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Brotherly Love

- The Black’s packing to go to their summer estate -

Sirius: Say you run in to a grizzly bear

Sirius: Rude. That hurt Reg… I’m so proud 

Fin. ((OOC: quick thanks to @lizziebennetnotinjapan for making sure I didn’t make a fool of myself 😂❤))

Like I promised, we surpased 2.5k and I’m giving away FREE RP. The winner will be DM’d on Aug 15th and I will post a picture of DM for proof! To get eligible to win you need to do the following:
~ Like and or share this
~ Subscribe to (https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCHx8lFIYNeAr2i6gKoV7mCA) Optiping on Youtube (You can unsub if you like after the giveaway, but previous subs have priority in upcoming giveaways)
~ Follow this page
*Optional* Follow Optiping on Twitch

I have just realized how many followers I have, and to thank you all, decided to have a…thing. Yes, thing is a suitable word.

To enter:

  • reblog this (likes don’t count) 
  • Doesn’t matter how many times you re-blog it
  • You MUST be following me to enter (I’ll be checking and if you win, please don’t unfollow after this is over, that’s just kinda douche-y).
  • Have your ask box or submit open so I can get a hold of you if you win.
  • Anyone can participate (personal blogs or RP blogs)
  • This must get at least 10 re-blogs before it officially starts
  • Will end…Sometime next month, haven’t decided when yet. 

First Place:

  • Promo for a week
  • A story written by me consisting any plot or characters you choose. Maximum of 10 chapters, can be less of course, or a one-shot. (Can be anything, literally. Smut, fluff, angst, regular, etc. But, if you choose another fandom, I must know it. Or you can just give me original characters).
  • A poem based on a character or person of your choosing
  • A letter ‘from Dean.’
  • A drawing of a character you choose (drawing it my way, though.)

Second Place: 

  • Promo for 2 days
  • A one-shot story with plot and characters of your choosing.
  • Either a poem based on a character or person of your choosing or a letter ‘from Dean.’ (Choose one).

Third Place:

  • Promo for a day
  • Either a one-shot story with your choosing of plot and characters, a poem based on a character or person of your choosing, or a letter ‘from Dean.’ (Choose one)

Thanks and have fun!

If I reach at least 500 followers, I have some Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock gear to give away. (I’m at 205, now). Prizes for that consist of t-shirts, jewelry, plushies, pillows, etc. Not sure what all of it I am going to use for prizes yet, though. But it will be actual merch, all covers for shipping will be covered by me. So follow me, get your friends to follow, etc! The sooner I reach 500, the sooner I can start that give away :)

Side note: I’m constantly praised for my artwork, writing, etc. I have won countless awards for each, so I promise to try my hardest to make them the best to my ability currently. Thank you.

League of Legends Give Away!

HELLO ALL! I am doing yet another give away! This time I will be giving away a $10 RP Code :3 The Rules are very simple:

  1. You MUST be following me! (When i choose the winner i will be checking!)
  2. You MUST reblog this! (Likes do not count as entry)
  3. Multiple reblogs DO count! reblog as many times as you want! 

I will be using a random number generator to pick the winner!



URL Change Giveaway

Hey I’m finally going to actually change my URL and finally having the give away I planned a few months ago! 

I’ll be changing my URL from LeagueBuilds (since I don’t post anything of the sort) to Verbesity (which is my username for every game I play) sometime this week. To celebrate I’m giving away two $10 RP cards to two people.


  • Must be following me
  • Liking the post will count as one entry.
  • Reblogging will count as one entry
  • One winner will be picked by taking the number of notes into a random number generator and picking the person who comes up.
  • Multiple reblogs are fine.
  • One winner will be picked from my followers also using a random number generator so everybody has an equal chance at at least one.

The give away ends on March 1st (You’ll get a small bit of bonus RP for redeeming the codes if you do it between the 2nd and the 9th)

That’s it, good luck to everybody who enters and thank you for still following me after this whole time.

300(+1) followers!?!

Not too shabby for a RP blog that sometimes posts original art, is terrible at responding to asks in a timely fashion, and frequently misses @ mentions!!

Originally posted by iamjustbeth

~* THANK YOU and LET’S CELEBRATE with an *~    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧ ART GIVEAWAY!! ✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧

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So! I have already reached 100 followers in approximately three and a half days. That’s crazy! As a special thanks, I will be doing a small icon give away. I have recently discovered that I actually enjoy making them, so yeah! There will be three winners all together, which I will select via a random number generator!

