rp prompts

Send a symbol

@: a starter involving our muses in a car chase

♒: a starter involving our muses going swimming

✈: a starter involving our muses going on a trip

✯: a starter involving our muses stargazing

♡: a starter involving our muses going on a date

✽: a starter involving our muses picking flowers

☂: a starter involving our muses sitting in the rain

½: a starter involving our muses baking a desert

♫: a starter involving our muses singing together

♕: a starter involving our muses being kings/queens for a day

🔎: a starter involving our muses being detectives

☎: a starter involving our muses calling each other in the middle of the night

an extensive prompt masterlist pt. 2
  • "Are we really just friends, then?"
  • "Do you want me to leave?"
  • "I can't believe you!"
  • "I swear it won't happen again."
  • "What did you say?"
  • "I'm not jealous, why would you say that?"
  • "Why are you smiling so much today?"
  • "You're jealous, aren't you?"
  • "They were just a friend, okay? Nothing more."
  • "When you said you loved me, I thought it was going to be forever."
  • "I'm sorry I called you at 3AM. I needed you."
  • "Maybe I was wrong. I don't need you in my life."
  • "We can't keep doing this."
  • "I don't want to be your secret, anymore."
  • "I have the right to know what's going on!"
  • "The police are coming."
  • "I might have had a few shots."
  • "Are you sure this is legal?"
  • "Isn't this amazing?"
  • "I'm going to take care of you, okay?"
  • "I don't need your sympathy."
  • "I'll miss you when you leave."
  • "You have to believe me."
  • "I'm a monster."
  • "You shouldn't love me."
  • "Stay the night. Please."
  • "You can't die. Please don't die."
  • "Run away with me."
  • "It's about the baby. It's yours."
  • "I wish this could last forever, don't you?"
  • ❤:the morning after.
  • ♛:my muse finds your muse after they ran away.
  • ✎:a journal entry about your muse written by my muse.
  • ▲:my muse is dying in your muse's arms.
  • ▼:your muse is dying in my muse's arms.
  • ★:our muses go stargazing.
  • ✌:our muses spending christmas together.
  • ☯:our muses share a new years' kiss.
  • ✿:my muse gives yours a gift.
  • ☠:your muse comes back to my muse's doorstep 5 years after their death was announced.
  • ♒:our muses spend a day at the beach.
  • ➳:your muse says their first "i love you" to my muse.
  • ☁:my muse says their first "i love you" to your muse.
  • ☏:my muse's voicemail to your muse after a huge fight.
  • 💍:our muse's wedding day.
  • [text]:What do you want now?
  • [text]:So that wasn't you leaving the bar with another person?
  • [text]:Goodnight, I love you.
  • [text]:This is why you're my best friend.
  • [text]:Help, I'm lost.
  • [text]:Do you want to bet on that?
  • [text]:I miss you so much, you have no idea.
  • [text]:Guess who just got back in town.
  • [text]:So I might be in a hospital right now.
  • [text]:So... I just broke up with my boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • [text]:We're breaking up.
  • [text]:We can't keep doing this anymore!
  • [text]:Come on, come to the party!
  • [text]:Can you pick me up from the bar? Too drunk to drive.
  • [text]:You have no clue how I feel so shut up.
  • [text]:I can't believe I wasted my first kiss on you.
  • [text]:I overheard what you said. I didn't know that's what you thought of me.
  • [text]:I call bullshit.
  • [text]:You thought you could get away with that, didn't you?
  • [text]:There's nothing you can do to get me back.

vandrysse asked:

Your character is alone and is taking a nice, relaxing bath with not a worry in the world. Do they sing a silly song, hum a tune? If so, what is it? Bonus feel-good points if you come up with a few lyrics! #VandyPrompts

Everything was just almost set. The soap, towels, and an extra set of clothes. The only thing to do was fill the water in the tub. The Sin’dorei zoologist turn and adjusted the faucet knobs til they were just at the right temperature. Surprising inside the inn was warm from the cold winds that swept around the Garrison outside. While the water filled, the elf female looked over noticing a small toy bird. Grabbing it, she glanced from side to side, before a coy smirk played across her face. Song a playful tune was hummed from her until it actually became the following lyrics. 

“Rubber Pepe you’re the one,

You make bathtime so much fun!

