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Back in the day, when women shared the same respect and nobility as men

There was a celebration for the first time a girl in the village menstruates

It was important that her feet did not touch the ground to maintain her purity

And you were barely that age, Pilipinas, you were barely aware

On the last day of the celebration of your bleeding, as you were being carried out of your home

Men with swords and crosses barged in and interrupted, and took the men who were carrying you to their ships

They dropped you on the ground and your garments and olive skin became muddy and unclean

You would have been a humble princess, what they called a binukot

And you would have had a royal life, serving your people in your own way

But they forced you to grow up much too soon

Hardened you with callouses and scars and bruises all over your once pure and unblemished skin

And your people, they beat them

Stepped on them and threw them aside like your people were nothing, like they owned you, like you were nothing else but a slave born for their pleasure

Your people, they cried, Where’s justice? Where’s our due?

And some even asked, This is our land, our country, but why do aliens with alabaster skin and hair of corn run it without knowing every pulse in its every vein?

And again they’re trying to beat you down

Because you don’t fit in their idea of a pure and submissive woman

You don’t subscribe to the smooth frail fingers and white dresses anymore

They say you’re dying, already dead

But they don’t know you’ve metamorphosed into something that will survive beyond any abuse, any pain, any hardship

You cut your long black hair and you picked out sacks of grain and grimy pants

You’ve learned to become anyone, kargador, katulong, tubero, takatak, palengkera, basurera

You’re not in hiding, you’re just biding your time

And waiting, still waiting for your people to feel it again

Feel the throbbing beat of the drum in their veins

Feel the fire raze their skins like a sun in the middle of May

Feel the shackles dig into their arms and legs as those with skin like snow you’ll never know work them like horses and not people

Bide your time, Pilipinas

Bide your time and your people will rise

And your hearts will beat as one

And your throats will be raw and bleeding with the deafening screams

Asking for Kalayaan, Kalayaan, nasaan ka na?


Featuring MANILA (dude with glasses) & CAVITE (dude trynna sleep)“


Girl is ACAPULCO (relationship between Manila and Acapulco is based on the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade (which happened from 1565 to 1815)

Acapulco is hugging Miyagi Prefecture which is home to one of Acapulco’s sister cities - Sendai City.

Acapulco’s "new Boyfriend” is Texas (one of the ‘sister cities’ of Acapulco in the US, the other sister city is California)

BASED FROM THE SMART COMMERCIAL:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIG4vccP4yM&feature=youtu.be



buong buhay ko kanina lang talaga ako nakapunta ng Rob Manila. HAHA ang ganda pala dun eh hindi katulad ng Rob dito :))) haha parang may pagka ATC yung loob! HAHA sorry first time kanina. Sobrang tagal ko ng gustong pumunta dito kaya lang laging walang time and hindi ako pinapayagan :(((  ang weird lang na tawaging RP yung Rob promise :)))