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a single dad x kindergarten teacher plot where his kid is in love with the teacher, always talking about them when they get home, making them pictures and always raising their hand in class being the best student they can be. the father finds this adorable because the kid is so whipped by this teacher he’s never met due to work and the fact his mother is always picking them up. so, parent teacher night finally comes and it’s time for them to meet. and the dad realizes the reasons why his kid is so whipped in the first place. 

i just want a plot where it’s two rich kids who live in neighboring estates and their families always throw parties together and they have vacation homes in the same spots and their elite parents are too busy to notice when they sneak off to fuck in that second guest bathroom that no one uses or get high in the back library and makeout

plot where “you’re dating my twin and we’ve always gotten along super well and lowkey i might have a crush on you and one night you call me to pick you up and you’re drunk and you keep telling me how much you love me and i think you might be confused and think i’m my twin but no you said my name you definitely just said my name wait what does this mean”

ok but i’m craving a plot where muse a is just a normal uni student and while they’re on vacay they meet muse b, this super famous celebrity. they hit it off and go on adorable museum/zoo/library dates (keeping in low-key bc of paps and shizz) & probs end up fucking after each one and b shows around and everything is just cute and nice and great but then a has to leave again and it’s all good because it was just a vacation flirt … except it’s not ! they can’t stop thinking about one another and so they begin texting and skyping and finally b convinces a to come visit again and they’re so into each other it’s almost sickening and they both know it’s so much more than a fling/flirt but a wants to keep it on the low-low because they don’t wanna be ‘the mysterious new bf/gf’ so yeah.. at some point a has to leave again and they’re both dreading that moment. idk this could go so many ways, and i just want all the angst and smut and fluff pls !

i need a domestic plot in my life. i need it more than anything. like them buying their first flat or house together and getting engaged but being scared to tell their parents because they’re still young and going on their honeymoon and trying for a baby and finding out that they’re going to be parents and all these cute and domestic couple things like making breakfast together and kissing in the rain and first fights but forgiving each other because they’re so damn in love pls, someone do a domestic plot with me, i’d die for that to happen oh my goD

plot like “haha we’ve been fuck buddies since we were like 15 and we don’t talk about where we stand a lot and we’re cute as fuck together and stuff but you know we were never really official but surprise I’m kind of in a relationship with someone else now wait what do you mean you’re pregNANT”

plot where immortality and reincarnation exists in the same universe and muse a is immortal, but muse b isn’t and is always reincarnated into someone else and is put into different situations all over the world. muse a always finds muse b because they’re completely convinced that muse b is their soul mate, but everytime muse b is reincarnated, muse a has to make them fall in love all over again because muse b doesn’t remember anything from past lives. this game of chasing has gone on for thousands of years and pls give it to meeeeee 

muse a and muse b had lived in the same town their entire lives. on the first day of kindergarten, they sat across from each other on the bus and muse b offered muse a one of his animal crackers. from then on, they were attached at the hip. they remained inseparable through elementary school, and by the time middle school came around, muse a found puberty working in her favor. muse a was outgoing, funny, and beautiful, and everyone wanted to be her friend. muse b, on the other hand, was awkward and shy, and the only attention he got was negative. despite their differences, muse a and muse b remained close friends, and muse a often found herself having to defend muse b against the bullying. in the middle of 8th grade, muse b disappeared from school and moved halfway across the country with his family. muse a tried to stay in touch, but it seemed like every time she reached out to him, she was brushed off. eventually the two lost connection and moved on.

fast forward to high school. muse a finds herself caught up in the wrong crowd, and after a string of pregnancy rumors, she loses most of her close friends and becomes virtually invisible. muse a pours herself into her love of poetry and writing to try and entertain her loneliness. that is, until she walks into school to find an extremely attractive boy leaned up against her locker. muse b is back, and despite all of his new found attention from girls, he only has eyes for muse a.

but i really want an au where muse a is an ER nurse straight out of nursing school who’d only been working at the hospital for a month so she’s the young new girl who is still trying to get the hang of things. she’s super shy and reserved and lives on her own in the city because she moved out of her parents house when she went to school because they didn’t agree with the career path she was taking. muse b is a rookie firefighter who just joined his new crew a few months ago so he’s obviously the new guy at his job, too. he’s very outgoing and could make friend’s with anyone at the drop of a hat. one day muse b’s crew gets called out on a big fire and something kinda goes wrong so him and a few other fire fighters get hurt so they have to go to the ER where muse a works and she ends up working on muse b who just got a small burn on his arm that’s easily fixed, but he tries to flirt with her but she’s all shy and all cute and blushing but she’s trying to be professional and he’s just determined to ask her out, so over the new few weeks he keeps coming back to ER with the most stupid and dumb excuses (‘oh i got burned again’ or 'oh i took a really bad fall’ idk shit like that okAY) just so he can see her and try to ask her out and eventually she says yes anD JUST REALLY CUTE AND FLUFFY PLEASE come to me for this plot i will sell my soul foR THIS

