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Death of a Nunh

There were not sounds of the crowd even though a circle of men women and children were watching. She stood at the front, frozen in the sand, watching in horror and fear.

“This is what you wanted.”

Y'raos stumbled back, blood scattered across the sand. A large shadowed figure advanced. Portia screamed his name, but she couldn’t hear herself. Maybe there were other cries. But everything was silent. Her throat scratched, sore from screaming, but there was nothing but the shifting of sand under boots, and grunts from her lover as he struggled.

“This is what you wanted.”

No! She tried to scream. No, she would never wish for this! He was a good leader. He would be a good father. He was what they all believed was best for this tribe.

He stumbled to the ground, and there was a crunch of bones, a scream of pain gurgling in blood. All the air in her lungs screamed “STOOOOOP!!!!” as hot tears poured down her face. Her eyes squeezed shut, it hurt too much to look. She could do nothing. Her palms were slick with sweat as she squeezed them around the folds of her skirt but….no they were wet. Opening her eyes, her palms covered in blood. And Y'raos was below her. Staring up in fear, in hate, in defeat. Life draining from his eyes and his blood soaked the sand beneath her shaking form.

This been a long time coming! Nothing eases pain like a doodle of my two best friends and their amazing characters. For now y’all get this but one day I’ll color it.

Zari belongs to @flynneware ( @zariyen-wra ) and Jazali belongs to @deeafrotailmisstress ( @jazali-wra ).

Bru also has his own IC blog! @brugranbeastrage

Jazali: Eyyy! Bru’mon! Can I ride on da otha shoulda?

Bru: NO.


New Ink! 💉🔓

So that’s.. *counts with fingers* …like 20 tattos so far, will I get more..? WHO KNOWS! haha anyways go this 2 peices done today, took 2-3 hours to do even tho they’re simple and samll yes it takes that long. A little back story for this two tattos. First the little flower branch on my caller bone, as alot of you may be award that I’m a nature fanatic and enthusiats, I simple wanted something of mother nature on my body😌🌷 simples as that. Now onto my favorite one..the alien on my arm 😍😁 fun fact about me, I belive in aliens yup! that’s right you’re girl here strognly belives that we’re not alone in this planet that there’s something MORE out there. I do not wear a tinfole hat to try to “communicate” with the extra terestrial life 😂😂😂😂 that’s only in moves that they do that, that’s not REAL and just plain dumb, lmao but to each their own. So that’s the back stroy for this dope tats S/O to the guy that was making me laugh through this process, you’re hilarious man  😂😂😂😂

P.S i know haven’t been active that much on here… been having too much on my plate lately so I hope you guys don’t mind seeing my face on your dash? |_・)
Reeses makes a meme; The Devil’s Carnival

change pronouns as you see fit! cw for suicide (kinda), child death (kinda), murder, abuse, shit that sounds like sex, it’s literally called the devil’s carnival so that should show the religious warnings right there, etc. Placed under cut for length!

  • “When the sky is dark and the moon aglow”
  • “All that I can say, all that I can know is that I’ll be dreaming pieces of you”
  • “ What am I to do? “
  • “Cast my reverie back into the sea “

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Family Funday at the Park

The twins had so much fun at the park. We brought their bikes with us to ride around. The weather was perfect. J and I walked around to keep an eye on the boys and to burn off all that food from the cookout lol. J kept telling me how cute I look and put his hand on my lil baby bump. He said I look like when we first started dating. J feels like he is meting all over again. He blushed so badly, awww my cutie *kisses his cheek*

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Review: Beautiful Beast, a Tale as Old as Time

By Risri Elthron

In an encore presentation, the Tirisfal Theatre Troupe performed their hit play  “Beautiful Beast”. This ancient Lordearon fairy tale brought laughter, tears, and a happy ending for the unlikely hero and heroine. Once again, the Tirisfal Theatre Troupe proved their skill and mastery of the acting arts to put on a delightful show to a full house.

Narrated by a young Pandaren, the show started with the father of the heroine lost in the woods. Quickly moving through the classic story with expertly timed scene and costume changes.

The final act had the pair united in happiness after a wonderful special effect change of the ‘brute’ to a human.

If you get the opportunity to see this play in the future, take it. The acting was superb, the story one to make you weep in joy, and the entire production made for a lovely evening.

The Tirisfal Theatre Troupe is looking for more actors and actresses to join their ranks and one can inquire with the director of the troupe, Atos Sunheart. If you or anyone you know has any sort of interest in this, they’ll be accepting applications starting on the 11th of next month, once their performance season starts.

Their schedule for the summer season:

June: Hellsqueal: The True Warchief’s Tale
July:  Hellsequel: Right to Remain Stupid!
August: “Hellsqueal Three: The Third One!“ 


Fallen Mountain

{ Flash back RP with @mountainlordlao }

Since almost a week before, Teo had been feeling something wrong in the atmosphere of his territory. One of the sky-roaming balloons set up by Wyverians long ago to watch over the movements of Elder Dragons had lately been spotted floating high above his lands, but its purpose was unknown. And he didn’t like that. Was himself a new target to some foolish Hunters? His home was meant to be Hunter-free… almost.

Everyday since he noticed that, he patrolled around more than usual, slightly anxious. His presence could be watched for some reason; but it could also be another Dragon’s, potentially a rival. However he did never find out what exactly the matter was until that day.

In the end of the afternoon, as his car was rolling along a rocky crest on the West of his territory, windows open, he noticed a familiar smell: Elder Dragon blood. Almost unconsciously starting to spread Blast powder in the air (even though he was still in his car. He really should learn to lose that habit), he parked and placed his crown on his head before getting out and following the smell, cautiously. He was not disappointed.

Around a hundred feet below him, a large, still silhouette was showing. Not only were they an Elder Dragon… but they were a mighty one, one of a kind he had almost never seen in his whole life.

A Lao Shan Lung.

Teo frowned, a thin amount of powder surrounding him. He began to silently crawl down the rocks, reducing the distance between him and the stranger. That Dragon was visibly not in his best state of health, if his open injuries were anything to go by. At least, tall as he may be, he didn’t seem like a huge threat right now.

“Ahem,” Teo cleared his throat, hoping to attract the Dragon’s attention.

He was posing straight on a rock, a few feet above the Lao Shan Lung’s level. But he tried to look more curious than threatening.

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