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Hero Flug AU

You know what, I’m sure this already exists and is really cool, BUT WHATEVER.

Did I mention Aurora and I don’t sleep? This is what happens when we don’t sleep.

So Flug is raised as a super hero cause he was born to heroes, blah blah, rp headcannons, don’t ask.

But he doesn’t have any powers. He just never got them. So instead he decides to go the Batman route and make cool power like gadgets.

He is “The Valedictorian” cause his parents shot down “Plane Man” like a rocket. Black Hat doesn’t like it and just calls him “Vale” most fights.

He’s Black Hat’s main hero. (They hate flirt like no one’s business)

“Time to give you a detention!”

“I think you should be expelled"

“Cutting class again, Black hat?”

“Looks like you’ve failed again, Black hat!”

He tries very hard to sound and look tough but he’s insecure af.

Mostly from his lack of powers and how much he’s compared to his super parents (now deiced). He feels like he lets everyone down and cries himself to sleep most nights.

Finally, it’s one of the “final showdown” fights. The city is in ruins, people are starting to boo Flug, wanting a real hero with real powers.

On top of a large tower, Black Hat stands watching the world burn at his hand, when Flug shows up, a tattered, shaking, crying mess.. With a bag on his head.

Black Hat was ready for a real hero VS villain climatic showdown. Heck he was PUMPED. however, it’s clear his hero is not.

Black Hat ends up sitting with Flug on the floor, explaining how he has killed many heroes, and Flug is the first one he found interesting enough to keep alive. Even going so far as to call Flug “my hero”


TL;DR - Can anyone help me figure out the ‘unspoken rules’ of RPing on Tumblr? 

I RP irl and I used RP on a website called chatango but I’ve never done it on here and I’ve been wanting to for YEARS but I’ve been too nervous 

I’m really into Hellsing Ultimate atm and am extremely hoping to be able to get my hands on a Seras Victoria costume (so first, if you or anyone you know is looking to get rid of their’s - I am extremely interested cause all the ones online range from $60 - $70 and that’s not baddd but also I don’t have a job atm sooo ^^’ heheh.. ehh) But! I have been looking at a TON of Hellsing blogs lately and I LOVE Father Alexander Anderson (I have a thing for crazy blondes) and I found AN ACTIVE HELLSING FATHER ANDERSON RP BLOG (i wish i was brave enough to tag them in this but -sigh- they’re just so cool..) so I’m super stoked about that but he’s been RPing on here for years and agh he’s soo good at it I don’t want to embarrass myself or waste his time. 

I have quite a few RP Characters (considering I’ve been RPing since I was like 12 and I’m 19 now) but…I don’t know which would be good to use universally - like which one could fit into ANYTHING. also I’m worried about being problematic because i have a terrible habit of giving my characters rough backgrounds and self destructive tendencies and aghhh tumblr is the worst place for a person to actually be tumblr-y (?) aghh anyway 

ALSO I don’t know if I’m supposed to message them FIRST and be like: “Hi I’m interested in doing an RP with you - if you’re interested lets talk about what we want to happen?” or if I can just randomly send a starter in their Ask Box? 

I know that I’ll make a separate blog for the character(s) so I’ll just have to toggle back and forth between this blog and that one if i ever figure out what character(s) to put on there… :/ 

Aghhh I dunno 


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hey! so im just curious.. you're doing three different dnd campaigns that are somehow related?

sort of?

two of them definitely are. box o’ rox is the main campaign and the one we’ve been spending the most time on. the flower children were involved in what was technically a two-shot, so they’re done for now, though they may come back in the future. that two-shot also started in the same in-game week as the box o’ rox.

monster factory hasn’t begun yet–it’ll likely be a one/two-shot as a break after we finish the first leg of box o’ rox to figure out what’ll happen to them next–but it’s not directly related to either the rox or the flowers.

most of the connections happen to be tangentially through NPCs, though there’s a few exceptions…

it, uh. it would take a while to lay out how everything is connected, we’ve been spending many, many hours on this, lmao. and we’ve been MEANING to get the group’s tumblr set up….. (squints at bae……..)

open to everyone // aubree&.