Masterlist de directorios de FC

A veces nos cuesta encontrar el avatar perfecto para nuestro personaje. Si eso te sucede, no te preocupes, se trata de un problema de fácil solución: un directorio de faceclaims. Bajo el corte, te explicaré qué es un directorio y cuáles son para mí los mejores. He seleccionado, pues, +20 directorios de FCs de distinta índole (directorios de modelos con rasgos fuera de lo común, especializados en niños, de época…). Además, comento lo que más y menos me ha gustado de cada uno en función de tres variables: presentación, manejo y variedad.

Por último, esta masterlist me ha supuesto bastante esfuerzo, así que, POR FAVOR, no me robes el mérito haciendo copia-pega en cualquier otra parte. Si consideras que este post es de utilidad para otros y deseas compartirlo o vas a utilizarlo, rebloguéalo o haz click en el botón ‘me gusta’. Gracias.

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i’m really feelin non-romantic plots rn ?? like give me an older brother who had to raise his little sibling because his parents were never around, or siblings who didn’t know they were siblings until mom/dad died and they left this stranger a huge amount of money in their will or something. give me two foster kids having to tough it out in this hellhole of a group home. and this is so corny but give me these two terminally ill kids who meet at the hospital and they become friends bc they’re the only ones who know what the other one is going through and they know neither of them have long so they create bucket lists and try to cross off as many things as they can… idk just ..  G IVE M E !!

i want a best friends plot like give me those two inseparable people who everyone is convinced are together but haha jk they’re just friends !! give me absolutely no boundaries and being comfortable enough to walk around in their underwear around each other and being domestic with each other but if someone brings it up they’re always like no … they’re my best friend !! and sometimes it’s kinda hard to distinguish if they love each other or are IN love with each other like they’ve just been together so long they can’t really tell the difference until one of them starts dating the other’s enemy and then it’s all “how could you do this i hate them !!” “well i like them !! they’re not as bad as you think !!” and lowkey jealousy and fights and being protective and not understanding what’s going on but slowly realizing shit …. maybe i do have feelings for my best friend 

okay but plot where muse a is in a band that’s making it big with a bunch of sold out tours and muse b is pretty much just their solo opening act and even though they don’t interact much at first once they’re on the road they somehow start hanging out more and they just click and everyone seems to know what’s going on and they flirt on twitter and take cute pictures for instagram and muse a brings muse b out on stage a lot during the show and the rest of the band TOTALLY KNOWS WHAT’S UP and mercilessly teases muse a and muse a denies it so one of the other band members is like “alright well if you don’t want him/her then i’m going for him/her” and basically that starts up a bunch of drama and jealousy and shipping wars between the fans and just give me that first angry make out session that “doesn’t mean anything” that lead to suggestive things onstage and hookups backstage and give me the fluff and angst and smut and yaaaaas please

you can say you’d kill for someone, but would you really? muse a would. that’s what they did for muse b, one of their best friends. beat their boyfriend to death - because, to be fair, he was a dick. a total dick. muse a thought that he was just a jerk who got jealous easily and didn’t like him (“really, muse b, them again?”), but when they saw him put a hand on their friend, they snapped. that douche was abusive, too? no way in hell that was happening. they didn’t mean for it to get that bad. just one second he was breathing and the next, he wasn’t. muse b was scared. so was muse a, honestly. muse a was more scared. (“i just killed someone, muse b. i… i killed him”). muse b just helped clean the blood off a more traumatized muse a, helped hide the body. and now theyre just in constant fear of getting caught. muse b would be first suspect, after all. that just meant theyd have to go in hiding, on the run from a crime they havent been caught for yet.

ok but how about a ‘we’re both actors on this new tv show and we’ve only met a couple times before casually but our director says we need to get to know each other better so on the first day on set you decide to prank me to break the ice by surprising me when i first come out of my trailer except i freak out and punch you in the nose out of reflex and now i feel super bad and we’re sitting in the medic tent together and at first things were awkward and now we’re bonding and i actually really like you and you’re actually super cute’ plot