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Assorted First Meeting Symbol Prompts

💌- Our muses are pen pals who finally meet up in real life.
🐬- Our muses meet while they are both on vacation.
🗡- Our muses run into each other on opposing sides on the battlefield, but are forced to stick together when they lose contact with their leaders.
🐆- My/your muse is the last of their species, while my/your muse is tracking them down.
💎- Our muses are both jewel thieves who have set their sights on a large and valuable gem.
🍰- Our muses are awkwardly seated together at a crowded cafe.
🦄- Our muses have been having very strange dreams where they see and talk to each other. Out of nowhere, they spy each other in a public place.
👘- Our muses bump into each other at a small town festival/fair.
🔥- My/Your muse rescues mine/your muse from a wild or house fire.
🌲- My/your muse is feral and living in the wild, and stumbles upon your/my muse by coincidence.
🎀- My/your muse has been an orphan all their lives, and your/my muse ends up adopting them.
👑- Our muses are the heirs to rival kingdoms, and must meet to attempt to settle their kingdom’s differences.
👒- Your/my muse finds my/your muse crying and upset after a bad breakup.
🌪- Our muses stick together after a powerful natural disaster has laid their home to waste.
🏚- My/your muse’s town has been throughly destroyed by raiders, and they are the only survivor a rescue team led by your/my muse can find.
🔪- My/your muse attacks yours/mine out of sheer panic.
🔗- Our muses are both taken as prisoners of war and are forced to share the same cell.
🎙- Our muses meet at a concert for a famous musician/band.
🐚- Our muses are seashell hunting on the beach and strike up a conversation while searching.
🏵- My/your muse risks their life to save your/my muse from certain death.
🍣- Our muses were set up for a blind date by a mutual friend.
🐺- My/your muse is an abandoned child who has been raiding your/my muse’s trash cans for awhile now, until they are caught red-handed.
🏝- My/your muse was shipwrecked and washed up on the shore by your/my muse’s tiny town or island.
🤺- My/your muse ends up becoming your/my muse’s mentor.
☄️- My/your muse is an alien or angel who accidentally crash-landed in your/my muse’s backyard.
🌼- My/your muse stumbles upon your/my muse sitting alone in a flower field.
⛑- My/your muse is a lone medic or Good Samaritan who saved your/my muse’s life when they were very close to death.
🔐- Your/my muse stumbled upon my/your muse caught in a trap and are unable to free themselves.
🛁- Our muses meet in a beauty parlor/spa/bath house.
🔬- Your/my muse is conducting research on my/your muse, who is being held captive in a laboratory.
🦈- My/your muse is a mermaid/man who took pity on and rescued your/my muse.
🌙- Our muses find that they have incredible superpowers and team up with each other to either protect or destroy the world.

Is it weird to want more spontaneous, open-world RP? Like…two people meet each other on a road between towns instead of in the Quicksand or Ul'dah. Or they meet when they decide to fish at the same spot. Or one encounters another in danger fighting a losing battle against some creature.

If people are RPing adventurers, why can’t we stumble across them adventuring outside of a pre-planned event that’s usually locked off to someone’s FC or friend group?

If people are RPing as treasure hunters, why can’t we stumble across them dragging their haul back to their base of operations and learn from them how they got it?

If people are RPing as white mages, dragoons, paladins, warriors, monks, ninja, dark knights, etc. etc. why can we only stumble across them at the bar?

Get out there! Go be amazing! Wave down someone passing by or just throw out an emote they can openly engage with! Get out of the bar! There’s a whole new world to explore now that Stormblood is out, there’s reasons for people to not be stuck in towns! Get their attention! Make the world a living, breathing, active place! Please!


