rp group art


and redrawing/reminiscing on my very first neopets.

The first 3, which were my very very first neopets, were actually pretty well designed for my child self (of course I’m taking some major artistic liberties with these ones BUT) 
As soon as I got into rping though…….they became really….

hey!! im rebooting my old rp group on da/discord!!! its genetics based (with some tweaks bc sometimes its more fun) and you get to be a kit born into a litter ! its cool n stuff… hmu if youre interested (or go check out dna-clans on da! im setting it up rn)

here are some npcs for comfreyclan!!

K.A.R.D Ideal Type

J.Seph: Fierce woman

BM: A woman who has a strong, fierce personality and appearance: tanned skin

Somin: Someone manly

Jiwoo: Someone manly: Someone with good manners: someone considerate: someone gentle.

Ideal Type celebrity 

BM: CL, Hyorin, & Jessi

J.Seph: Park Siyeon, & Cha Yeryun

SO I designed myself a new shape-shifter/AWD gurl and wanted to share the kid with you guys!

-Amber, everyone, everyone, Amber.

A summary: Amber is a African Wild Dog that found out she’s also human for [insert long story with reasons here] and after spending a while with a lady that ‘adopted’ her- until she could figure out her life- she decided to travel around the world trying to learn ‘how to human’.

(She’s not 100% fluent in human language(s) so although she likes social interactions, since she spends more time observing than speaking, people may think she’s shy).

 Feel free to ask her stuff!! like those “ask my OC something” -She’s a character in development so it’s nice to get some questions and see how she’d respond. And it gives me reasons to doodle her.

[ She’s part of an Art & RP Group at Deviantart/Discord called SpicyCats, check it out! ]

Officialfam Informational Masterpost! (v2.0)

Here’s the list of people currently in the officialfam! :

First off, for those of you who DONT already know: The officialfam is a group of “-official” and “-unofficial” blogs dedicated to their own respective areas of study/hobby/ect. We have a discord server that we all get together and chat in and it’s really fun! (You don’t even have to be active, all ya got to do is have a unique “-official/-unoficial” blog!) (See the bottom of the post for info on how to get the invite to the discord once you’ve made the blog) Anyway, here we go! :



Reblog with any that I missed!

(Message @nasa-official, myself, or @unofficially-nasa if you would like to be added to our discord server!)

Me: I really want to join in on RP things, be a part of the group. Join a guild. Have fun.

Also Me: My characters aren’t interesting, my RP is bland. Most RP I see anymore is just people hooking up. I want adventure and comrades and friends who look out for one another despite there being no sexual interest. There’s so many stories of people screwing over other people I don’t know who to trust. I’m all for the IC drama but the OOC drama is just exhausting to even think about.

And there’s always OOC drama.