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The Costume Debate

Dean: but none of the pure-bloods will.

Dean: But can you really picture the Malfoys dancing to “Grease Lightning”?

Seamus: We’ll just go in seperate costumes.

(OOC: A huge thank you to the wonderful @askdeanthomass for being the best Dean a gal could ask for.)

  • “This is what makes us us.”
  • “And there is a lot of downtime during immortality." 
  • "So forget I said anything." 
  • "Be quiet and stay inside. They already know." 
  • "What you haven’t heard can’t hurt you." 
  • "Also, I have a new boyfriend." 
  • "I’m afraid the sunlight has come back." 
  • "I hope you are safe." 
  • "It’s debatable whether any of us ever truly live." 
  • "Excuse me? What an inappropriate thing to say." 
  • "You will not know for sure, because presumed knowledge is arrogance." 
  • "Do you? It doesn’t sound like you do, actually." 
  • "You are not alone; I am here." 
  • "And that is when I first understood what it meant to love myself for who I am." 
  • "We’ll all be just fine. Some of us will be more just fine than others, but again that’s also—that’s also just fine." 
  • "No, no, no; I need it." 
  • "No, it doesn’t really affect me at all, no." 
  • "We’re pretty much done for." 
  • "I said I’m not crying." 
  • "No, that’s it. Just, I am afraid." 
  • "You smell nice." 
  • "I fear something much worse is lurking." 
  • "You stay away." 
  • "Why are you here?" 
  • "And so, here I am." 
  • "I don’t like to talk about it much." 
  • "But I am starting to see, we are connected." 
  • "I will see you again. I am certain." 
  • "You are beautiful when you do beautiful things." 
  • "It’s going to be okay. Actually that’s a lie; in general, it’s not going to be okay." 
  • "Tonight is a good night. Tomorrow is unconfirmed." 
  • "When you die the surface of the Moon will not change." 
  • "Am I changed?" 
  • "I think, therefore I soon won’t be." 
  • "None of us have to think about it again." 
  • "Not everything that has happened has ever really happened." 
  • "Past performance is not a predictor of future results." 
  • "But you are not safe—you have never been safe." 
  • "This world should not be as it is now." 
  • "I cannot love." 
  • "I want everyone to be happy. I want everything to be better." 
  • "You will never have to worry about anything else." 
  • "If you can hear me still, please call for help." 
  • "I will fix everything for you, my only friend." 
  • "There is much that you should not see." 
  • "And we are ready for this war." 
  • "I mean, would knowing make it any easier? No, knowing never does." 
  • "Distrust all that you previously trusted." 
  • "I don’t really have the energy to think of another word." 
  • "That’s probably not good." 
  • "We should probably do something about that." 
  • "No state is our state forever; all is fleeting.”
  •  "Coffee helps sometimes though, doesn’t it? Other times it just makes things worse.“ 
  • "Why do you need to know that? Why are you asking so many questions?" 
  • "Don’t worry, you’re not hard to find." 
  • "Stop looking for me and find yourself." 
  • "Do you catch my meaning?" 
  • "Get off of me." 
  • "I’m not being mean. This is just basic science." 
  • "I sometimes wish I could tell you more, but I cannot." 
  • "There are many reasons I cannot always tell you what I want to tell you. But the main reason is that you need to find it out for yourself." 
  • "But no lesson is as powerful as the lesson learned on one’s own." 
  • "If you do know, you should forget." 
  • "I’m not going to mention anything and you’re not going to hear anything and both of us will fail to remember." 
  • "We’re guaranteed to continue our violent and irrational ways." 
  • "I want it badly." 
  • "Everything is perfectly fine. There is nothing under your bed; there is nothing in your closet." 
  • "And yes, you will die. But probably not until everyone you know is already dead, too." 
  • "The living tell the dying not to leave, and the dying do not listen." 
  • "The dying tell us not to be sad for them, and we do not listen." 
  • "The dialogue between the living and the dead is full of misunderstanding and silence." 
  • "There’s nothing to fear in oblivion. Unless of course your consciousness survives death." 
  • "I judged myself for wanting, and judged myself wanting." 
  • "I go now to find myself. Or to find who has myself. Or to find someone that might make me feel better about what has happened today.”
[H] Event: The Great Debate!

People of Azeroth, it is time for your voices and opinions to be heard! Starting on the 27th of October at 6 PM server, The Arcane Collegiate will host a monthly debate on various topics of importance to the Horde, and to the world at large, and all characters are invited to have their thoughts heard!