09.04.17 Happy Birthday To Moi~

Yusss today’s mah burfday so I drew myself a pic or two to celebrate 0w0 Yoosung tells OC Amy to quit her job (she does World Hacking i.e. hacks her way into other Worlds, some of which can be very dangerous) since he’s worried for her safety. Amy is all, bich that’s mah life’s work okay, and Yoosung…well he just kisses her 8D

Muse A is daddy’s little good girl. Studies extra hard, rarely leaves the house and goes to church every Sunday just like he wants. Her father, a cop, arrests Muse B for vandalism. The next day Muse A’s father is letting Muse B out of jail when she comes for a visit. Muse B instantly starts hitting on her and making sexual advances. She immediately gets turned on by this bad boy and starts falling for him. He shows her the wild side, with sex in the car and in the bathroom at parties. And she enjoys this, she enjoys going behind her father’s back and seeing this other side of the world.

I’ve been delaying this too long. Kav’s story and personality has been taking a shift I didn’t expect and I’d like to explore it.

I want to host a once or more a week dance club outside of a main city, or maybe in the Ruins of Lordaeron. This would be Horde main but I’d be glad to work with someone A-side to make it cross faction if we pick a good location. I want at least one event a month to focus on industrial and alternative dance. I’d love another one or two to be dedicated to traditional rave style techno. Other ones could be themed as well. I just want to have an event where people could go to dance, have fun, and get away from the typical social style event. I know Club Trixx and Club Boom had been going for a long time and I’d be glad to work with them to make this work if they want to jump in. Guest DJs, bartenders, performances - it would be fun!

Who is interested? Should I do this? It fits Kav’s theme and I could run it late into the night for the night crowd - after most other RP events are over.

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so uhh … .       who knows … .   gintama … . 

I am doing so terrible with tumblr right now I just… I can’t even. This is that double S thing for @the-news-nerd !

One nice thing: I was saying the same sort of thing to Susan. You create RP for others, you made a little world and dared people to populate it. You took an interesting idea that was something you were passionate about and you turned it into a space where other like minded people could come and feel welcome. That’s really something special. It’s the stuff like that that makes me want to come over Blue side to hang out with you wonderful creators and fantastic writers.


One more nice thing: You’re a really nice person. We’ve been in a couple of RP groups together now and I never saw anything other than you trying to reach out or hang out with people. You’re super friendly, and play across the other side of the isle. It speaks to who you are as a person that you have not only your faction loving you but mine too. Me? On the same level of networking as you? Pah-lease, you blow me out of the water <3

SWTOR Headcanon - OOC to IC amenities

The GTN is an actual thing that works like eBay. You can check it on your personal datapad and then go down to your local GTN kiosk to collect your item a few days later when it has been shipped in from another planet. They are located in major commercial areas, such as the Senate Commerce District and just down the road from the Promenade Market.

Aesthe-Tech surgery machines are advanced, automated surgical apparatus which will anaesthetise a wealthy client and non-autonomous droid surgeons then begin to remodel their body to a chosen appearance before slowly withdrawing anaesthetic once the recovery process is nearly complete.

Galactic Cargo-Hold Ltd. is a shipping and logistics company. Customers can deposit items at a local repository and their planet-hopping movements are tracked, so that possessions can be quickly transported and are soon accessible once on other worlds.

Certain medical droids around the galaxy are known to charge extortionate amounts of credits in exchange for basic medical supplies. In fact, some of them will actually barter their drugs and medpacs for seemingly useless items, clothing or even weapons! What they do with this remains a mystery.

There is a company owned by the Hutt Cartel who are licensed to produce exact replicas of outfits worn by famous Galactic figures, made to measure for the client. This industry has been entirely monopolised and the prices make this service accessible only to the richest in society.

Anyone got any others?

Ever wanted to interact with a Rabbid or ten? Here’s your chance t–wait, you haven’t? Well, too late for that now. They’re already here and ready to cause some mischief in a couple of different universes.

So feel free to follow if you can handle their antics and spread the word to warn others of their invasion of the Tumblr RP world.

                                                 ASK // RULES // ABOUT // EXTRAS


                                       the others (n): vigilante group
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Do you think you could help me with writing description? I've got some npc's in my rp threads who don't have faceclaims and I'm really bad at describing people's appearance naturally.

