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If you hypothetically want to cross the border from the USA into Canada, say around Manitoba

This weekend is going to be warmer than most. I mean, if you hypothetically wanted to cross, this would be the hypothetical weekend to hypothetically cross.

Also, you should, if this is your hypothetical plan(I’m sure no one is actually planning this. Just theorizing. It’s a fun thought exercise), hypothetically dress in layers. It’s still cold, after all.

Hypothetically, wool and down are the best materials to wear. Hypothetically, you should also have sturdy, warm boots. Ski pants help, too. Make sure your hypothetical journey include mitts and gloves. Scarves and hats, too, you want to expose as little skin to the elements as possible if the weather turns nasty, or if you get delayed and have to cross next week, or something.

Following this thought exercise, you should have a compass. Stay walking North.

Theoretically it might be best to keep walking, in this game, until you reach a road, then keep going until you reach a town or city. Give your imaginary city a name, like, say, Brandon, or Winnipeg!

Have fun rp-ing, dudes, and stay safe!

just remembered how me and my friend used to “troll“ wolf rp guilds on neopets by signing up for them & rp-ing as the characters from seinfeld but they still like interact the same and have similar dilemmas, theyre just wolves now. overall people actually seemed to enjoy it but we always got kicked out :(

Tonks is staring out the window at The Burrow, grumpy. It’s one of those dull days, where it doesn’t rain so much as spit. She’s in the sitting room with Molly, who is very kindly repairing Tonks’s old school scarf.

Molly: Honestly, I can’t understand how you’ve done so much damage in so little time! All of my clothes from back when I was a student are still in perfect condition.

Tonks: *sitting bolt upright* You have clothes from when you were a student? Here? *she bounces, excitedly* Can I try some on?

Molly: Try some- What, you want to try on my clothes?

Tonks: *nods enthusiastically*

Molly: Well, I… You can if you’d like, but-

Tonks: Tsk, Molly, don’t be silly!

*giggling, she runs up the stairs to Molly’s room* *Molly, amused, returns to her knitting*

*three minutes later*

Molly: *calling up the stairs* Tonks? 

Tonks: MOLLY. Oh Molly, WHERE have you been HIDING these things?

Molly: Well, dear, I wouldn’t say I’ve hidden any of them, it’s all just been in my closet–

Tonks: *bounding down the stairs*

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so i showed my sister one of your Remus cosplays (background info about my sis: shes a homophobe/transphobe/anything-that-isnt-cis-straight-phobe) AAANYwho so she was all "hes hot id date him" THEEEEN i showed her one of ur femme pics and LET ME TELL U A THING I THINK I CONFUSED MY SISTERS SEXUALITY AND LIKE BROKE HER BC AT FIRST SHE STARTED LAUGHING AND THEN CRYING???? BUT IT WAS FUNNY AND ANYWAY I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK IN RP-ING AND CONFUSING EVERYONES SEXUALITY MY SON


Like on one hand I’m super embarrassed by old art but on the other I’ve gotten better! Which is! The aim! As well as having fun!

So yeah, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s followed me, and especially thank you to those who have stuck with me since my very earliest n00b days. But above all! Thank you to all the amazing friends I’ve made!

@little-noko - Gah I can’t even describe how important you are to me. I never expected that I could get so close to someone and trust them that much, but with you it just happened so naturally. I love spending time with you, whether it’s chatting or rp-ing, and I can’t wait to meet you! You really are the most amazing girlfriend, and I feel so lucky to know you! I love youuuu <3

@askinfresh - Dude it really is thanks to you that I got into rp-ing. You were the first rp blog that I followed, and I felt super nervous sending in those asks, but you were always super nice and it encouraged me to be more confident and to become more involved in rp-ing! Becoming friends with you was completely unexpected (but considering how much we rambled about torturing our poor muses and/or screaming over the shippy-ness it was pretty inevitable xD) but I’m really happy we did! I really admire your writing skills, and it’s always so fantastic to rp with you! ilu beeeeeeb <3

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a couple of you people have asked to see the drawings we do in debriefings. since tony has all of them, i figured i’d just start a new one. so here’s steve, running for his life from the velociraptors that were in the park yesterday.

memevengers, i pass this along to you to add to. 

(instructions/drawing guide is under the readmore. )

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A Comprehensive Guide:

To Making GOOD RP gifs:

The kind that people wanna like… look at…. n’stuff. 

Because… y’know… I get a lot of asks about that too. 

Well…. first off….. 

This is gonna be really fucking long… 

Second off! 


Because no one wants to be looking at this shit.

and if you don’t have a decent quality camera…. 

Well…. Make sure your acting is on point?

And all might be forgiven.

… Probably.

Now… that aside… how does one know if their gif is decent? 

Well here are a few pointers…


It’s hard to enjoy a gif with shitty lighting. 

