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also here i am to put in my unwanted 2 cents but im js there are some rps out there that are ACTUALLY cliquey. there are some groups out there that u will not fit in at all, that doesn’t make it cliquey. there are some groups you’ll fit into and go along great, and others won’t. still won’t make it cliquey ?? some groups have different atmospheres and we all gotta get that through our heads. and stop coming for admins this is why 99% of rps die, y’all shit on them every chance you get and you don’t think that fucks with them?? i quit adminning because of ugly anons and ugly people and pretty soon they’ll have a breaking point too so!! quit shit talking rps for being cliquey esp when they’re not / you just don’t fit in . not every single group or rp is going to be your cup of tea . thank you 

if theres one thing i dont understand about rping these days, its rps advertising themselves for months?? like i get the need to build hype and i know releasing bios takes time but im talking about rps releasing teasers but taking over a month to do that, then trying to get a certain amount of followers on the teaser blog / certain amount of notes on one of the teasers before they release the main, and not even having all of their bios written already on top of it so they have to take a couple of months or so to finish all of those. it seems v counterproductive to me bc the longer you take to do all of those things, the more people begin to lose interest in it bc youre literally taking months to release everything   

au’s (at some points loosely) inspired by the movies of 2014:

  • this is where i leave you: after the death of a family member, estranged siblings muse a and muse b are back in their childhood home. while they were close as siblings, they just found themselves on different roads in life. muse a is a go getter, and muse b is just a dreamer. after an explosive argument, and going their own ways, will they be able to manage living under the same roof again. not incest, just good dysfunctional family angst, and maybe eventual fluff. bonus: they’re not the only kids back in town. muse c, the ever pessimistic oldest child has also returned, from another failed trip to pursue their art. at home the whole time has been muse d, the baby, who, while spoiled, still resents their older siblings for abandoning them.
  • obvious child: it’s been arguably the worst week of muse a’s life. which is what they use to validate a night of drinking and flirting around. but after meeting muse b, and hitting it off instantly, the alcohol only serves as a gateway to a night she’ll wish she hadn’t forgotten. the only problem arises a week of so later, when muse a realizes she’s pregnant. her mind set on an abortion, she tells muse b only in hopes of getting some kind of support. from here, it’s a long trek, as they try and make the right choice. bonus: they choose the abortion, and if they thought the journey to it was rough, the road back from it is just as bad.
  • that awkward moment: muse a doesn’t do relationships. never has, doesn’t plan to. and honestly, muse b isn’t crazy about them either. but night after night of ending up in eachother’s bed, it makes them wonder, would pursuing a relationship outside of casual hookups is worth it. but, thanks to the fact that neither of them want to define what they have, muse b ventures out and find themselves a significant other. and as you could imagine, mus a isn’t very happy about that at all. bonus: on top of it all, they’re childhood best friends.
  • the other woman: muse a finds out nearing she and her boyfriend’s five month anniversary, that unfortunately, she is merely his mistress. deciding his girlfriend needs to know, she finds muse b, with intentions of telling her, and then leaving her be. but muse b pulls her into a world of trying to get revenge, and reluctantly, a bond is formed between the two. whether they’re best friends, or more, is up to you. bonus: change up the genders.
  • sex tape: it was a mistake, honestly, believing that in an intoxicated state, friends muse a and muse b would be able to make and maintain a sex tape. with a few slips of the thumb, the video is sent out to most of their friends and family. will they be able to recover from the embarrassment? or will it be the least of their problem as they try and cope with the new physical side of their friendship. bonus: muse a’s parents are extremely strict, and once they get a load of the video, any and all interactions between them and muse b are forbidden, so for any talking it out to happen, they’ll have to sneak around.
  • kingsman; the secret service: street smart muse a never thought of themselves as anything extraordinary. from the slums, they always thought that what they were doing was simply what they had to do to survive. muse b was born and raised to do great things. intelligent, and sat in the lap of luxury, they knew they were a shoe-in for success. asides from their brains, what could they have in common? they were both recruited to a secret service of sorts, and now they’re competing for a coveted spot on the team. bonus: they’ve met before kingsman, a short meeting, but muse a hates how superior muse b thinks they are, and muse b can’t stand muse a’s attitude.
  • what if: the real question is, can a guy and a girl be just friends? because everywhere you look, movies, songs, and books, it’s seeming less and less realistic everyday. but muse a and muse b strive to break the mold. after meeting while muse a is in a relationship, the two had an agreement on the just friends policy. but as time has gone by, and relationships have come and go, they’ve found themselves asking if it’s too far fetched that they could amount to something. bonus: it’s unrequited. muse b is hopelessly in love with someone who will never see them that way.
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It had been years since Isaac had set foot in Beacon Hills, yet nothing had changed. It was as if everything was just as he had left it, from the shops down to the woods–but then again, what did he expect, a dramatic town makeover over the span of ten years? The make-shift pack of theirs had went their separate ways after graduation, each one of them finding a new home near their college of choice. They’d decided that Beacon didn’t need their help after the threats were taken care of, and they all needed to move on with their lives–Okay, now, that may not have been the whole story. Words were said, things were done, and some of them just needed to get out of there at the time, to leave both feelings and emotions behind.

