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IT’S THE DAY to draw Calixxta’s great great great great great great great great great grandmother, Moxie Mortal.
She carries her husband’s soul in a shard.
Her horns are cosmetic maybe.
She’s responsible for all the rock-hard pumpkin cookies in your local Walmart’s Halloween aisles.
She and Amagrith do meet up to play bingo together, yes. Canon.
And you might be thinking she leeches life from others to keep alive. This is a common misconception.
 The secrets all lie in her perfect eyebrows. Their hairs keep her alive forever.

Go eat some candy.

      “this movie is boring as hell,” slade griped to the other, as though he’d be doing anything other than anticipating his next cigarette and impatiently waiting for some sort of cue for him to make a move. perhaps he should have clarified that his idea of ‘hanging out’ entailed more intimacy than cuddling on the fucking sofa. “wanna do somethin’ else?”

=> What started out as a quick trip to buy groceries for dinner ended up being quite an eventful night. Apparently someone had put up a message online saying they’d spotted you in public, leading to groups of fans approaching you and demanding photos and autographs. You were polite and amiable as always, but after a while it seemed that you weren’t going to be able to buy ingredients for a seafood lasagne in peace. You do love meeting fans in public, but sometimes it can be awfully overwhelming.

=> You had quietly excused yourself and ducked out of the supermarket, choosing the closest establishment to hide in for the time being. Feeling a little panicked, you didn’t even check the sign to see where you had walked into.

=> … Turns out that this bar really isn’t something someone like you would be seen in. Some sort of shady lowblood establishment, fairly empty aside from a brownblood bartender and a couple lowbloods skulking about. You’re probably the highest caste troll that’s ever stepped in here. Oh dear.

=> Okay, stay calm Velour. If anyone saw you enter here it’s almost definitely going to be online, and one wrong move and you may end up getting into a fight. Oh boy, this is definitely a disaster. You can only hope that no one notices you as you slink away from the door and into a booth as far into a corner as possible. You don’t know how long you’ll have to hide out in here in case people happen to be waiting outside to see where you’ve run off to.

( continued from here x )

Frisk frowned, their hands in their hair as they exclaimed, “Noo!” They didn’t know if they should be laughing or disappointed that Flowey had taken it that way. Frisk decided to go with laughing, their hand placed between their closed eyes, “I meant..” They started off, murmuring, “I’m going to protect you,” They couldn’t help but smile, “Not literally watch over you..”, They huffed, “I’m not that weird.”

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