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  • Riverdale Writers: Episode 12 will reveal Jason's Killer.
  • Me: I AM READY
  • Narrator: They were not ready...

Imagine Joker taking a strange interest in you.


The Joker was quite infamous around Gotham City. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t recognise the name. Some would even tell stories of how he’d robbed a bank they were in or something like that. You, however, had never thought you’d meet the Joker.

You’d just gotten off of work, it was late. You were walking the short distance to your house for the night, but your plans quickly changed as footsteps became audible from behind you.

You risked a glance behind you, the flash of green hair and pale skin being enough to scare you half to death. THE Joker was following closely behind you.

“Hey there, doll face,” he snickered, quickly jumping in front of you. You started to back away, but he wrapped his arm around your waist, keeping you pinned to him. “Nu uh. You ain’t going anywhere.”