But, regardless of what their falling outs were or how they’d begun, Isaac had returned for the time being when he’d received that invitation in the mail, the one for a certain Nurse and Sheriff’s wedding. If it was one thing Isaac refused to ever forget around Beacon Hills, it was the woman who’d taken him in like her own, the one he’d practically consider his own mother–and let’s face it, no matter how old he got, he wasn’t going to say no to Melissa McCall.

He’d shown up at the loft on instinct, where the pack used to come, making the stop and almost reminiscing for a moment–before he’d caught sight of a familiar face.

“There’s a face I haven’t seen in a while," 

[[EDIT: M!A time is up, but since I really like this verse I’m going to keep it open! Just erase this and the ’M!A’ from the title when reblogging ]]

La historia parte de Los icónicos Superhéroes de Marvel, Iron Man, el Increíble Hulk, Thor, Capitán América, Ojo de Halcón y La Viuda Negra se incorporan a la acción cuando Nick Furia, Director de S.H.I.E.L.D., la agencia internacional de mantenimiento de la paz, inicia una operación de reclutamiento a escala mundial para reunir al equipo de “Los Vengadores” con el fin de derrotar a un enemigo inesperado que amenaza la seguridad y la supervivencia del planeta. A pesar de reunir al dream team por antonomasia, Nick Furia y su confidente de siempre, el Agente Coulson, tiene que encontrar la forma de convencer a los Superhéroes para que trabajen juntos y no unos contra otros, cuando el poderoso y peligroso Loki se hace con el Cubo Cósmico y su ilimitado poder.

Sin embargo, no sólo lo superhéroes de Marvel participan, sino incluso hasta los de DC. Cualquiera es bienvenido para intentar detener la amenaza.

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Damos la bienvenida a un nuevo miembro:

LOKI LAUFEYSON  —> http://imthegodofmischief.tumblr.com/

Loki fue criado en Asgard como uno de los hijos de Odín, el cual destruyó el Reino de los Gigantes y encontró al pequeño Loki entre los restos. Como homenaje a un enemigo digno y por piedad, decidió tomarlo como hijo adoptivo. Pero Loki siempre se sintió resentido contra Odín y en particular contra Thor, su hermano adoptivo, quien a sus ojos recibía un trato preferencial por parte de todos los Asgardianos.

Cuando Thor iba a ser coronado, interrumpió la ceremonia dejando entrar unos Gigantes de Hielo, y poco después descubrió que en realidad todo ese tiempo perteneció a ellos. Aprovechando que Thor estaba en el exilio y Odín en el “sueño de Odín”, se hizo con la corona y dejó que los Gigantes de Hielo entraran a Asgard, prometiéndole a Laufey que le dejará matar a Odín y le devolverá el cofre. También intentó destruir a Thor en la Tierra, pero falló. Justo cuando Laufey iba a asesinar a Odín, Loki lo traicionó y lo mató. Es entonces cuando Thor regresó y tuvieron una batalla en la que el Bifrost resultó destruido. Odín despiertó, y Loki, cuando se dio cuenta  de que lo había decepcionado de nuevo, se soltó al vacío.

Pero no murió. Hizo una alianza con una raza llamada los Chitauri, quienes a cambio del Cubo Cósmico, le ayudarían a invadir la Tierra y conquistarla, como parte de su venganza contra Thor y los humanos que lo acogieron.

Belated Happy New year everyone!!! I just wanna thank all the people who had been a part of my 2013. My amazing co-Kathniel fans, Kathniel bloggers, Westwood people, Charms, thank you so much guys. Also those people who’s staying up with me until morning, sending compliments about my blog, appreciating my crappy edits, and especially those who followed my blog, ilysm. I may not mention y'all, but you guys know who you are. *virtual hug* Thank you, thank you, thank you. To Kath and Dj, I know you may not read this, but still, i want to thank the both you. For bringing me into this amazing fandom with amazing people. You guys, mean so much to me. Without y'all, idk if my year would still be amazing as this. As much as i want to mention all of you, esp. my rp friends, i can’t bc I don’t wan’t to leave anyone out, but still thank you so so much! Pls remember i lobb y'all!! Mwa :*** :)) *hugs and kisses* *hart hart*

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