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@thisshouldbegayer and I just began a mermaid AU, and I don’t know where it’s going, but this is how it started.

                  Some days you just have to step back
                                  Take a deep breath
                                   And ask the world 

                                                                                    “ What the ᖴᑌᑕK ”

Greening Coerthas and Farming Dravania: an interest check!

So now that my (accidental) main character has given up his ambitions of running the heretics out of Ishgard’s government, his attention may fall to his #2 worry that keeps him up at night: climate change and the cost of grain.

To this end, his future RP may take a turn in the direction of:

which… is niche, and maybe not of interest to a lot of players, and we’re not even yet sure how it will work, but. I thought perhaps I should put up an interest check + feedback solicitation before I just assume that.

So: Would you be interested in a… “roleplay plot” involving agricultural research and farming in Coerthas and Dravania?

We’re yet not sure what this will look like. Using rules adapted from tabletop RPGs to simulate off-screen farms and tell investors if they’re doing well or poorly this month? Events to clear out marauding Bandersnatches? I know I would like to host an event along the lines of an “agricultural conference” sometime in early SB, after the immediate rush has died down some, but after that I’m not sure what will happen.

If you’re interested or have any feedback whatsoever, I would love to hear from you. PLEASE! You can contact me here on Tumblr, but we’d especially like it if you joined our planning Discord. Message me or @rose-in-the-stone​ (who is also excited about this) for a link!

More information/babbling under the cut.

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okokok but imagine a plot where muse a and muse b are lovers on the run (exactly why can be determined in plotting!!! maybe they committed a serious crime, maybe they live in a sort of dystopian society where their love is forbidden enough to warrant them being constantly on the move, maybe they’re traitors in some other way who knows???) and there’s a lot of angst and nights spent holding each other in seedy hotel rooms and plot twist!!! muse a’s parent is an officer in charge of leading the investigation to find the two!!!!

     So, here’s some headcanons centered on Prey 2017 because I have a minor obsession with filling in empty spaces, whoops. This game left a lot of room for world building, so here I go! Check below the cut to read more– but beware, for there be extreme spoilers ahead~!

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so i have a question

is there anyone who’s ever done like a double-blind controlled study about education and kids, specifically like

  • how many kids who express out-of-caste career preferences when they’re young change their minds when they get older 
  • how kids in mixed-caste classes differ on this from kids taught the normal way 
  • how many kids from the ‘wrong’ caste can pass different standardized tests or practical assessments (think like computer certs or making a demo reel or something) 

cause like

if you think society’s view on castes is 100% right and good you’d think most kids wouldn’t have these preferences to begin with and they’d want to do work that falls into their Caste Box

but i know more than a handful of people who were like “haha i really wanted to be a [marine biologist] || [professional programmer] || [farmer] || [ballet dancer] when i grew up but then I learned that people in my caste couldn’t do that so I stopped wanting it” 

i know i wanted to be a firefighter when i was really tiny. and then I wanted to be an animator really bad for a while until i found out that if you’re doing it for a living it’s mostly yellow work.

and yeah kids want stupid things, they want to be super lightning heroes or cats all the time, i’m not saying they’re right to want to do out of caste work.

but like. if the caste system doesn’t work, a) how many of these kids would grow up to be decent or even good at the weird profession they want but can’t do it because they’re the ‘wrong’ caste, b) can we measure what their potential is in some way (testing or practical exam, doesn’t matter what)  

because then we could measure how much the system works/doesn’t work for people instead of flapping around on the internet going in circles


The day had dragged on for much longer than the bear had anticipated, and right now? He was just glad to be back home. Back in his cozy apartment, where he expected to see the warm and welcoming face of his boyfriend.

But that he didn’t see.

Angus’ eyebrows furrowed slightly as he glanced around the apartment for a moment, a frown sagging on his lips. The first thought that rose in his head was that Gregg was out doing something with Mae. He always seemed to run off with her after every shift, sometimes even part-way through said work shift he’d ditch to go and run wildly with her.

A part of him felt jealous, while the other remained blissful. Gregg was free to do as he pleased; just because they were boyfriends didn’t mean Angus had to control his every move. Gregg was a free man still, and Angus wasn’t about to make him stop going off on his ventures with the feline.

But that didn’t stop him from feeling a little sore. He sometimes wished he could spend more time with Gregg, and, honestly? He sometimes felt like Mae was trying to steal Gregg away from him. He never let those thoughts run deep, but they always lingered in the back of his mind. Waiting for his weakest hour, where they would pounce and shake his already fragile mind to the point of shattering.

