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legends of tomorrow sentence starters ;

i’m no one’s lapdog. 
you’re a special kind of crazy, i like it. 
so why don’t i get to play bad guy? ‘
can i burn some stuff now? ‘
you screwed up pretty good. 
your plan sucks, you know that right? ‘
i’m coming with you. 
i already got a partner. 
you just knocked me out! ‘
this ain’t over. 
i guess i dodged a bullet. 
you think i wanna be like you? ‘
thinking like that is what makes you a criminal. 
i take it back ( name ), you’re not completely useless after all. 
as many lifetimes as it takes, i know you’re worth the wait. ‘
your conceptions of romance need some work. ‘
i’m grateful for another opportunity to kill you. 
please just save your strength. ‘
i didn’t give you much of a choice the first time. 
i say we kick ( name )’s ass. 
i pay attention. 
simple don’t mean easy. 
you’re not as thick as people say. 
thick — doesn’t that mean stupid? ‘
if you can’t kill your enemy, weaken him/her/them. ‘ 
you should have let me punch him/her/them. 
i thought i specifically said no weapons! 
i’m a monster.
i’m not exactly asking, ( name ).
is there anything you think about other than yourself?
can i shoot him?
you got a pair on you kid, i respect that.
so no shooting?
you can’t tell me you don’t wanna see what this baby can do. ‘
you sure have a lot of personal observations to make.
fine, don’t talk to me.
killing is never easy, especially for a good man.
killing doesn’t make you a monster.
history screwed me first.
that’s a very pointed observation.
don’t ever let anyone hurt you.
no matter what you always have to look out for yourself.
for a monster, you dance quite graceful. 
what the hell are parachute pants? ‘
i always wanted to be a spy. 
instead of dwelling on what’s wrong, let’s focus on the positive. 
are you quoting top gun? ‘
now you’re annoying in another language. 
i’m not a fan of feelings. 
you said i’d get to use my gun. 
i see we can add eavesdropping onto your criminal resume. 
oh, i love the cold. 
what a wuss. 
no, this is a dictatorship where you get to call all the shots & i get to take all the shots. 
when are you gonna learn that you are not my father. 
tried being the operative word. 
i think your problem is the opposite of mine. 
come on, are you scared? ‘
us criminals have a code; never leave one of your own behind


episode one: original sin.

I can change the world for us.
We can’t grieve this man, we should celebrate!
Power breeds enemies.
I fear you are even more your father than he was.
Stop making a spectacle of yourself with those tears.
It is sometimes necessary to do some bad in order to achieve a much greater good.
Well, we wont let him divide us, will we?
The city walls have fallen.
Is it true there will be war?
They have no clothes…
I hope you didn’t mind me staring. ❞
There is more to life than money, you know.
You don’t have a choice. Neither of us do.
For 100 Florins my lips are sealed forever.
Will you betray us?
I don’t want you to leave, ever again. Do you understand?
I am in love with you!
Go, or I will have you thrown out. Guards!
Gentlemen don’t hold pens, we wield swords! ❞ 

episode two: the dome and the domicile.

There are men at the door! ❞
This is not a bank, if you want gold go there.
I am not accustomed to being made to wait.
Romantic, isn’t it?
Darling, are you unwell?
Will everyone please stop fussing over me? ❞ 
You are as pale as a ghost.
Is he handsome?
Your tongue is too sharp!
I do not appreciate being mated like cattle.
I did not choose this union either.
You will be loyal to me and only to me, do you understand?
A viper cornered may strike anyone.
I can’t get her out of my mind.
I was not invited, but I came anyway.
 I’m a genius ahead of my time. 
 I wish I shared your optimism. 
 This folly will only hasten their demise. 
❝ A foolish man lives for himself, a wise man lives with a purpose. 
 I will take away the life that God gave you. 
 She’s with child, I am to be a father. 
 It’s the black death. 

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Domesticity Memes

Put a ship in my ask box and I’ll tell you:

  • big spoon/little spoon:
  • favorite non-sexual activity:
  • who uses all the hot water:
  • most trivial thing they fight over:
  • who does most of the cleaning:
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue:
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:
  • who steals the blankets:
  • who leaves their stuff around:
  • who remembers to buy the milk
  • who remembers anniversaries:
  • Who cooks normally?
  • How often do they fight?
  • What do they do when they’re away from each other?
  • Nicknames for each other?
  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner?
  • Who steals the covers at night?
  • What would they get each other for gifts?
  • Who kissed who first?
  • Who made the first move?
  • Who remembers things?
  • Who started the relationship?
  • Who cusses more?
  • What would they do if the other was hurt?
Journal Entry #100

Looking through Prompto’s pictures is definitely better than listening to more of Noct’s damn jokes. I mean, look at how much ass we kick!