Why stay stuck up in in a cold tree

When you can be in a tub with me?

Every day when I

Make my way to the tubby

I find a little fella who’s

Cute and yellow and chubby” 

The song ending more in a sing-song hummed tune right as the water finished up the tub as she tossed the toy bird she held into the water with a small splash. 

((No regrets for this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )) 

Thanks for the prompt vandrysse

rycasrose asked:

"Morning, beautiful!" Florence wasn't in Cekke's bed - No, she was beside it, holding a tray of breakfast, and yes, she was fully clothed, and no, she hadn't spent the night. "I hope you like eggs! And..." She pulled forth another bouqet of flowers.

Cekke’s bloodshot eyes slowly open; who dared to interrupt her sleep at -this- hour? A frown tugs at her face as Florence comes into her focus “How in the -alchemy- did you get in here? Security! There’s a pervert in my room!” She pulls all the blankets and pillows in her bed around her person and cowers in their comfort. No humans allowed.

i-am-not-a-liar asked:

Tim had stopped in the doorway, eyebrow furrowed. He hadn't expected to see Brian like this. -- "..Hey, what's wrong?"

Your muse has found mine crying alone in their room. Send “Hey, what’s wrong?” for my muse’s reaction.

The man whom the question had been directed at shut his eyes and subconsciously curled in on himself a little more. His legs pulled up towards Brian’s chest as it rose and fell somewhat deeply with each extra sniffle and whimper that slipped into his breaths. Brian’s head bowed down so he was almost resting his forehead on his knees with an inches distance between them.

– ..Bad day.

He at least made an effort to make his response more audible to Tim as he mumbled softly.

Thunder~Set in Modern Times (Open Starter)

Yuna was walking to the bus stop in the pouring rain. She had just finished her long shift at the animal hospital and was very tired. She was far down the street when the bus drove by. Yuna tried to run to catch up to it, but it was no use. The bus drove away, and the next one wasn’t coming for another hour.


Thunder clapped above her and she jumped a little. She looked up at the sky and let the rain fall on her face. Regaining her sense, she walked to the bus stop and sat on the bench inside the bus shelter.


Yuna curled up into a ball and tried to calm herself down. Being so wet, she didn’t notice herself begin to cry.

&&. Drunk

—Louis was usually the one who knew when to stop. He usually stayed out of some parties, but he did tend to really love partying–especially now that he was freed from a girlfriend and was really trying to discover himself. He thinks he sort of sounds stupid when he thinks about like that, but maybe it’s just because he’s at a party and he’s pretty sure he’s a at least a little drunk. Louis stumbles as he walks through the house party, a giggle floating from his mouth when he bumps into a much taller figure. He’s not exactly sure what happened after a few drinks, but he’s down to his white tee and tight jeans, his hair’s kind of a mess, and he’s pretty sure he lost his left (or right?) shoe. “Sorry about that mate.” He hears himself say when his drink sort of tips over and he thinks he sees it splash over the man who he’s just bumped into.

