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IT’S THE DAY to draw Calixxta’s great great great great great great great great great grandmother, Moxie Mortal.
She carries her husband’s soul in a shard.
Her horns are cosmetic maybe.
She’s responsible for all the rock-hard pumpkin cookies in your local Walmart’s Halloween aisles.
She and Amagrith do meet up to play bingo together, yes. Canon.
And you might be thinking she leeches life from others to keep alive. This is a common misconception.
 The secrets all lie in her perfect eyebrows. Their hairs keep her alive forever.

Go eat some candy.

anonymous asked:

Do you plan to keep working with the Task Force now that you have Agnes back?

Now that I’ve been reinstated, I’m going to go with yes, I do plan on working with the rest of the team again. 

Agnes, of course, will always come first, but I’d be lying if I said I was anything but excited to be an official part of the Task Force Again. Though I will miss watching a little Doctor Who with Aram.