Is it safe?

To ensure the safety of our visitors, the collegiate mages have lent their skills towards making an anti-magic sound barrier that will prevent outside listeners from using what your characters have to say against them in any capacity. All opinions are welcome here, no matter how dangerous (or traitorous).

We ask that characters who would come to this event to use it as an excuse to stalk and/or force characters into unwanted conflict refrain from attending. No character is allowed to metagame any information heard at this event without the attendee’s permission and will not be entertained if they try.

How do we debate?

There are some ground rules for the debate that all characters should be aware of before they enter our event. Failure to read and understand the rules does not exempt you from them.

  1. No weapons (or magic) allowed. The debate is to be kept as civil as possible.
  2. We are here to argue our point, not to insult one another. If a character cannot get their point across without insulting the other debaters by way of slurs or name-calling, they will be asked to stand down and/or leave the premises.
  3. No violence allowed. We are here to use our words, not our fists. Characters trying to start fights will be disincluded from the event. Since we cannot formally remove you, you will be asked to leave and put on /ignore if you do not comply.
  4. He who asserts must prove. All statements must have real facts to back them up.
  5. All questions asked of the debaters must be fair and clear. No statements, comments, or rhetorical questions. Trolling is 100% unacceptable.
  6. This is an in-character event! If OOC must be used, keep it brief (and kind).

Unlike a real debate team, there is no winner or loser here- only the conversation and various sides of the discussion. Come to brush up on your lore regarding the topic, or to argue your side of the question- lurkers and devil’s advocates are welcome!

This month’s debate topic:

“Is Sylvanas fit to be Warchief of the Horde?”

Date and Location:

October 27th, 6pm PST

Caer Darrow, just off the docks.




Have some ideas for next month’s topic? Send a message! Thanks for reading, hope to see folks come out for some good ol’ fun and debate!


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Siobhan and Kristen are a couple in real life

2.9k words of very manly cockles nonsense
for @casthegrumpy‘s birthday

The first time Misha reads the script, he laughs so hysterically that he gets lightheaded and has to take a nap in his trailer.

Jensen will soon be standing in front of a teenage girl, listening intently as she explains the concept of Destiel subtext to him.

Nothing could delight Misha more.

Granted, Jensen is one of his best friends. And he maybe probably definitely wouldn’t be opposed if Jensen one day decided to burn his straight pride flag and kissed his face just a little.

But that’s beside the point.

The point is that Jensen–poor, overcompensating, precious little macho Jensen–has to confront his worst fear on national television: Dean and Cas doing it.

The second time Misha reads the script–and honestly he reads it a second time simply because it fills him with such petty joy (it’s not like he’s in the fucking episode)–he gets stuck on one teensy little part.

Siobhan and Kristen are a couple in real life.


Real life.

Before he has the inclination to filter himself, he shoots Robbie a text: Siobhan and Kristen are a couple in real life? Is there something between me and Jensen that I don’t know about?

Robbie texts back almost immediately.


Siobhan and Kristen. Are you implying that Jensen and I are “a couple in real life”?

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So I made a joke about flatamenta types earlier and of course I wanted to check if it was flatamenta or flat Amenta on my pocket everything (either, they’re not exactly consistent) and next thing I know I’m 30 tabs deep into obscure conspiracy theories. Oysters-can-predict-the-future over there reminded me that this sort of thing is absolutely hilarious, so have some of my favorite under the cut.

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  • Ciel Phantomhive: Saw this on Tumblr and thought of you
  • "I want Ciel to discipline Sebastian with a spray bottle full of holy water like people do with normal water for cats"
  • Sebastian Michaelis: ...
  • Wow...
  • Ciel Phantomhive: I wanna get a spray bottle now
  • Sebastian Michaelis: ... Fantastic....
  • Ciel Phantomhive: You love me~
  • Sebastian Michaelis: ...
  • Debatable
Familiar, Friend, or Lover: Closed Rp

It was a debatable thought for him to go somewhere so… unclean and cruel. A place they sold beings of intelligence but misfortune, mostly beings of misfortunes. It was the only way they’d be in place like this, with numbers being raised and cash for them in trade. But lean yet short boy was there, looking over the crowd to the stages.

Mike, for the most part, wanted to free them. But unfortunately those kind of attempts would lead nowhere now, other than into one of those cages left to wait for another auction day.
He kept to his walking, starting to feel a pull to one of the stands. He was a little short to make out what was up there, but he couldn’t help but be drawn. Forcing him to walk in the direction of it.