Gladio, no. (GLADIO YES)

And now a compilation of butts. (Seriously, Prompto. Shoot the monsters first, THEN shoot asses.)

…At least he’s cute.

Angst Starters [Part 2]

[Tw: depression, murder, suicide, abuse]
“I did it because I love you!”
“Damn it… damn it… I tried so hard…”
“I’m trying to fix you!”
“I’m not broken…”
“Why did you do it?”
“I didn’t mean to!”
“You’re a fucking liar! That’s what you are!”
“You’re better off dead.”
“I’m trying not to feel…”
“If I close my eyes, this will help.”
“I’m just trying my best!”
“I can help you!”
“Put the gun down!”
“You don’t have the balls to pull that trigger.”
“Don’t go…”
“Fuck! I don’t want to die!”
“I’m so scared…”
“Just take my hand.”
“I’ll do anything. Just don’t hurt him/her/them.”
“How could you?!”
“D-Don’t do it…”
“There’s a lot of blood…”
“It’s too late for sorry!”
“Did I ask for this?!”
“Look at the mess you’ve done!”
“I have nobody because of you!”
“You left me with nothing.”
“Don’t you think that he’s/she’s/they’ve had enough?!”
“It’s not their fault, it’s yours!”
“Pack your things, you’re leaving my home.”
“I wish I never met you.”
“That’s so fucked up…”
“You don’t deserve a happy ending.”

Highschool Sentence Starters
  • "So... What are you in detention for?"
  • "I saw you're having a lot of trouble in class. I can tutor you, if you want."
  • "Can I draw you? It's for an art project and you have the most perfect profile."
  • "Whoa, wait, you've never been to a real party before?!"
  • "Don't think I haven't heard you gossiping about me. Do you really think that?"
  • "Crap! I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going!"
  • "I'm new, and every other lunch table is full. Can I sit here?"
  • "Wait, you're a twin? There's TWO of you?"
  • "Hey! Back off would you?"
  • "Shut up, I'm trying to hear the teacher."
  • "I guess we're paired up for the 'robot baby' project. Nice to meet you."
  • "Why did you just let those bullies do that to you?"
  • "I don't want to talk about the bullies, okay?"
  • "You want me to do /what/ with you in the janitor's closet?"
  • "I'm not breaking into the school files, are you kidding me?!"
  • "So... wanna make out in some janitor's closet?"
  • "Does this make us Friends with Benefits?"
  • "Did you leave this love letter in my locker?"

Alright. Lets make this quick. 
Sup, underNET.
Name’s Mina Xi, and I’m an UNDERETALE OC
Would y’mind LIKING or REBLOGGING this and getting this seen? I’m looking for UNDERTALE ROLEPLAY BLOGS to interact with!  I’m not very picky ‘bout who, Just no personal blogs please. 

Thanks, Fam.
 If you need more Info, my RULES are a pretty good place to start. 

Thanks!  ԅ( ˘ω˘ԅ)

