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Who's up for headcanons? (Made on mobile so sorry if some are weird on desktop)
  • 😄: Something that makes my muse happy.
  • ☺️: An embarrassing fact about my muse.
  • 😉: A pick up line my muse would use.
  • 😘: When/How my muse would flirt.
  • 😍: How my muse would act if they like someone.
  • ❤️: A way to make my muse fall in love with you.
  • 💔: A way to make my muse hate you/break their heart.
  • 💭: A thought my muse has had about yours/random thought
  • 😔: A nightmare my muse has had.
  • 😌: A dream my muse has had.
  • 😒: Something that annoys my muse.
  • 😢: Something that makes my muse cry.
  • 😂: One of my muses favorite jokes.
  • 😰: Something that scares my muse.
  • 😪: Something that bores my muse.
  • 😡: Something that makes my muse angry.
  • 😈: Something bad my muse has done/does.
  • 😇: Something good my muse has done/does.
  • 🙈: Something my muse never wants to see.
  • 🙉: Something my muse never wants to hear.
  • 🙊: Something my muse never wants to say/wants to say but can't.
  • 🎶: A song my muse likes and why.

Ok, so I know it’s not the smartest for me to post stuff about Steven universe when most of my followers don’t really watch it but here’s this thing.

So, as I was re-watching The Answer, I couldn’t help but notice the gems in the background. I decided to screenshot them and then decided to give them at least some sort of an identity (along with horrible nicknames). I’ll probably be doing more of them and I want to draw how they could look like.

Now, about the gems.
1. Droplet.
I can’t really decide what gem she could be, but I find her kinda adorable to be honest.
She could be a quartz soldier, she could be an agate (tho she seems too small for that…), she could be a pearl (tho she seems to have more muscle mass than pearls tend to have.)

2. Neckie
This gem looks nice and friendly in my opinion. She is definitely calm and maybe somewhat quiet.
Now, people seem to think that she lost her calmness once Ruby and Sapphire fused, but I don’t really think that’s the case. She says “Unbelievable”, which indicates that she’s suprised, not discusted. She then becomes angry once Blue diamond says to Ruby that she (Ruby) will be broken for fusing.
It’s also hard to say what gem she is, but she might be a blue Kyanite. She could also be a moonstone, although I have my doubts…

3.Light indigo.
This gem seems to be smaller than most of the other gems, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have any authority.
Personally, even though I don’t have the same opinion as her on fusion (she finds it outright discusting), I do like her style of clothing and hair… (Definetly looks like me to be honest)
It’s harder to pinpoint what her gem type exactly is due to her gem not being shown, but color wise Blue moonstone and Tanzanite fits.

4. Pink Zircon.
Now here’s a gem that I can exactly pin point what gem type she is.
My reasoning for why I think she’s a Zircon is that: -her hair is similar to Blue Zircon
-she’s quite tall and somewhat shinny
-she’s pink and her gem is on her navel, which resembles her diamond the same way Yellow and Blue zircons do.
-he gem is rectangular in shape.
Now on to her personality. She seems to be quite though, determined, but easely angered. These might not be the best traits for a lawyer, but she most likely somehow gets away with them.
Definetly an angry lawyer.

5. Side Buns.
This gem is most likely an agate. She looks somewhat terrifying, she has similar hair to Holly’s and seems to be strong overall. It’s hard to say what type of agate she is, but she could be a blue lace? Maybe?
Not much to say about her.

6. Blue diamond’s guards.
The only times we could see these two is when they were standing in front of Blue’s palanquin and when they tried to stop Pearl. Their gems are on their right eyes. They seem to have some strength, so they might be some kind of a quartz (their hair and body type also point to that.) They can even be Cat’s eye quartzes.

7. Pointy.
And last, but not least is this gem.
It’s hard to exactly say what gem she is, but I think that she could be an agate. She might not seem as though as Side buns (5.), but she seems to have at least some authority.
Weirdly enough, in one picture, because of her pointy hair, she kind of resembles a cat, so she might be a some kind of cat’s eye gem (tho this seems to be a bit of a stretch.)
She looks strict, but somewhat nice?
In the episode, she says “This is unheard of!” which makes sence I guess.
I don’t have anything else about her.