He heard a call of price from the stage, without a thought he shot his hand up. Only a few tried to out bid him, but it was by clear spite and drawn instinct that he won whoever it was on stage.

Mike sighed in relief, walking to get behind the stage for the exchange. The auctioneer giving him forewarning of needing to break his new servant, not that he cared to listen. Nor did he look at his new ‘servant’. He just wanted to leave, with whom he’d bought and disappear before they found out the cash he’d handed over was nothing but leaves and stones and an illusion.

Leaving quickly once they left him be, keeping to a pace the other could go. Once outside he smashed a bottle, he’d taken from his pocket. A quick transportation spell, though anyone not used to such speeds would be sick. Mike wouldn’t blame the other if he did throw up, it was fast for anything that wasn’t used to it or wasn’t a dragon.



The thing that always strikes me as weird about the old tabletop-RPGs-versus-freeform-RP debate is the implicit and largely unquestioned positioning of mechanically mediated play as mutually exclusive of role immersion.

For my part, I find that engagement with game mechanics - and, in particular, the use of randomisers - actually helps with immersion.

It’s relatively difficult for me to get into my character’s headspace when I’m doing pure freeform RP, because whenever I describe something whose outcome logically ought to be uncertain, in the back of my mind I have to think about what that outcome “should” be. That tends to pull me right out of it.

Conversely, if I’m rolling dice to determine what happens, then I have no better idea of what the outcome will be than my character does. I find that the only way I can effectively immerse myself in my role in a scenario that entails risk or uncertainly is for there to actually be risk or uncertainty, on some level.

RP Event: Ishgard Debates! Balmung Server on Sept. 5th @ 2-5pm EST



St. Endalim’s Scholasticate Student Debate Forum


Ishgard Foreign Policy—Rejoin the Eorzean Alliance or reinstitute Isolationism?


Laurentoix Beaujolais (Moderator) @ishgard-confessions

Riven Pendragon (Judge) @scrollsfromarebornrealm

Iris Blanchimont (Judge) @lominsianlily

Lindelle Despereaux  (Judge) @ishgard-to-nym

Ilieha Beautemps (Pro-Alliance) @dravanian

Ysia Lemieux (Pro-Isolation) @la-tourterelle-grise


Monument Tower, Coerthas Central Highlands

Other Details:

Begins exactly at 1pm EST, but is expected to take two full hours. If continuing past 4pm, no obligation to stay. If finishing early due to a lack of questions or otherwise, we have some drinks and socialize until we get bored.

Speakers will be given ten minutes to present their arguments in an Opening Statement to declare themselves.

After Opening Statements, five minutes will be given to each team to respond to the other’s argument.

Next, three questions will be submitted to both teams with five minutes to answer (and another five for rebuttal later). 

 For thirty minutes to an hour (depending on participation), the audience will submit questions with the above rules still in effect. Questions must be directed at both teams.

Once the audience is satisfied, each judge will ask a question of theirs. Afterwards, the teams will have ten minutes to make their Closing Statements without rebuttal.

Based on the effectiveness of their arguments, the truthfulness of their responses, the amount of evidence cited and their sportsmanship, a winner will be chosen.


This is NOT a debate that results in any actual changes in Ishgard policy. The teams in the debate are simply arguing FOR THE SAKE OF ARGUING. The winning team does NOT actually set the policy for Ishgard.

As the participants have put a large effort into research and point-for-point consideration, interruptions and trolling are looked down upon heavily.

Judges must be unbiased and neutral on the topic at hand, both IC and OOC. Favoring one viewpoint from the beginning is highly frowned upon, as is any effort by participants to convince the judges.

apply to become part of an OFF network!! we can rp, make collab fanart, debate theories, and, of course, make new friends!!


  • you must be 13+ to join
  • you must be willing to reblog other member’s selfies and give them support
  • you must be following me, von-gacy (or ellie for short!!)
  • and you must be nice to other members


  • really nice new friends who also like this obscure game
  • space to talk about headcanons and theories
  • selfie reblogging by other members (this means cosplay too!)
  • really fun rp sessions
  • cool skype chats and calls (if you’re about that life)

how to join:

just a dash reminder that

  • your portrayal is awesome
  • don’t feel obligated to answer messages/anons that make you feel inadequate, sad, uncomfortable, or angry. you don’t owe anyone anything
  • this is your blog. do what you want with it. take care of yourself first, your followers second.
  • at the end of the day, numbers and counts do not matter. it’s the love and support you spread to others that will.
  • be excellent to each other