Note: Specialized icons are like this: 

Regular icons will look like this:

(Most likely not as a gif though)

First place!

  •  50 specialized icons of a character of their choice
  • 100 simple icons of a character of their choice
  • A promo posted twice a week for two months

Second place!

  • 25 specialized icons
  • 50 regular icons
  • a promo posted once a week for a month

Third place!

  • 100 regular icons
  • A promo posted once

That’s it, because while this is a large amount of followers in such a short amount of time, I don’t want to wear myself out at the one hundred mark! There will be more giveaways to come, I promise!

And here are the rules

  •  This is a giveaway for my followers, so you must be following me. (I will check)
  • You can follow me during the giveaway and still count, just don’t be a butt and unfollow afterwards
  • No giveaway blogs
  • You’ll have to give me time to get them done, as I run a very busy life.

The giveaway will end in one week, on August 4th!

                Best of luck~


That’s right all you orcs and elf-ets, I have successfully brought about the end of days! So this is technically your last holiday season of all time!

As the day of your impending doom draws closer and closer (what with me bringing the Legion down on Azeroth) I thought it best that I give a little something to you all before you are thrown into shackles to serve my dark master!

So a give-away has now begun! Do you wish to be part of it? No? Well piss off.

To all those who WISH to take part, here are the rules n’ prizes.


  • You must be following my fel self. @serve-the-legion
  • You must reblog this post
  • You must be a Warcraft/fantasy blog (OC or Canon)
  • 6 winners will be selected.

PRIZES N’ SUCH (winners will be announced publicly)  💀

  • Choice number 1: 30 BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW ICONS! They may not have a fancy border or anything. But if you’re a blog out there with no icons, some plain ol’ icons will do you good, eh?
  • Choice number 2: A TERRIBLE (see above) PHOTOSHOP CREATION OF YOUR CHOOSING. As long as I don’t have to slap nudity all over it… I’ll pretty much make you any humorous little thing you want. Know I’ll put some effort into it but at the end of the day it looking bad to some extent is what makes it great.
  • Choice number 3: A festive voice message from the likes of Gul’dan or Garrosh Hellscream. Send in whatever you want the little shit heads to say, as long as flat out funny or derpy. (This might be a stocking stuffer to go along with another one of the choices, it’s lil’. Depends on the demand.)

All contestants must entered byDECEMBER 15th. NO BUDGING ON THE DATE (I’m evil after all…)


So…. I was gonna do this at 250 followers, but I hit 300 hundred while I was dying under school– but I’ve thought long and hard about what I can do to show my thanks for everything and I’ve decided I’m going to use my unique position of being a student in Japan to give back.

So I present to you!!! Mysteriousassistxnt’s SUPER MEGA ULTRA OMIYAGE GIVE AWAY

Wait what the fuck is that you ask? Well if you like and reblog this post you will get your very own OMIYAGE (souvenir) from MOTHER FUCKING JAPAN. That’s right. You heard it hear folks. Ever wanted something legit from japan but importing is expensive? Well now is your chance! I will be selecting three lucky people who like / reblog this post will be entered to receive something cool. Even better– I will let you choose the location you want your omiyage from and give you a bunch of pictures to boot!

So for example say little Sally wins and she wants an omiyage from Akihabara– I will go to Akihabara take a bunch of pictures for her and buy something from Akihabara. Easy peasy squeezy

I will choose the winners via random number generator

There are a few rules.

1.) You may like and reblog this post but you must be following me prior to the date this post goes up (12/26/2016 JST) – I’ll check so you can’t just follow me to get your omiyage and then unfollow. This giveaway is for my followers so I don’t want people hijacking it. If you reblog from a side blog– give me the name of your main blog if you are selected.
2.) No give away blogs
3.) The omiyage will be worth 1000 yen or LESS. If you have any preference discuss with me what you might want before i go out and get it for you. I’m not rich so you can’t ask me to buy you a fucking japanese 3ds sorry.

4.) You must be open to the idea of international shipping. I have to have some means of sending it to you.
5.) The area you want your omiyage from must be from an area within Tokyo. If you aren’t sure what’s around I suggest looking at odigo.travel and seeing some popular tourist spots.
6.) The winners will be chosen January 2nd

7.) You must be an rp blog. This give away is to celebrate all the great rpers I’ve had a chance to meet because of this fandom.

Thanks for being so great comrades!  Let the hunger games begin