Fifteen Fluffy One-Liners
  • 1. "Will you cuddle with me?"
  • 2. "Can we hold hands?"
  • 3. "You're really soft."
  • 4. "You smell nice."
  • 5. "I like you. A lot."
  • 5. "Can I play with your hair?"
  • 6. "Stop making me get lost in your eyes."
  • 7. "I'll share the blankets with you."
  • 8. "I'm here for my daily hugs and kisses."
  • 9. "You're cute."
  • 10. "I wanna be your cuddle buddy."
  • 11. "Let's spend the day in bed."
  • 12. "I don't wanna get up-- you're comfy."
  • 13. "Let me love you!"
  • 14. "I'm cold. Come closer."
  • 15. "You can put your cold feet on me."
Starters Just In Time For Halloween!
  • "Did you hear that noise upstairs? I thought we were alone..."
  • "Stop calling! This isn't funny anymore!"
  • "You said a person bit you? Out of the blue??"
  • "The killer's behind you!"
  • "Shit. Are those fangs?"
  • "Hold on a minute... you can see me? But... nobody can see me."
  • "You're telling me that you bit me, and now I'm going to be a vampire?"
  • "Hey... I don't feel so good. One of them scratched me... You don't think..."
  • "I should've told you sooner... I'm infected."
  • "Please don't kill me! I'll do anything!"
  • "Why are your clothes torn up? And why are you covered in blood?"
  • "Is that blood on your hands?"
  • "If you're standing over there... then whose hand is on my shoulder?"
  • "We're surrounded by zombies... any way out?"
  • "If you're gonna get us out of it, you better do it fast!"
  • "You mean I'll never get to see the sun rise again?"
  • "Let me see the sun rise just one last time... It'll be my last."
  • "Run! Go without me! I'll be fine!"
  • "Hey. Stay with me. You'll be okay. Just keep your eyes open."
  • "He/She/They went that way! Don't follow! Stay with me!"
  • "But werewolves/zombies/vampires/ghosts don't exist!"
  • "You're telling me you're a witch/warlock?!"
  • "What's in this stuff?"
  • "I heard a noise. Should we check it out?"
M!As for Dicks
  • For anons who want to be dicks and people who want to bait anons to be dicks to their characters. Cause secretly, you're all dicks. Dicks.
  • Breezy:Your character is now stark naked and locked out of their home/office/car/etc.
  • Parrot:Your character may only communicate with one word for six hours, anon specified.
  • Hellspawn:Your character is now pregnant with the child of the dreaded NOTP. Must be agreed to with all parties involved.
  • Whiskey Courage:With the help of some alcohol, your character is now about to admit their true feelings to someone. Anon specified special someone.
  • Heartbeat:Your character is stricken by a sudden heart attack.
  • Ariel:Your character is now mute for a day.
  • Mistaken Identity:Your character will now be spending a night in jail due to a mistake with the local police.
  • Bullets:Your character has been shot. Anon may specify where and how serious the wound is.
  • Wolfsbane:Your character has a three day werewolf curse.
  • Barbra Streisand:Your character can only communicate through song for the next six hours.
  • Crash:Your character has been in a major auto accident.
  • Shrink:Your character is now thumb-sized for the next six hours.
  • Dark:For the next day, your character cannot see a thing.
  • Flesh Wound:Your character has just been stabbed. Anon may specify where and how serious.
  • Frank-N-Furter:Your character has switched sexes.
  • Scratchy:Your character has chicken pox for the day.
  • Discomfort:For the next three hours, your character will walk around with a permanent wedgie.
  • Pink Elephants:You are completely drunk and have very poor judgement for the next three hours.
  • Rude:Your character is suddenly very offensive for the next six hours.
  • Don Juan:Your character is suddenly feeling very flirty and will flirt with anyone who comes into their inbox and/or they're interested with for the next three hours.
  • Cowbell:You've got a fever and there's no cure but to wait it out. Your character now has a very awful case of the flu for a day.
Drunk RP prompts
  • Red wine:Send a glass of red wine for a drunken kiss.
  • Rosé wine:Send a glass of rosé wine for a drunken confession.
  • White wine:Send a glass of white wine for a drunken story.
  • Shot of Whiskey:Send a shot of whiskey for my muse to mistake yours for someone they hate.
  • Shot of Vodka:Send a shot of vodka for my muse to mistake yours for someone they're friends with.
  • Shot of Tequila:Send a shot of tequila for my muse to mistake yours for someone they're in love with.
  • Pint of Beer:Send a pint of beer for my muse to get pregnant to yours after a night of blackout drinking-- or vice versa. Feel free to specify.
new year's / new year's eve starters
  • “New Year’s is always the year’s biggest letdown.”
  • “So, what are your resolutions?”
  • “I swear, if I have to hear ‘Auld Lang Syne’ one more time…”
  • “Hey, sorry, it took me forever to find a place where my cell could get a signal… happy new year’s from [location].”
  • “What have you accomplished this year?”
  • “This year sucked. Good riddance.”
  • “Let’s hope this year goes better than the last one…”
  • “There’s a party at [name]’s house. You coming?”
  • “We’re headed to Times Square to watch the ball drop. You can tag along if you want.”
  • “Hey, last year of [politician your character doesn’t like]!”
  • “Just think of all the video games and movies that are being released this year…”
  • “No champagne for me. Designated driver.”
  • “Giving up chocolate for new year’s? I give it a week.”
  • “We’ve had a big year.”
  • “I plan to hit five parties before midnight.”
  • “3… 2… 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!”
  • “Want a party hat?”
  • “Champagne?”
  • “Three biggest moments from this year?”
  • “It’s nearly midnight… have you seen my date?”
  • “Ah, yes, it’s almost midnight, which no one is going to kiss me at.”
  • “This time last year, I was living in a motel. This is definitely an improvement.”
  • “I’ve heard 'Auld Lang Syne’ six times tonight and it’s only 11:30.”
  • “And to think, this time last year I was dating you.”
  • “I need someone to kiss at midnight. You up to it?”
  • “I need your help. I want to kiss [name] at midnight, and I need you to help me make it happen.”
  • “It’s New Year’s. Aren’t we supposed to be making out?”
  • “Oh, God, my ex is here. Pass the champagne.”
  • “Look, I know you’d rather be in bed, but could you at least pretend to be excited?”
  • “A toast to my amazing friends, and to the new year!”
  • “I should’ve been in bed two hours ago.”
  • “Are you sure [name] is up to stay awake until midnight? I mean, s/he’s only [age]…”
  • “Psst. Hey. Hey, wake up. It’s midnight. Make your resolutions.”
  • “I swear, if next New Year’s, we’re in the same place we are now, shoot me. Just do it. I’m serious. Just shoot me.”
  • “I remember when I’d get so excited for New Year’s…”
  • “Y'know, New Year’s sort of loses its punch when you stay up until 2 AM every night anyway…”
  • “I like to think we grew up this year.”
  • “No firecrackers this year. The neighbors complained.”
  • “I’m tipsy, covered in streamers, surrounded by hung over people, I have Auld Lang Syne stuck in my head, and I don’t know where my cell phone is. It is New Year’s.”
  • “You know, under the circumstances, I think this isn’t such a bad impromptu New Year’s party.”
  • “I can’t believe you gave our son/daughter champagne!”
  • “Come on, it’s New Year’s Eve, you can’t spend the whole party hiding in the bathroom!”
  • “How much longer?”
  • “Any good New Year’s specials on?”
  • “I’ve had a glass of champagne, I made my resolution, I watched the clock strike midnight. I’m going to bed.”
  • “You’re crazy. That place is always a zoo on New Year’s.”
  • “Just pick an outfit so we can go. I mean, it’s just a New Year’s party, it’s not a black-tie event.”
  • “We should probably get back to the party.”
  • “What are you doing out here on the roof? The party’s inside.”
  • “Snow on New Year’s! Wish it had bothered to show up for Christmas…”
  • “Where’s [name]? S/he’s my ride.”
  • “I rented a limo. We are arriving to that party in style.”
  • “To 2015. May it not totally fuck us in the ass.”