send me one for my muse's reaction: (horror version)
  • “Does your mother know you’re out this late?" 
  • "Do you always shoot first and ask questions later?" 
  • "Why are you covered in blood?" 
  • "Why are you doing this?" 
  • "Please, stop! It hurts!" 
  • "You sent us down here to die. Now we’ve come to take you with us.”
  • “Do you hear them? The children? They’re calling for you." 
  • "We all float down here.”
  • “There’s nowhere to run." 
  • "You’re one of us now." 
  • "How could you do this? You monster!" 
  • "What are you?" 
  • "Was that a howl?" 
  • "Please don’t kill me!" 
  • "Are you going to kill me?" 
  • "You got blood on the carpet!" 
  • "I think there’s blood in my ear now." 
  • "I didn’t even know that the human body looked like that on the inside." 
  • "You want me to stop? Nice try." 
  • "Come and get me." 
  • "You think you can stop me?”
  • “You’re all going to die tonight." 
  • "One by one we will take you." 
  • "It’s alive!”
  • “Is there someone behind you?”
  • “They’re here." 
  • "Most people are so ungrateful to be alive.”
  • “Whatever you do, don’t fall asleep!”
  • “What would you say if I told you the world around you was nothing more than a dream?" 
  • "If you look in the face of evil, evil’s gonna look right back at you.”
  • “Oh, yes! There will be blood.”
  • “I’m every nightmare you’ve ever had.”
  • “We all go a little mad sometimes." 
  • “That cold ain’t the weather. That’s death approaching.”
  • “Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?”
  • “When there is no room left in hell, the dead will walk the earth.”
  •  "We just cut up our girlfriend with a chainsaw. Does that sound ‘fine’?”
  • “Be afraid… Be very afraid.”
  • “I should warn you, princess - the first time tends to get a little messy.“
  • "I get this ache… And I, I thought it was for sex, but it’s to tear everything to fucking pieces.”
  • “It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare.”
  • “No tears please, it’s a waste of good suffering.”
  • “You know that part in scary movies when somebody does something really stupid and everyone hates them for it? This is it.”
  • “Darling. Light, of my life. I’m not gonna hurt ya. You didn’t let me finish my sentence. I said, I’m not gonna hurt ya. I’m just gonna bash your brains in.”
  • “I see dead people.”
  • “You really scared me, if that’s what you wanted. Is that what you wanted?”
  • “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.” 
  • “I really have the heart of a small boy. I keep it in a jar on my desk.”

feel free to change pronouns.

‘ what were you thinking? you’re gonna kill ____ and everyone else on the island!    ’
‘ he left us no choice. ’
‘ what if I don’t want to go with him? ’
‘ what do you want, exactly?  ’
‘ groovy. who do i kill?  ’
‘ right. what’s the target? ’
‘ always did want to die for my country. ’
‘ you said he wouldn’t be there! ’
‘ i thought he was gonna wet himself when you mentioned ____ ’
‘ how ya doin’. ’
‘ uh, excuse me, ______? for six weeks now, my wife’s been after me for _____ autograph; you wouldn’t know where she’s at today, would you?  ’
‘ you are a very bad boy. ’
‘ ask yourselves - is being in here with me what you truly desire? ’
‘ c'est la vie.  ’
‘ don’t you understand? We can’t trust him. ’
‘ _____ we can’t trust anyone now ’
‘ i had dinner with two women at the same time. ‘cause i’m a stud. ’
‘ this is really bad, isn’t it? ’
‘ basically, _____ is on the loose again.  ’
‘ we become pals while i wasn’t looking? ’
‘  or what? you’ll kill me? gosh, I might end up suffering eternal torment as punishment for my sins! oh, wait - I ALREADY AM! ’
‘ we’re revoking your library card. ’
‘ you’re all sweaty. ’
‘ oh, you want to fight. not in the mood. ’
‘ what about us? are we good? ’
‘ you must be the ugliest guy of all time, ____, hiding your face like that. ’
‘ wow. I had no idea that the girl scouts were responsible for the crop circle phenomenon. ’
‘ i notice you can’t take your eyes off of me. one can hardly blame you. ’
‘ ow! what was that for? .  ’
‘ i don’t get it. why aren’t we on our way to the train station? ’
‘ you’re cute when you’re an insufferable smarty-pants. ’
‘ you’re even smarter than they say. ’
‘ …i needed your help. ’
‘ get behind me, _____. it’ll be all right… ’
‘ somebody’s following us. ’  
‘ you’re not supposed to drive when you’re angry! ’
‘ stop the car, _____. pull over!  ’  
‘ you want a piece of me? bring it!   ’
‘ this is so unnecessary…  ’
‘ are we dead yet? ’
‘ you’re absolutely right. i’m sorry i saved our lives. ’
‘ i do my homework. ’
‘ then why go to all the the trouble to help? why risk your life for me? ’
‘ don’t ask so many questions.  ’
‘ i’m sorry, but… eww! ’
‘ you never ask for help. ’
‘ we don’t play favorites, we don’t sell deodorant on television, and we don’t get involved in politics. ’
‘ we like him. he’s… sunny. ’


My in the house game strong asf

Thinkin’ about taking a mini stroll to learn the city more since I dont know where crap is and to get some fresh air. Might even hit the gym, eh who knows. 

Hope you guys day is going better than mines!