RP with me but be my friend. 

It’s like… seriously bringing me and my muses down that it never happens… Or when I think it’s going great it snaps back to me being alone again. 

I just want to say that having no RP friends seriously kills my muses and what makes the my motivation to come on die. 

I don’t know.. I’m rambling. 

- Munny Bunny (Sammie) 

I have become so into my muse that I feel I’ve become them, I take on their personality, their habits and individuality. If you hurt my muse I feel their pain, their sadness and the happiness, the love. Sometimes I struggle to separate the muse from myself and when I RP with others I feel, see and imagine everything which is what makes role-playing all the more better. -Anonymous

{||Contrary to popular belief on Tumblr...||}

{//||– I’m actually extremely flattered when people outside of my rp threads reblog them. Like seriously– if my partner’s and my rping makes you SO IMPRESSED that you reblog those particular moments from them:

Then I KNOW my partner and I are doing our jobs at being inspiring rpers that bring entertainment to others.

Seriously, it’s incredibly flattering to know you read my threads, liked them, and were entertained enough to reblog them. It’s the biggest ‘silent compliment’ ever to me. 

Thank you.

what’s the point of reblogging memes if no one sends in anything for me or my character? i want my character to be bugged, i want to write drabbles involving my muse and someone else’s for the fun of it, and sometimes i want people to ask about me on those few mundays i participate in. people tell me how quality i am but i don’t feel like it because i see all the other blogs others deem as quality, and they get a bajillion asks. maybe i’m just bitter. -Anonymous