The Swan Princess Starter Sentences

“Everything you own, everything you love, will be mine!”
“If I get lucky, I’ll get chicken pox.”
“This isn’t my idea of fun.”
“This really isn’t fair.”
“This is my idea of fun.”
“It is you I’ve been dreaming of.”
“Arrange the marriage!”
“You’re all I ever wanted. You’re beautiful.”
“Is beauty all that matters to you?”
“You should write a book – How to Offend Women in Five Syllables or Less.”
“It’s not what it seems!”
“Down on all fours and growl ferociously.”
“You’re being sneaky again.”
“You are I were meant to be, far longer than forever.”
“With your love I’ll never be alone.”
“Wait, I’m your friend.”
“You’re really starting to bug me.”
“Some day I’m going to boil over!”
“Just make sure you’re here tomorrow night.”
“I don’t even know where I am!”
“Save me.”
“I apologize for the way I’ve been acting.”
“Now we can kiss and make up.”
“Just a little closer. Come on, come on.”
“When there’s no escape, you have to play dead.”
“I’ve missed you so.”
“I’ll never let you out of my sight again.”
“You must go.”
“I will never be yours, you creature!”
“If you want to stop me, you’ll have to kill me.”
“Head full of pudding, that’s me.”
“If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.”
“Oh, no, it can’t be!”
“I make a vow to break all vows. A vow stronger than all the powers of the earth. Before you, and before the whole world, I make a vow of everlasting love.”
“What have I done to you?”
“Forgive me.”
“No need to shout.”
“Oh please. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease.”
“I love you. Your kindness and courage. I always have.”
“Will you love me? Till the day I die?”