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    One day we’ll have a 

            pretty wedding  and I’ll be your everything

                     We’ll be TOGETHER!   YES FOREVER! 

                             WE WILL NEVER BE APART!  

                  Oh you don’t know it yet but baby I’ve already

                                     GOT YOUR HEART!

Dumb Things My Boyfriend Says: The Never-ending Series

To be fair, a number of these were said under the influence.

Alright, most of them were said under the influence.

You wanted me blogging, Snow? You got it.

What a dork @snowscones

  • “Baz, look! Penny’s hair-ties are tangled and they look like ovaries.”
  • “I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna write an in-depth essay on the differences between nerd, dork, and geek.” 
  • “But what if we just put glitter on you one time and see what you look like if you did sparkle?”
  • “Your sweater doesn’t match my tail.” 
  • “You’re so pretty I could vomit.” 
  • “If you were a scone, I’d still date you. And eat you. Both.”
  • “If you were a scone, I’d marry you. And eat you.”
  • “If you were a scone, you’d be the best one!”
  • “If you were a scone”
  • “(Possibly choking up on tears) I can’t even say I’m falling for you because I have wings! I can’t really ever fall! I fly!”
  • “If I say your name really quickly it sounds like Bad Bitch! (Bursts into a fit of giggles)” 
  • “Bad Bitch”
  • “I’m in love with Bad Pitch - Bitch - frig -”
  • “I love you more than scones.” 

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Aesthetics based on any of the above fandoms

And Roleplaying Blogs (especially if you roleplay as a Zootopia character. My rp blog is @zootopiahustle)


941 West Lakeview Ave. 

Price: $55,000

The closing process for my new home is done, all of the moving has been taken care of & there is no more back and forth with the bank! Now that all of that is over, I am so happy to announce that my previous home is now up for sale! I hope that whoever moves in enjoys it as much as I did!

CC List: Sv Bedroom | Bungalow Windows | Stone wall | Craftsman Doors | Mirror Floors | Balcony | Villa Build Set | Wall Panel | Old Mill Ivy | Wallpaper | Plants | Plants 2 | Ceiling beams | Trees | Wood Floor | Modern Window | Veranka Doors | Altara Door | Tribecca Walls | Plants | Bathroom | Tub | Kitchen | Ceiling lights | Behr Wallpaper | Wallpaper 3 | Radiator | Boston Set | Stove hood | Wall lamp | Shelves | Sink |

You can see the furnished version here! (How it looked when I lived there)

Download (Unfurnished) - Mediafire

Download (Unfurnished) - SimFileShare

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Happy Sunday Kittens!

I just got home from getting my hair done at Roots by the infamous Miss Phaedra “Phaery Godmother” Phillips. She is a miracle worker and generally a bomb ass mama. She work so damn fast too tho like I was in and out just like that! Even had time to dye the hair to get the effect I showed her. I got my hair done for AfroPunk, and I managed to pick up some part time work as a steward. Won’t be no time in the week to get it done and I ain’t tryna have no busted up hair! 

Anyways, if you’re ever in Queens and need your hair to get LAID.. yeh. She the person to let rip on your tresses. If you need her number, let me know.

I’m off to go find something to wear next week. Might end up making something myself though.. Let’s go find a fabric store. 

Have a bomb Sunday boos x 

About Me

Hey guys! I just wanted to take some time and introduce myself to you all. 

My name is Carmen Sanders and I am a 23 year old Fashion Stylist & Wilhelmina model from the UK. In my free-time I love to shop and put together looks. I also really enjoy makeup and doing makeup tutorials! 

You may see me around Tumblr modeling for MAC-Cosimetics makeup line since I primarily work for them as a call-back model. However, I also model for various other companies as well!

I am a really fun and humble person who loves to just have a good time and meet new people. Feel free to message me whenever!