*cracks knuckles*

All right, partner, it’s time for Character Description 101. Now I assume when you say you want the description to be natural, you’re saying that you have a tendency for description to come across unnaturally - to wit, wooden and stilted. This is because a lot of times descriptions are done in what I’d like to call the Police Report Method, where the description reads like something filed into a police report.

  • Jack was tall and had a slim build, with thick brown hair, large gray eyes, and a thin beard. He wore a red button-up shirt over blue jeans with white sneakers.

Descriptions like that are about as exciting to read as the nutrition label on a box of rice. It doesn’t sound like prose; it just sounds like a dull inventory of appearance traits. Here are some methods you can use to avoid that sort of description.

Focus on just a few details. We don’t need a full profile on the character’s appearance; we just need to know what parts of their appearance are distinct enough to significantly contribute to telling them apart from other characters. Then, now that you’ve cleared up the clutter, fill that description space by further expanding upon the few selected details.

  • The broad set of Maria’s shoulders were a sharp contrast to her narrow waist, giving her such a top-heavy appearance that it was amazing she could keep her balance.
  • David must have been at least a head taller than anyone else at the table, taller still if one counted the hair that was combed into a pompadour that looked as though it were being magnetically pulled toward the ceiling.
  • The sleek, jet-black hair that fell past Amy’s shoulders ended in a jagged, unkempt line, a result of her barbering it herself with the dagger she always wore in the leather holster around her thigh.

Incorporate posture and movement. When the reader is imagining your character, they’re not picturing a still photograph. They’re picturing the actions you attribute to the characters. Use this to your advantage when creating descriptions.

  • Maria’s slender figure made it quite easy for her to slink her way through the crowded terminal, her long, narrow legs lending her a graceful stride.
  • Jack shoved his hands into his pockets and refused to meet Amy’s eyes as he walked beside, instead staring defiantly at the ground, his long dark bangs falling into his face and covering his eyes.
  • David sat with his legs crossed tightly, slouched over onto himself, as if very aware of how much room he took up and quite used to trying to remedy it.

Compare and contrast. You’ve already got other characters in your RP world, including the one you’re playing. One way to incorporate descriptions of new characters is to use the ones already there as a point of reference.

  • It was immediately obvious that this was Jack’s brother. Although David’s hair was much darker and longer, and his frame broader, the shapes of the two boys’ almond eyes and crooked smiles were nigh identical.
  • “It’s too bad I outgrew this dress,” Amy sighed. “But, hey, you’re, what, a couple sizes smaller than me, right? Maybe it’ll fit you?” She held the dress up in front of Maria, trying to appraise its suitability.

Use the description in the story. I don’t mean that you should make your story about the character’s height or hair color. I mean that there are places where you can include little actions in the writing that can naturally transition into description. Particularly, where a physical trait of the character is a problem or an asset.

  • Maria took longer than the rest of the team to get her swim cap on. She had always struggled to get all of her thick, unruly curls to stay put under the lycra.
  • Jack muttered in annoyance as he fished out his ID card for the bartender. Even though he was nearing thirty, that clean-shaven, round-cheeked, wide-eyed baby face of his cursed him into looking young enough that no one would ever give him a drink without an investigation.
  • There was no hiding the signs of last night’s scuffle. What had begun as a pink bruise on David’s eye had overnight turned into an impressive black and purple shiner, a stark contrast against his otherwise pale face.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive manual for character description. There still are plenty of other tricks and methods for working a description naturally into the narrative. So before I wrap up, here’s some links to a few other places that give advice on character description:

I hope this helped!

hi loves, i’m aneve but you can call me either ann or evie if that is what you wish, i do go by a few other names in the rp world. i’m honestly a little nervous about this cause i’m not used to roleplay groups and haven’t been in one in 6-7 years lol. i don’t really even know where to start other than that i’m up for any and all sorts of plotting or just winging it if that’s what is preferred to begin with.


So @lord-renly may or may not have spent the better part of the last few weeks attempting to convince me to come back to the RP world, and a few other things have been pulling me to slowly return. I don’t know how active I’ll be at this point but my bear child has been feeling neglected so…..here we are. Again. Hope you guys didn’t miss us too much.