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Destiel Superhero AU

I still want to read/write a story (hint: writing is unlikely to happen) where superhero “Hunter” aka Dean Winchester is called to a crime scene and comes across a super villain he has never encountered before. This creepy guy is all shadows and oozing black slime and he calls himself “Leviathan”. He’s very clearly very evil and Dean is elated because ‘lo and behold, he’s finally found his arch nemesis. His parents will be so proud.

But it turns out not everything is all that clear cut. Hunter and Leviathan play a game of cat and mouse (it’s not all that clear who the mouse is in this scenario though Dean would like to believe he’s the cat, I mean hunter, hello) and Dean slowly starts to realize that something is weird about Leviathan. Weirdly familiar too. It’s those inkly black eyes that sometimes show a glimmer of bright blue. It’s how Leviathan’s crazy muttering sometimes sounds so tortured and pleading. It’s the way Leviathan somehow seems to shy away from actually killing people.

Then there’s that encounter where a rooftop chase ends on a high building and their fight takes them to the very edge and then Dean makes a fatal mistake - he missteps and looses his balance. He’s about to drop from a very great height, and not even Hunter will be able to survive that. A split second before he plummets to his certain death, however, he finds himself suddenly caught in tendrils of black goo that catch him and yank him back from inevitable doom.

Looking up in surprise, Hunter sees Leviathan’s shape as the man clings to the edge where he must have flung himself in order to catch him. What surprises Dean most are the skeletal wings unfolding from the black goo that is always surrounding Leviathan like a living thing.

As soon as Hunter is safe, Leviathan vanishes like a shadow and Dean is left with a myriad of questions. He can’t help but remember the mysterious winged superhero who pulled him and his brother from the house fire threatening to engulf them, who then proceeded to save Dean’s mother too before vanishing into the night, never to be seen again. Dean had been searching for this man for his whole life, becoming a superhero in the process, but no one ever saw “Angel” (that’s the nickname Dean had given to the unknown superhero whose face he never saw) again.

so we decided to do an original superheroes game, as that seemed to be the most popular suggestion, and I think it will give everyone the most flexibility and fun, while still allowing for some really good roleplaying.

we’re in the process of setting up the forums and getting everything ready to go right now, but I just wanted to reach out and see if

a) anyone is interested in me messaging them when the game goes live
b) anyone would be interested in being a “mini-mod”; basically what that means in game terms is that you would be playing the leader of one of the superhero teams and you would be responsible for that subset of the board and the players.

I’m happy to give anyone that’s interested what info we have right now - it’s all very broad at the moment, but I think we have something really exciting, so 

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Pearlmethyst + RP Generator Part 1 | Part 2


“Anybody feel like after the third movie the Final Destination series just became overkill? Hell the third was almost over kill but I really enjoyed that roller coaster disaster…”

“that’s JUSTICE. and i’ll FIGHT LIKE HELL for it.”

                                                        “wow. you just need a flag and a horse.”

                          “i’d look GODDAMN GOOD on it.”

jessica jones’ trish walker
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mun / muse 30+. est. 2016.

The Incident. Sokovia. Attacks in Gotham, Central City, Star City. The world has been ravaged by heroes and villains alike, and nowhere has felt it more acutely than New York City itself.

With the Sokovia Accords expanded and brutally enforced, heroes are forced to register or go into hiding. The registered are forced to hunt the unregistered. Villains run rampant through the rubble in the streets. Everyone just wants to rebuild, but when it feels like the whole world’s in ruins, where do you begin?

Opening soon

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Plot 130: I Believe I Can Fly!

It started with a recurring dream.  Muse A was flying over the city, keeping an eye on what went on below.  Muse A flies different places every night, but the one thing each dream has in common is Muse B’s face.

Muse A starts to think they’re going crazy.  Dreaming of flying is one thing, but vividly seeing a complete stranger’s face every single night?  They’ve sought professional help, and every doctor they’ve spoken to has suggested that Muse B is either somebody from their past, or their imagination.

Muse A is convinced that Muse B is real, and grows increasingly frustrated with not being able to connect the dots.  They’re outside one day, completely consumed with their thoughts, when they notice they’re no longer on the sidewalk, but five inches above it.  Nobody seems to notice as Muse A experimentally takes a step and moves higher.  They land quickly and make their way home to experiment.

That night, Muse A takes a leap of faith out of their window and finds that they have somehow been gifted with the ability of flight.  Curious, they fly the route they’ve taken in their dreams night after night, and after months of restless sleep, find out that Muse B exists.  They bang on Muse B’s window, overexcited, and have no idea how they’ll be able to explain who they are, and why they’re floating in midair.


  • Muse B has just discovered they have a power as well, and is relieved to find out they aren’t alone.
  • Muse B has done something to give Muse A the ability to fly and can now proceed with total world domination/extreme ornithology/whatever their master plan actually was.