That’s all I have for now. I might do more of these later, since there are more gems in the answer.


It had been a good while from her last visit to this specific location. For whatever reason, Bay Laurel couldn’t remember why she hadn’t come to the place for so long. Did she simply forget? Perhaps it simply escaped her mind every time she ventured out to places, being less engraved in memory like most places. Although, it all came back when she finally got there.

The humidity and heat was, excruciating.

Her mane was beginning to puff out in the most unpleasant way, getting itchy and causing most parts of her to itch like no other if it even just slightly touched a limb. It was almost tempting to just leave but with the amount of travel it took to get there in the first place, might as well stay a while longer, restock on a few things. Perhaps even spoil herself and get a new toy to mess with.

Finding an unoccupied wall to sit along, she began to pull out her instruments, holding the Shamisen in her lower arms and tuning it gingerly.


Oh boi, I searched until my fingers fell, and I was too lazy to draw. So this is the Samuelsonite.
Really very sturdy and shovel, since the stone has a hardness of scale 5. It has a radioactive aurea capable of contaminating objects and killing animals and humans, can change its hue according to its temperament and is really resistant to physical attacks and proximity. Hyper flexible and careful, but not very close to other gems because a simple touch (or even something like telepathy) can contaminate the gems and cause side effects. It was pink because I like pink and pink is my last name.
Edit1: I picked up a copy that emerged inside a uvarovite, so the radiation high.
1st: she’s sad
2nd: she’s angry
3rd: she’s using her power.   

anonymous asked:

Firstly, thanks for all the work you've put into the documents you provide, I enjoy learning Khuzdul immensely! My question concerns gems/stone in general, and the names thereof; specifically how these names are chosen? Looking through the dictionary, some compound names make perfect sense(ie emerald being green-beryl, which it is) while others have me puzzled, such as jade(bark'aban) which is named axe-stone. How do you choose and is there a handy list to aid a poor Dwarven rp gem merchant?

You are most welcome Anon!  Glad you are enjoying learning Neo-Khuzdul.

In general when I create names for any mineral I have always first looked at Tolkien’s work for any reference to the mineral. If I find something (which is rare, granted) I attempt to base myself on that for a name, when applicable. When (in most cases) there is no mention of the mineral I tend to look into real world historic data or physical properties of the mineral for ideas.

Your example of jade, being “axe-stone” is actually a very good example of that.
There are some remarkable neolithic axes made from jade (or jadeite/jadeitite/nephrite) in Britian for instance (usually hailing from the Alps).
A few of these are considered to be some of the most beautiful prehistoric axes around, partly because of their colour, and partly because of their gracile form. 

The above axe from the Erris Peninsula in Ireland is a superb example.

Given their fine workmanship, they very likely were prehistoric status symbols, unlikely to have ever been to be used. On the other hand, quite a few cultures around the world practically used jade axes. The Māori people of New Zealand for instance were known to have used jade as blade-heads; in particular adzes.
The prominent role of jade in the fashioning of prehistoric axes made me consider that the early men of Middle Earth might very well have used jade for such tools as well. As, contact between dwarves and men was frequent in the East, in those early days, and the Red Mountains very likely were rich with such rock. Hence, “jade” became “axe-stone”.

As for your handy list, sadly I had no such list…. so I made one! 

I gathered the words for minerals and chemical elements found in the earth or alloys that can be produced. It is far from a comprehensive list sadly, as I had to put this together by scanning the current draft dictionary, so there is a chance that I’ve missed quite a few. I’ve also added some names of famous Middle-Earth jewels in the list, but have excluded the words for metal-colours (for instance “zigil” being “silver-coloured”). I hope it will be of some use to a poor gem merchant.

