under the cut you will find #100 icons of demi lovato with long hair. these icons were made specifically for sacredlctus​, but anyone can use them!

  • don’t watermark/claim as yours/re-post
  • i don’t own these photos, i simply resized, sharpened, coloured & textured them.
  • a like or reblog would be appreciated.

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under the cut, you’ll find 97 rp icons of alexandra daddario! this was requested by grauniisms and made to her liking. all pictures/gifs are not mine. so, credits to the original owners! i did crop, resize, and add a texture/border to it. i most likely will update this. please give it a like, or reblog if you want, if you use or save this.

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under the cut are #60 rp icons (100x100) of dylan o’brien, as requested by mendozaassists! all of these are made with screenshots that i took myself. some of these have a psd & some are just colored manually, it depended on the lighting. they’re separated by psd & non-psd. please like/reblog if you use, and don’t claim them as yours. 

with psd:


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            holy cannoli you guys ate  u p  that first tutorial! tysm!!! as a bit of a THANK YOU,

here’s something of a MASTERLIST of ICON TEXTURES!

                     not all of these are MINE, but proper credit is given before every set!
                                          please like / reblog if this was helpful! uvu

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I present my first PSD (to post on this blog) to you guys! This took me quite some time, but I had been meaning to post one for awhile now. I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out, I tested it on many different TV shows (as seen above) and didn’t once have to play around with the settings. Keep in mind that you may have to. Please like or reblog if downloading, and no need to credit me at all, just don’t claim as your own.  DOWNLOAD HERE.

           so, i got to thinking about it and well, i haven’t really seen a tutorial about how to make 

edited roleplay icons without the use of photoshop !!! 

                             it’s 100% free and so easy it’s almost therapeutic  ヽ(  ;▽  ;) ノ

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