Hi Tumblr! I’m Essence, but my friends call me Essie. I’m 21 years young and a just graduated from Columbia a semester early. I’m always in NY or Florida…I’m from Miramar! Right now…I’m in Miami spending time with my mom. It’s her 50th birthday!

I’m an aspiring radio personality. I have an internship for a NY radio show but I’m looking for something e. I love makeup, food, good ass music, and athleticism I played volleyball in high school and college lol. Feel free to hmu, I’m always down for a good time! Can’t wait to meet some good people. 💁🏾

Turn ask replies into threads.

If you like a response I made, you are more than allowed to just take it and make it into a thread. Some of you do this already, but others might need a bit of a verbal confirmation to let them know that they are more than allowed to do so. When I put a lot of effort into something, I really do enjoy when it sparks the need to turn things into threads with people. Whatever random situation I put our muses in normally something that I’ve wanted to write for a while, and I assume that you do too because you sent me the thing in the first place!

Write out a thing and tag me or mention me. I want to see where things go from there. Plus, who knows, if you wanted something with our muses, breaking the ice tends to make it easier to get that thing.

Hi, My Name Is Ivy Salento. I am a City Girl that comes from Brooklyn,NY. I have a Wife Named Kamila & we have a gorgeous 2 year old Daughter named Saige. We moved to Miami,FL recently & would loveee to meet new friendly people here. I’d love to hang out with new faces ! & Trust im nothing but cool vibes so please keep the Negative shit away lol !!! Hit me up if you wanna link. <3

Starters: Things I Have Said While Playing Video Games
  • “I will shove your throat down your throat.”
  • “Oh. Oh, you have just called up the devil. You will tremble before me, and beg for mercy, and I’ll laugh in your stupid face because FUCK YOU.”
  • “Oh, suck my left nut.”
  • “I will fucking end you. I will end you so hard that your ancestors will feel shame and your family will weep upon your grave.”
  • “I mean, he is only avenging his dead brother. You can’t really begrudge him that.”
  • “Are you fucking sweating on me?”
    “Oh. Veeeeery clever, you massive cockmuffin.”
  • “Everything is pain and I regret going down this path!”
  • “Oh, great, more naked people.”
  • “I’m sorry for invalidating your gender identity!”
  • “What?! That was my fucking money! Fuck you, secret police.”
  • “I hate living in a communist country.”
  • “Okay. So. We had to kill your uncle to make life easier for all of us.”
  • “I show up, and everything’s on fucking fire. For the love of God, how? And why?”
  • “Oh joy. More tedious drudgery.”
  • “If I were a lesser man, I’d be shitting myself right now.”
  • “He might actually be gayer than me. Unlikely, but possible.”
  • “Sigmund Freud would have a goddamn FIELD day with this.”
  • “Nice try, sugartits.”
  • “I appreciate you inviting me to your strip club.”
  • “This was supposed to be a stupid joke. How did it get so real?”
  • “Do not fuck the doctor! What is wrong with you?”
  • “I want to be the spiritual embodiment of pudding.”
  • “Nothing inspires a murderous rage in me more than comic sans.”
  • “Okay, I’m sorry I killed everyone you love, but can’t we talk about this?”
  • “I wish my legs were as fabulous as yours.”
  • “Oh, you think I won’t arrest you because we’re friends? Is that what you fucking think? Well you’re fucking RIGHT.”
  • “I just stabbed a bitch to death with a pair of scissors. God, I love Tuesdays.”
  • “Part of me wants to fuck you. The other part wants to laugh at you for looking like a My Chemical Romance reject.”
  • “Oh, fuck you for trying to teach me a lesson about morals.”
  • “Literally nobody asked your opinion.”
  • “Fuck you, you’re not my mom.”
  • “I want to slather you with bees.”
  • “I’ve never been so aroused and terrified in my life.”
  • “Here’s an idea: go to church.”
  • “Something about you just looks evil.”
  • “Finally! I’ve turned you gay!”
  • “Fuck me up, anthropomorphic Daddy.”
  • “I’m starting to come to the conclusion that you’re kind of a dick.”
  • “Eat one MILLION dicks.”

Showing her the city…                                                                                                     Finally, this tournament it’s over. And yup, we won ! I can’t wait to go back to my real bed now. Thank you Chipmunk for taking a 14 hour flight to support me. I still can’t believe you did that for me. My Little Banana ! (She’s so short, Haha) 

K, I’m starving now…


Anyone else work at a place they actually like to be? (*´・v・) hehe. I don’t know but my workplace brings me comfort much. I’m waiting for my best friend to meet up with me here and brought her late birthday gifts. She loves books and clothes just as I do. We spoil each other,a perfect duo lolz ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) Bestie Day awaits… Take care guys!


So… Lil Miss @simplyitzel thought she could bring her southern ass to New York and stay warm without a jacket on lol. After she was done doin’ her thang earlier we linked up and went to a few of my fave spots here in NYC, showed her around a lil’ bit. We went to Sky Rink and I regret it ‘cause I knew damn well I couldn’t skate but it was mad fun. I don’t appreciate you laughin’ and shit, short ass lol. 

We at the restaurant where I work now, my fave spot out of all NYC. I made Chicken Minestrone Soup and Tomato and Herbed Ricotta Bruschetta. Boss ain’ mind sine she owed me one from spillin’ eggs on the Jay’s mane. Smh. I ain’t gone let baby girl freeze to death so I’m out.. Yall enjoy yall evenin’ haha.


FaceTime with Annoying Chipmunk… K not that annoying, Haha.

Thanks for calling me, little Banana, you made me laugh all night and I needed that… Tournament it’s soon and I’m a little stressed. Isn’t she cute doing this “pouty face” ? 

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Hi! I’m Kali! I’m not too great at introductions so I guess I’ll just say some basic facts about myself. I recently turned 21 (no more fake id’s lol) and I’m from Manchester, England but I moved to New York to start a modelling career.. hasn’t worked out too well yet, BUT I’m getting there. At the moment I’m studying photography and that’s about it.. I think, but anywho, I hope to become friends with a lot of you on here so please feel free to message me whenever!

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Lots of people are nervous to send memes to one another, and that is understandable. But just taking memes from some people’s blogs and never sending them makes people feel unwelcome or unneeded. Take a second and just send a meme every once in a while, you may end up with a new rp partner that you couldn’t live without.


What’s good!?I'm Christian but most people call me Chris.I'm 21 born and raised in sunny California but now I reside in Atlanta Georgia.I’m in college still got a few more semesters left.I work as a Basketball Coach for an elementary school.But once I graduate I might become a business man idk yet.Ummmm what else do you guys wanna know?Don’t be a Stranger 

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