Neo-Khuzdul - English - [literal translation]:

  • ‘aban - stone
  • ‘adadtharr - granite (rock-type) - [father-rock]
  • adrafaban - cryolite (mineral chiefly used as a pesticide, also used to give fireworks a yellow colour) - [killer-stone]
  • amsâltharr - quartzite (rock-type) - [luck-rock]
  • ankhâdtharr - skarn (rock-type) - [colour-rock]
  • 'âzahbilis - aquamarine - [sea-beryl]
  • 'azgubuntanlâkh - chatoyance (cat’s eye effect, an optical reflectance effect seen in certain gemstones) - [eye of-cat-shine]
  • azrâd'aban - topaz - [magic-stone]
  • barath'adad - type of rare bright pink granite, usually found below one thousand dwarven lengths from the surface - [pink-father]
  • barathnûlukhaban - pink moonstone (rare bright pink stone found only in the northern Red Mountains) - [pink-moon-stone]
  • barazakhsag - laterite rock (one amount) - [red-coverer]
  • barazamrâl'aban - ruby - [love-stone]
  • bazirtharr - slate (rock-type) - [low-rock]
  • bibil - bronze
  • bilis - beryl
  • birbilis - colourless beryl - [clear-beryl]
  • biriz (also “kidiz”) - gold
  • bitish - ancient silver
  • bulumesan'aban - soft white granular variety of steatite (soap stone) used especially for drawing lines on cloth and for removing grease in clothing - [soft-piece of soap-stone]
  • danakhbilis - emerald - [green-beryl]
  • danakhleber'aban - brochantite (one rock) - [green-patch-stone]
  • dezeb - diamond
  • dezeb-badakh - guild of diamond cutters and polishers - [diamond-meeting]
  • difin - rich-iron
  • esan'aban - soap stone (one piece of steatite) - [piece of soap-stone]
  • 'ezeh'aban - rock salt (one chunk) - [salt-stone]
  • farin'aban - turquoise (stone) - [ancient-stone]
  • fikhib - ancient iron
  • hars'aban - tuff (type of rock made of volcanic ash ejected from a vent during a volcanic eruption, one amount) - [ash-stone]
  • 'ibin - gem
  • ibriz'aban - sunstone (transparent variety of calcite used to tell the direction of the sun on cloudy days for navigational purposes) - [sun-stone]
  • ikfên'ibin - gemstone (usually semi-precious) that has been carved (in Longbeard tradition normally with images or rune inscriptions only on one face) - [carving-gem]
  • izhêr'aban - limestone - [building-stone]
  • kafk - shard
  • kaiku - ore (one chunk)
  • karashakyâl - piece of jewellery (often necklace) that is worn by miners to identify themselves (usually contains their name, epithet, house and clan information) in case of a cave-in - [mark-life]
  • khagal'aban - lapis lazuli - [blue-stone]
  • khagalamrâl'aban - sapphire - [blue-love-stone]
  • khagalankhad - lazurite (mineral found in the Red Mountains often used as a pigment in painting and cloth dyeing) - [blue-painter]
  • khagalzirin - bluish iron ore - [blue-iron]
  • Khags'umsam - Nauglamír (Necklace of the Dwarves) - [neck-greatest jewel]
  • kibil - silver
  • Labamthatr - Nimphelos (great pearl of the Broadbeam crown) - [white-star]
  • meget - lodestone (magnet)
  • melek - saprolite rock (weathered rock)
  • mesem - jewel
  • mikil - copper
  • murdultharr - amphibolite (rock-type) - [dead-rock]
  • naragbuzraban - black onyx - [black-deep-stone]
  • nazg'aban - agate - [ring-stone]
  • nudaban - garnet - [east-stone]
  • nukhdaban - amethyst - [shade-stone]
  • rakhl - nickel
  • Rakl'aban - Arkenstone - [precious stone]
  • razkhfakak'aban - opal - [rain-arch-stone]
  • sabktharr - pumice (rock-type) - [feeble rock]
  • sairudezeb - diamond with a yellowish tinge - [acid-diamond]
  • tehefaban - realgar, ruby sulphur (orange or red-coloured arsenic sulphide mineral, when melted burns with a bluish flame releasing fumes of arsenic and sulphur, at times used to smoke out enemies) - [sulfur-stone]
  • tharr - rock
  • ulkhudaban - ralstonite (fluoride mineral which occurs as colourless or white made up of transparent to translucent crystals, often placed in the path of a light beam to light a room or hall) - [light-stone]
  • ulkhudazrar'aban - aragonite - [light-offerer]
  • 'ursanlâkh-tharr - obisidian (rock-type) - [fire-shine-rock]
  • 'ursbilis - red beryl - [fire-beryl]
  • uthakmesem - uncut gem - [miner-jewel]
  • zadkh-khasg - mica (sheet mineral) - [line-layer]
  • zainbilis - pink beryl - [female-beryl]
  • zannaban - spinel - [night-stone]
  • zenet-tharr - gneiss (rock-type) - [fiber-rock]
  • zifir - lead
  • zigilkhaifaban - cristobalite - [silver-coloured-touch-stone]