“You want to know what I really think about this piece?” she asked turning to the person standing next to her in the gallery. “They are trying to hard,” Aubree stated simply. “Now, I’m not an expert in this art, animation is more my style. Structural animation, actually. But this just feels like… I’m trying hard to suck up to the professor to get a good grade,” she looked back at the painting. “Searched too hard for the meaning of life and tried to hard to imitate Picasso’s Blue period but just couldn’t seem to get the figures to work out like that. Those brush strokes, amateur really, I mean do you see how messy they are?” she looked back at the stranger. It was weird that she was saying all of these things, she normally wasn’t so vocal, but this piece spoke to her in all of the wrong ways. 

Cleaning up my Blog!

I’ve recently gotten into a new MMO! With that I’m cleaning up my personal blog and shifting all my Final Fantasy posts that are RP relevant or screenshot relevant to a new clean blog! I figure I should also mention my other blogs for the MMOs I’m currently attached to:

Final Fantasy 14: The Siren’s Bounty

For all things Wildstar: Aurin of the W.I.L.D.

For my WoW Tauren Tribe:The Shadowhoof Tribe

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☀ What's your rp pet peeve?

[[ RP pet peeves. Oh boy.. well let’s do it this way.. my own version of Grind’s My Gears. It’s called Makes My Blood Boil. Alright, let’s do this! ]]

1. People that tell you that you can’t RP THAT - You know what makes my blood boil? Have you ever had someone read your trp or actually ask you “ Hey, do you rp such and such?” Only to have them tell you that, “ Oh you can’t play that or you can’t do that because blah blah blah.” RP is about creativity and using your head to create literature and interaction. Now, I’m not going to say they are always right in their choices, I’ve been there. But, please, I beg of you.. don’t be the person that judges someone based off their choice, perhaps they simply need and educated reevaluation on their choice? And if they don’t want that, then just walk away.. They don’t owe you anything just like you owe them nothing. RP is a choice, from the interaction to the very detail of your character.

2. The constant type - Wanna’ know what makes my blood boil? Those that choose to make it 100% about sexual rp or about a single type. ( I mainly say sexual rp because ERP seems to be the number one topic. )) In RP, I’m a believer of realism, and doing just a single type of RP isn’t realistic, even in a fantasy world such as Azeroth. I generally tend to go with the flow and see where it takes me. Some of my characters can be easily guessed while other times, I won’t know it until the situation happens. Naturally, I’m a realist, which brings me to number 3!

[[ Please pardon my language ]]

3. The use of real world lingo in Azeroth - You wanna’ to know what boils my blood? Have you ever seen something in the rp community that just doesn’t belong? I have.. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. But, when I have to read people’s characters using the term ‘edgelord’ or perhaps something on the demeaning side such as 'cuck’ Why use slang and butcher something that is considered an art and hobby to some? In my opinion, it insults their character and themselves. Out of character does not equal In character, but that doesn’t mean Real world equals fictional world.

[ You may not agree with everything I’ve said, but don’t hate, just breath and walk away. Opinions! Thank you @kelzthalassunwhisper ! Apologies if I sounded aggressive XD ]

Finding Purpose


She felt him start moving her hair and she whimpered and began to shiver. She resisted every urge to pull away like she normally did and let him see and feel it. This wasn’t an area that she let people touch, especially because it was her most sensitive. Droplets of tears fell into the already soaked pillow and she nodded her head. “M-more of like a rope burn..a s-severe one..b-been strangled a few times and he got a bit rough..I..I almost died t-three times..” Her voice was low and shaky, as if each word pained her more to let out. She tried her best to block them out but it was hard when she had to look herself in the mirror every day. If this wasn’t a sign of severe trust she didn’t know what was. She firmly placed a hand on his leg to keep herself calm but it didn’t work. If he had moved her hair he’d see the terrified look that she had when the spy was there, but she was trying to prove that she could be strong when it came down to it.

He didn’t touch it much after she began to shiver, but he got a good idea at how severe it was. He didn’t know if any of his remedies would help it fade any or not let alone take the shine away. As he listened to her tell her story behind the burn, he narrowed his eyes. The man that was her father was a demon, nothing more. His eyes shifted to his leg when she grabbed it then back to her scar. Just as easily as he moved her hair out of the way, he reached around and grabbed it once again, gently spreading it out to cover the scar almost entirely. He then put an arm around her shoulders and gently hugged her. “That’ll be enough of that for one day. Thank you for letting me see it.” he stated, referring to him examining her scar.