For example… 

The Wash-Out: 

No one wants to look at your eyeballs and your nostrils floating in a featureless abyss. 

The Phantom: 

Well… there’s SOMETHING there… I think… ? *twilight zone theme-song plays* 

The Power-Outage: 

Guess what? No one will want to look at your gifs… if they can’t fucking see you.

So… let’s try this again… 

Hey… It’s daytime… in the sun? No problem. 

Hey… it’s… like… not as bright out? No problem! 

Hey… It’s the middle of the night and you’re sneaking out to go… like… shag or something? Cool. 

That’s my shagging face. 

No it’s not… I’m kidding, I promise… I’m sorry, ignore me

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I usually ruin stuff by linearting them and probably won’t have the time to for a while soo uh have some messy sketchy color test WIP of designs of the Fierce baes! 

Basically, an updated version of this design I made for my FD RP BlogAnd I actually did my research this time to emphasize their contrasting Western-Eastern Warrior style, because I drew the last one without any research and we all know how that one turned out OTL

For the sake of keeping things simple: (AU-ish headcanon) Fierce Deity with Dissociative-Identity-Disorder and his dark version who did some Tetraforce and hero shit as Hyrule’s God(s) of Eternity. 
                           Home | Bio | Backstory

(( OOC: So I was clearing out old files because my laptop has no space and is about to burst into flames and I found a load of really old gifs, back from when I first started rp-ing. So please, join me in this comparative journey of cringe.



Sirius Black

Remus Lupin

Nymphadora Tonks

Walburga Black

Bellatrix Lestrange

Remember folks… proper lighting is key. ))


  • if you see a starter call from a mutual you’ve yet to interact with and don’t talk to? HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON.
  • if you see a promo for a blog out of your fandom ? follow them ! take it as an opportunity to find a new realm to develop your muse in.
  • surround yourself with positivity !!!  people who are good for you, who want to talk to you as much as they want to plot.
  • if you feel like your writing is sub par? ask for some constructive criticism. look for writing help posts on RPHs if you need to !
  • the most simple things could mean a lot to your characters :  every headcanon counts.

and most importantly ……

  • HAVE FUN !!!! RP-ing is a hobby, not a job. don’t ever feel obligated to do something that you don’t want to do/ don’t feel comfortable doing. your blog should be your safe space.

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How did you get into gif rp? Like did you start with interactive or plot based? Idk

(( OOC: I found gif RP-ing through the Attack On Titan fandom 3 or 4 years ago… saw a bunch of people doing it and was like… that looks nerdy af… right up my alley… I’ma do it. )) 

Summary: The daughter of a mother struggling to pay off her debts, finds herself in a compromising situation when she starts falling for her step - father, who also happens to be head of a elite mob organization.

Rating: M

Warnings: Sex, age gap relationship, BDSM (always consensual), heavy alcohol usage, drug references, violence, daddy kink (dd/lg), and cheating. If you find any of these themes to be triggering or offensive to you in any ways, shape, or form, please reconsider reading this.


  • Any GIF’s or pictures used are not our own and we do not claim to own any of them. If they are not saved on our computer, we will provide credit for them below.
  • This story is metalteeth-goldchain ‘s original story idea. 
  • oh-come-to-daddy will be fixing the chapters for easy reading as the story progresses. 
  • metalteeth-goldchain will be RP-ing as SOPHIA
  • oh-come-to-daddy will be RP-ing as BRUCE.
  • Any addition of characters or additional warnings will be posted at the top of each response as they are written.

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Hi, I'm a new adlock yacht member, can you recommend me A Must Read Sherlock/Irene fics? because I falling deeper and deeper with this ship and i'm not even sorry! P.S.I check out all your fics on AO3 and the quite remarkable. Thank you, have a good day/night.

*Grins and waves* Hello and welcome aboard :D More than a little surprised to be asked (because surely anyone would’ve already been admiring my fandom heroes’ brilliant works before they came across any random stuff I wrote?) but thank youu and I’m honoured to share my personal ‘Omg amazing writing’ list!

(For a non-waffly version of recs, please simply refer to my bookmarks on AO3 - they’re mostly adlock x)

1. These fandom classics ♡ (Apologies if, like me, you already know them so well you find that you can effortlessly recite the chapter titles and many of the beautiful lines therein, but they absolutely need to appear in every adlock rec)

Neither a Soldier Nor a Gentleman and (work-in-progress) Sui Generis by Francesca_Wayland (the author is a legend and @francesca-wayland​ is the adlock blog, where you’ll find her list of fic recs, amongst other adlockness)

^ Exquisitely written. NaSNaG [97k] is basically fanon for what happened between Sherlock and Irene in Karachi, and SG [224k+] is its incredible (AU) sequel. The latter was what converted me from a non-shipping BBC Sherlockian into an obsessed adlocker.

