Well, Surprise! 💙👶🏽💖

Never thought I’d see this day for a while lol but here it is. I’m glad I decided to go to Cali with my lady @forthalola​ cause on the way there she dropped some news on me that our lives were changing mid flight lol Yeah Ya’ll are reading it right…another baby Kasiya is on the way! I always told my Pop & @caiokingdom​ that I wanted to have kids with someone I saw myself spending the rest of my life with, my Queen is definitely that woman. I hope she knows I’m gonna be waiting on her hand and foot until the pregnancy hormones have her snapping at me! I got late night craving runs, mood swings & pregnancy strength to look forward to haha  😂 I’m secretly praying for a girl😂

Ya’ll can breathe now @ethiopianzen @adoremissyro @fallfornique & @danaifromtheway lol


Yesterday’s Little Invasion…

Since Mek had Layla for part of the day, I decided to go invade his gallery since he was off! I had fun somewhat until his most annoying worker kept following me around trying to flirt with me, at that moment I knew it was time to go…Not before I bought a painting or two…Sorry @iammekennon I bought your Iverson painting, you slow you blow 😝


An ATTEMPT at Productivity 

Every time I try to be a little productive, my lovely fiance @otisbishop somehow causes a distraction. First it was a few pictures, then he dragged me back to the bed. We’re in another part of the city attempting to handle business/personal things, and we haven’t even started because of this… 

I ain’t complaining though. Not. At. All.

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  A humanoid being representing an anomaly to her own nature, whose self-assigned name is ‘Holly’. Currently working as ghost whisperer & dog walker. Fandomless RP blog.

~9 years EXP.
Multiverse & multiship.

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King & Diane from The Seven Deadly Sins

I colored these a while back for my awesome friend, @my-secret-sketchpad :) Kiane is her OTP and I also adore this couple, so I had a lot of fun coloring these. They are amazing characters and their love is just so pure!

P.S. I should mention that I made these for her and @x-strokeofmadness-x ‘s Kiane RP blog, @kianesfairyforest . So if you love Kiane, you should definitely go check them out! :)

Personal Muse Asks

😬 Greatest fear?
🐉 What triggers their past experiences? Certain words? Objects?
💀 How would the muse prefer to die if they were given a choice?
👻 If your muse became a ghost, who would be their go-to haunt?
😈 How would the muse react if one of their loved ones were hurt?
📹 What’s their saddest memory?
🔫 If given the chance to kill their lifelong enemy, would they do it?
🎥 What’s their worst memory?
🎲 What is their perspective on life? Do they find it fulfilling or dreadful?
🎰 Does the muse like to gamble? Are they addicted to it? How far would they go for bets?
🌙 Are they afraid of the dark?
🔮If they were able to see their future, would they do it?

Dear Connor Murphy

I’m so sorry about the whole computer lab thing. I swear I didn’t know you were there. That was just an assignment from my therapist, I’m supposed to write about why it’s going to be a good day. Even though it never is…

You seemed a like maybe you wanted to I don’t know be friends or something before you saw the letter. I’m so sorry if that wasn’t what you actually meant. But if you do want to maybe talk or something my locker is number 315 you could maybe leave me a letter or something.


Evan Hansen

next letter >>

Imagine Dragons Inspired M!A Angst Asks

Gold:Muse becomes awfully selfish and arrogant (if they aren’t already). Each time they touch anything or anyone, it turns to gold.

Believer: Muse feels an overwhelming pain, emotionally and physically

Walking the Wire: Muse is now afraid of heights and above ground level.(location is anon’s choice. Ex. Wireline, Skyscraper)

Dream: Muse begins to hallucinate their worst fears.

Roots: Muse finds themselves tied up. Asks must be answered truthfully or whatever is holding the muse down will grow tighter each time they lie.

Shots: Muse is given the option to shoot or be shot by the one they most care about.
Who We Are: Muse becomes dissociative to their personality not knowing their identity/who they are or memories.

Monster: Muse turns into a malevolent-looking creature of Mun’s decision.

Demons: Muse becomes possessed by a demon.