But he couldn’t let it get to him. They were just friends. Just friends. And Angus had to be okay with that. He had to learn to live with his boyfriend’s sometimes questionable behaviour. It was in the name of love, after all.

With a stiffened, sore back from a long day of work, Angus made his way into their apartment and placed his stuff down beside the sofa. He then proceeded to plop himself down onto said sofa, letting the silence take hold for the moment. He closes his eyes for a moment, embracing it, but unable to shake the frown from his face.

He couldn’t help but worry. Even if Gregg was off having the time of his life with Mae, and the two weren’t even close to being in any sort of danger, Angus would still sit here with worry consuming him. It ate away at him, with each minute that passed without Gregg slamming open the door and making his dramatic entrance.

The bear rests on the sofa for a little while, just trying not to let things get to him. But the longer things went without Gregg arriving, the more the worry edged onto Angus’ brain. Part of him believed he was out with Mae, but the other? Well… it definitely didn’t feel like this was any other day.


((The RDM 60 quest text lore brings out something rather unexpected…

…the ability for ancient rituals to turn people into, functionally, aether-draining vampires. This allows them to wield spells well beyond the limits of their previously mortal form – specifically, using ambient aether. The cost of requiring them to feed on others’ life force. In this instance, the required conduit is blood; the target must be wounded to be drawn upon.

It’s worth nothing that the comments about the wielder being consumed are very similar to those of the Black Mage quests from 50-60. Channeling large amounts of ambient aether, without proper techniques or protections, is hazardous to a mage’s health. More importantly from an RP perspective, this dialogue underscores the similarities among the Disciplines of Magic and the fact that There’s More Than One Way To Do It – it being “cast big spells,” in this case.

Names have been redacted to protect the guilty. Also, @pale-eastern-star, relevant to our RP, sorta. :) ))


It had been a routine case–

It still had its wonders, but it honestly didn’t feel as engaging as it normally would.Still, their supervisor wouldn’t demand for any less of an excellent job, so the paranormal-believing FBI agent put it all into his investigation. 

Mulder crept around the corner, holding his gun out, with the combination of the flashlight, letting it shine throughout the darkened area. 

He ran his tongue over his teeth, wondering where they could find their next clue…. Obsessive as he could be over some of their cases, this just wasn’t one of them, but that’d soon turn for the weird soon enough. 

A loud crash– 

And Mulder darted immediately headed for that area. 


cas-winchester-novak  asked:

What ever happened to Ryan and Daniel? Did you just let them run off in to the world or?

(This seems kinda like a rp blog sorta prompt so just for future reference this blog is not a rp blog, however I’ll answer this as best I can with the info shown to us in Danger In Fiction 1 and 2)

I don’t think The Author would have let them get away if he had the option, he was very obviously angry at their escape but as he was currently incapacitated from the bullet in his stomach he didn’t chase them right away because he had to take care of his wound first.

And I’m pretty sure this is the moment where he realized he was never controling the people in his stories, he wasn’t some grand puppetmaster making others do what he wants. As Mark put it he realized he was simply a host for the people in this world. He most likely would have made his way to his pen and paper to heal himself and bring them back, but it didn’t work. No matter how many times he wrote the words on the page he simply couldnt heal himself. He was simply a host. Whether or not this is the moment he became The Host or it simply set him on that path, I have no idea. Hopefully we’ll find out that soon…

There needs to be some “Seduce” dialogue options. Like, seriously. It could be like a red/orange-level charisma thing, or maybe a special option for anyone with the Lady Killer/Black Widow perks.

Need Kellogg’s house key? Seduce the mayor or Geneva. Piss Hancock off and now he’s trying to send you after Bobbi? Seduce him to get him to change his mind (“Maybe we can talk this over in private…”). Raiders trying to get you to pay a toll in order to get past? Seduce them (all three of them at once; go big or go home). Want something but don’t want to pay in caps? Seduce them. Someone holding some deets out on you? Get caught invading someone’s privacy? Something not going your way? Seduce, seduce, seduce. Hell, use it to romance companions, too.

Remember in NV when you could seduce Benny to get out of confrontation and then later on you wake up next to him? That’s what I wanna see, son. I wanna run around being a total sleaze. And then you can get the Lover’s Embrace perk afterwards like when you sleep with Magnolia.

How the hell was this not in the game? @Bethesda please hire me I have many good n sexy ideas.