- (work-in-progress) The W Hypothesis by ElinorX ( @elinorx​ this girl’s an evil genius x)

^ Victorian AU [75k+]. Another masterpiece, like seriously it’s literature. Clever and intricate plot, layers of mysteries, immense magnetic pull and tension between our OTP. Angsty. Though according to a reliable source the readers might get a treat in the next chapter(s).

- Come Attrition, Come Hell by InkInc ( @tales-of-inkinc​ The Angst Queen, whom I really hope is doing well at this moment, sending her best wishes)

^ aka Angst and Heartbreak and (Despite Everything) Love [89k]. You will likely not be okay whilst reading this story, and you will quite possibly not want to be. Certain strings of words in the English language will never be the same again. Gosh. There’s a letter/email from Sherlock to Irene, and it’s just T T. Also, CACH was the reason I registered on AO3, to leave my first ever comment.

- Death Takes a Holiday by LyraNgalia and rude_not_ginger ( @lyrangalia​ and @team-science​​, they have got to be the best role-play/writing partners in the history of RP-ing and their works are a synergy of brilliance; dreamwidth)

^ Fanon for Sherlock and Irene’s adventures during The Fall, collaborating to dismantle Moriarty’s web. Emotional constipation journey inevitably ensues. The DTaH series [546k] is approx. the length of the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy plus The Hobbit. Epic.

- What He Likes and its sequel (incomplete) The Way the Heavens Go by solojones

^ WHL [65k] also features post-Reichenbach Sherlock and Irene. Dark, with soul-crushing angst, and a spiralling-into-drugs-and-demons Sherlock. Don’t worry though it gets bittersweet and everything will be okay and aww these two are adorable. TWtHG [71k] is post-Resurrection, canon-divergent since it was written before Series 3 aired but still marvellous.

2. A few more multi-chapter must-reads (Sorry I realise how ridiculously long this post is getting, after merely five recs, and shall turn down/off the commentary hereinafter, but should reiterate that these are all absolutely wonderful)

- The Price of Retrouvailles [76k] by akajustmerry ( @akajustmerry​ who also has another beautiful work-in-progress, In the Absence of Skulls)

- The Games We Play [13k] by Maple_Fay

- This is Not a Safe House [14k] by SaraDobieBauer ( @saradobiebauer​)

- Staying Alive [6k] by  g_girl143 ( @adlocksentiments​)

Ships in Glass Bottles [49k] and A White Flag on Baker Street [13k] by Scatterboom (also, would recommend subscribing to her work-in-progress The Shape of the Universe and allowing it to brighten up your Tuesdays : ] )

The Curious Case of the Boy In the Raincoat [44k] by rude_not_ginger

- Dining with Frogs [61k] by CherryBlossomTide

3. My single-chapter favourites (Not an extensive list, my AO3 bookmarks contain more x)

Exceptions by Del (Everything @goddessdel​ writes basically ♡)

The Uneventful Afternoon by Del (goddessdel) >>> John’s perspective; fluff in the uniquely adlock way, always such a delight to reread!

Life among the dead by Del (goddessdel) >>> His Last Vow missing scene

A Most Murderous Case by Del (goddessdel) >>> Our OTP & Scotland Yard

- Ave Verum by Francesca_Wayland >>> John’s discovers Sherlock’s secret

Midnight by rude_not_ginger >>> It’s like poetry

A Very Different Level by SorrowsFlower ( @sorrowsflower who is another very, very talented yacht member) >>> A collection of lovely gems

broken hearts, like broken bones by Tyleet ( @wildehacked)

- the way we live now by themuslimbarbie

- Twenty Degrees of Inseparation by nom_omnis_moriar

4. Seriously I cannot begin to describe how much I admire some of these authors. Our yacht is so fortunate to have them. (I’ve mentioned some of their works above but do check out the links to their AO3 page or tumblr for more adlock-y awesomeness!)

Have a good day/night to you too, anon, and to anyone else reading this x

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(( OOC: Thank you for the feedback! Constructive criticism is always welcome on this blog. You clearly have a lot of passion for the hp rp community. Hey, why don’t you start rp-ing yourself? Then you could play Remus how you like, instead of expecting me to fulfil your ideal head canon for you? I think you’d do a great job.

Oh, and if you ever need any roleplaying tips, just ask. I’m an old hand at this now :) ))

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I don't know if this counts as a TMI but how did you get so big in the ~wizard~ community?

(( OOC: When I started this blog over a year ago, no one was really doing gif RP-ing for Harry Potter… but I’d done it before in other fandoms and enjoyed it, so I thought it would be fun to see if anyone would like to try it out. 

I had a large following on my art blog… so I just kind of asked my followers if they’d like to join in my nerdyness, and some of them decided to start their own blogs… it kind of took off from there. ))