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I’m probably gonna catch some heat for this, but I keep seeing these “ positivity ” posts about OCs, especially of the “ love / respect / support female OCs !! ” variety, and I just want to say:

my opinion of or interest in your muse / OC is NOT determined by their gender.

I will not automatically love, respect, support, enjoy or be interested in your muse just because they’re female. you don’t get brownie points for that, just like you don’t and shouldn’t get brownie points just for writing a muse that is gay, trans, POC or disabled. real people are more than just their labels, and fictional ones should be no different.

so while I am all here for supporting OCs, I am not here to blindly support “all” of them; not female ones, not male ones, not non-binary or trans ones. I support interesting, original and well-developed OCs. that’s all that matters to me.


Some very very messy and random Sonic doodles for fun!


HER NAME IS SAI AND I MADE HER IN LIKE 2015 BUT I LOVE HER SO MUCH?? tbh who deosn’t love a fire powered reanimated mage corpse 
shes my main guardian and i have like 800 hours playing her okay 

Consider this.

A college Man from U.N.C.L.E. AU where Illya is a shy foreign exchange student that Napoleon discovers living in the dorm across from his. Napoleon thinks that Illya is mute because he never talks and only leaves notes on Napoleon’s door or messages him online until one day Illya finally speaks to him and Napoleon discovers that Illya was actually just embarrassed by his thick Russian accent. Napoleon, of course, doesn’t mind one bit.

Guess who commissioned @starsclowder? I DID! Guess who wasn’t disappointed? I WASN’T! 
A character reference sheet of my OC Turian, Artem Lykos, @starsclowder worked really hard and should be commended for her talents, art skillz, patience and for just being awesome! TY so much! TwT 

On Being a Considerate RPer

Friends, this is a topic I’ve been thinking about for awhile and it touches on a great many things, but there’s one aspect in particular I’d like to talk about today and that is,


Naturally we all want attention in some way. RP is, after all, a social endeavor. And it feels good to get attention, to be able to RP with the people you want to RP with, to have people interested in your character(s), to get compliments, asks, engagement, what have you.

There is nothing wrong with wanting that. There is nothing bad or inconsiderate about that kind of desire. The important bit is how you act on it- how you engage with others, and how you treat your fellow players.

The thing is, while we all want attention, none of us are entitled to any of it from anyone else.

No one is obligated to give us anything. They don’t have to like/reblog our posts. They don’t have to send us asks. They don’t have to respond to our asks. They don’t have to talk to us. They don’t have to RP with us. They could ignore us, if they so chose. It’s completely the other person’s choice.

Does this feel good? Probably not. Is it rude? Depending on the situation, certainly. And we’re allowed to feel however we feel in response to that.

But the thing is, a person might have any number reasons for not wanting to engage with you. Maybe they are socially anxious and freeze up when new people come around. Maybe your RP style/concept isn’t what they prefer to interact with. Maybe your styles don’t mesh. Maybe they have more contacts than they can rightfully handle as is and don’t want to make any more. Maybe they only have so much time in the day and just can’t get to both you and all the other people who want a piece of their time. Or maybe they just don’t want to.

Being able to accept this and move on is an important part of being a considerate RP partner. And moreso, it’s an important part of being a considerate friend. 

How many times have we heard stories about (or experienced ourselves) that person you don’t really want to be around, but when you try to let them down gently they react with hostility? Or try desperately to talk you into doing otherwise?

If you want to be considerate to your fellow player, then don’t be that person.

When you approach others without entitlement, it takes the pressure off. You need their approval less, because you’re okay with them saying no. They are less likely to feel obligated to humor you, so they can respond based on how they feel and what they want to do. If they say no you might be disappointed, but you know the next person might say yes. And in the end, the person you asked is much more likely to feel good about the interaction and YOU both, no matter how it goes.

Ultimately, being the kind of person who can treat others with this kind of consideration is good for you, it’s good for the people around you, and in some ways you’ll find it attracts other people to you. Because they know with you, their needs will be respected. They know with you, they won’t be pressured to do what they don’t want to. With you, they can feel comfortable and safe and won’t have to worry so much about being honest about how they feel.

Sometimes this is way easier said than done, especially if you really want to feel like you fit in with a community and you just… don’t seem to. But all the wanting in the world won’t make it happen, and you can’t force other people to treat you like one of the crew.

But at the end of the day, do you want people to do things with you because they feel obligated to? Or because they want to?

And that’s ultimately the heart of things.

A whirl of memories surge in the replay his mind has built, memoirs of an affection only he believes in, memories of desire, of longing.

This song is accompanied by the repetitive staccato of cough, increasing in tempo, in rhythm, as red spills to his lips and chin like rouge—it colored his paling face that grew into an unhealthy, artificial white.

Out of these coughs myriad of withered petals—white, its tip in a gradient of pink.

He sighs, the inevitable has yet to come, he feared for this occurrence. Now however, everything makes sense, in a time wherein things will come to a blur, this has to be the clearest moment of his life.

“But I would die for you.”
He chokes out as more petals trickled down.

“I would die for you.”

I sort of understand that the Green Leader and Blue Leader AUs are much more popular but I sort of feel like we’re really missing an opportunity with Purple Leader?? like. you’re talking about the guy who’s driving motive for at least three of the older Eddisodes was how much he wanted to straight up kill the others.

He’s charming, arguably bloodthirsty, narcissistic to the point of self-obsession, and if you squeeze him a little to fit the AU, a pretty persuasive leader. I don’t doubt he could gather an army of followers.

also don’t forget he literally reshaped the world in his image that one time:

anonymous asked:

Was the Omega Timeline created by Core!Frisk or was it found by Core!Frisk? I see both around, and now I'm confused.

The OT has always existed but it’s only accessible under extremely specific circumstances, which include knowing about the existence of the place. And how is someone supposed to know it exists if there is no way to know about it other than being told by someone who already knows? That’s why only someone like Core (who is everywhere and knows all observable) can learn about the place without any help. Yes, if someone is omniscient or omnipresent they don’t need CORE!Frisk to invite them or give them instructions.

TL;DR Frisk found it and threw their tiny fists in the air all “yuss imma make this into a haven”.

Trivia: The very first person was invited one thousand years before Undertale timeline, during The War of Humans and Monsters. He still lives there! :D

hi !!! this is an oc blog for something akin to a personification of a star that’s finally setting up !! their name is sallet and holds an immense curiosity for everything and anything and will point to the sky if you ask where they’re from !! so if ya wanna hang out, check us out maybe ?? !!

Jokes are fine and dandy, and it’s a thing I do with her and her posts sometimes but

that’s because we’re actually friends… 

adding unnecessarily lands you in hot water, but what worsened the situation is the manner of apology. And excusing uncomfortable behavior as affection when you’re near-strangers is unacceptable. Just because someone does something out of turn and blocks with the joke defense doesn’t give them immunity.

If you’re friends, great, that means you actually are comfortable enough to be at the receiving end of this kind of stunt, but don’t pretend that just because you’re okay with it everyone else would be.

Though I will say it did provoke a bigger reaction than warranted, and not everyone had to say something.