Nothing Left to Say: Muse becomes mute (if they are already, they can now speak).

Radioactive: Muse has been poisoned. 

Bleeding Out: Muse is now bleeding on Anon’s choice of location.

Round and Round: Muse has become horribly dizzy and can’t stand up without stumbling.

Hear Me: Muse is now deaf (if already deaf, they can now hear).

Hey there!
My dash is Dead with a capital D and I’m in search of blogs to follow/maybe become mutuals with, so if you post any of these, like or reblog this so I can follow you!

- Dead Space
- Fallout 4
- Skyrim
- movies
- witchcraft/occult
- writing
- oc stuff
- gaming in general
- rp blogs [ fandom or OC! ]


Little Miss Dancer Girl…

After taking care of some things at the bar I went to pick up my munchkin since it feels like I haven’t seen baby girl in forever! Once I walked in she immediately ran to me screaming and gave me a big hug (She’s strong for a 3 year old, I thought I was getting strangled) she wanted to take a whole bunch of pics cause she really liked her hair but I really wanted to get her home so she could see her room her Daddy & I worked so hard on. 5 mins turned into an hour cause she wanted to dance…Ya’ll see my face right! I didn’t mind at all though, I missed my little buttercup!

(Peep the photobomb by Konjit’s thighs)

Lookin for rp contacts and blogs

Heyo! This is my big grump lizard Mauci Dotharl  (twinsies with the npc in the steppes but i was first so i’ll have to fight him at some point..)

I’m looking for just about anything and everything, Discords, Linkshells, friends and blogs to follow for content and companionship. 

if you’d like to add me in-game i’m on Balmung and with the Garden of Words <<eden>> free company, have trouble hunting me down? we host weekly events you can attend and just ask one of our staff for me by name and i’ll come running! Here 


-Is tol

-Likes long walks on the beach

-Dog person

-big grump but also big squishy hug bear

-will get rid of the spider

-comes with instructions


-Big meanie

-Likes to bite in defense

-Will fight for triple triad cards

This is my 1st time making one of these so i have no idea what so ever on what to say so please reblog if you’re a ffxiv rp blog i’ll be sure to go through them all!!


BEAUTIFUL: The Carole King Musical

We are supposed to go see Phantom of the Opera / Wicked but i was late to buy ticket online and ticket sold out already, so I decide to give this one a try because Carole King give me that nostalgic feeling haha.

Glad to see these ladies again. Especially Cara who tried to slap me via twitter yesterday because i was ignoring her phone calls few times haha.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

@caratempelton @daja-nae @itsmishamisha

Bet y’all thought this country ass city boy was gone fo’ good right? Haaa. Naw mane. Ya boy been busy as fuck these past few months smh. Hella shit been goin’ on; some good, some crazy, a little bit of everything forreal. Of course only the strongest survive…

Went back to Texas for a bit to catch up with fam but I’m finally a New York resident fo’ good… Just signed up to finish off this degree in Culinary Arts, gone be a teacher and shit, need to be close always now. New whip, new crib… I even got me a new Shawty haha. Yeaa mane, that shit happened. I told y’all some crazy shit been poppin’ off. I’m really diggin’ lil ma so we’ll see how this will go. 

Gone make some breakfast then chill out. I’m off this weekend and the new Call of Duty beta just came out last night so if I don’t respond you are gettin’ ignored, haaa.

Aye wassup I’m Rakeem 👋🏽😅

I’m from Cali, where basically everyone rocks Supreme and Vans. I’m currently living in Toronto with my cuzzo. I really, really, really like food. I guess you can call me a foodie. I’m single n’ shit and I’m very friendly, so don’t be afraid to hit me up 😉. I grew up in Long Beach wit my moms and pops, which are still chillin down there. I have 2 sisters. My older sister’s kicking it in L.A, my younger sister’s still in high school in Long Beach. I really want to make music, but as of now, I’m a model. I like to party too, so if you in the Six (Toronto), hmu. I know some nice ass clubs to go to 😝. Feel free to message me if ya wanna know me better. I respond to messages, dont worry 🤘😉