Ever at your service,

The Dwarrow Scholar

Diamond Jr. || OPEN || gem egg hell AU

It had been a bit of unspoken common knowledge to the sector for quite some time now: their queen, their ruler, their Diamond– was with child.

Kindergartens had removed the need for natural reproduction, and even skipped the entire infant and adolescent phase of the gem’s life altogether, so it was unheard of for anyone –especially a Diamond– to become expectant.

Not only was there that oddity of the event in general, but one even more unspoken mystery plagued the sector’s gossip circles: who was the little incubating geode’s parent? It took two to tango, obviously. So who had somehow managed to win over the heart and body of their Diamond.


Meanwhile, the gem in question lounged on her bed, a blanket surrounding what seemed to be an ordinary rock, resembling an uncracked geode in both appearance and symbolism, for it held something amazing within it. Hearing the automatic doors of her quarters open, her head peeked up. “We missed you~” she purred sleepily, motioning the other to come over to the bed.

Are you looking for a new gem rp Group? Well my friends and I are looking for new members to join us!
Our team is called the Lunar Gems, a team of gems who live in a place called Cove City off the east coast of Carolina. We’d really love for you to come and rp with us! But also if you just wanna chat up with us as well!
Here are some rules that we have if you want to rp
1) No diamondsonas/OP Characters (due to op characters we had to abolish this, and if you’re wondering who are the diamonds in rp we have that covered.)
2) We prefer if you do not use canon gems in the show! ( such as garnet or pearl, Steven ect, Rose Quartz is sometimes mentioned. However sonas of these gems are Acceptable)
3) Must be literate to advance literate style rp ( just so things don’t get confusing)
4) Work your way into our plot so things don’t get confusing( if you have trouble we will help)
5) No controlling other people’s gemsonas
6) No NSFW rp (if you want to pm someone you can)
7) both male pronouns and female pronouns of gems are allowed!
8) 3+ people must be in the chat to rp!
And finally the last rule
LITERALLY HAVE FUN if you wanna come up with a plot don’t be shy! We share art as well and we plan future rps and stuff! We’re really running short on members there’s only about 6 of us left and the pic above is an old photo. Anyway please message me on here or pm my Kik for more details!! “ Dazzling.gem ” is my Kik or join the hashtag #Lunargems
Art done by @gyrosylla187 Also a member other members are @azurite-senpai @steven-universe-lova and @beancoz We hope to see you there!

This is Labradorite My gemsona. technically labradorite isnt exactly a gem but rather a type of feldspar, but its a very pretty and vibrant gem, commonly confused with rainbow moonstone, however in all the rainbow moonstone i’ve seen, its white where as labradorite is usually darker colors. I read a myth once where The Northern Lights were trapped inside the stones and if you shine a light you can see the lights dance. 

I absolutley love Labradorite, i live on the southern side of the east coast so i have never seen nor will i get to see the northern lights from where i live. But labradorite helps me feel that much closer to them. And since it is my favorite gem, i decided to make a gemsona about it. 

So yeah, this is Lapris, or Labby. The labradorite. She wears warm clothes, and belongs to Blue (or possibly White) Diamond. She has doubts about her place in the universe, and has a dry sense of humor, much like lapis lazuli. But when she gets excited, her colors flare. Like a total prism of colors. 

I look forward to RPing with anyone up for it. 


(smacked sum colors on a ref doodle of my gemsonas/fangems !! the gem trio who i luv dearly please interact w them they r swell i promise)