Perhaps the most intelligent and moving thing the creators of Yuri!!! on Ice could have done to explain Victor as a character is the ending of Ep.10. Call it a plot twist if you like, but it was nothing short of brilliant writing.

Put aside Victor’s interest in Yuri. Put aside Yuri and Victor as a couple. Put aside the rings for a moment. Just take Victor.

A Victor who has never really lived for anything but skating and surprising the audience. A Victor who has never loved his life, not truely. A Victor who is bored with perfection, bored with the routine of competitions and maybe even his own talent. A Victor who goes out drinking while on competitions to assuage the emptiness and toll skating has taken on his young life, feeling that 20 years is too much time lost to start again.

But then there’s suddenly another Victor. One that has been dormant inside him for so long.

A Victor who sees Yuri, a talented skater incapable of really embracing his talent, become the life of the party. A Victor who abandons his princely throne to dance with Yuri. A Victor who is surprised. Surprised by a skater who moves him to think of something outside of himself and his own talent and performance. A Victor who thinks that, maybe, there might finally be a reason for all his hard work. That maybe those 20 years aren’t lost but we’re preparation for something more. A Victor who, finally, loves skating.

This is the Victor I’ve been waiting to see.

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You feel a tug on your sleeve for a moment before you find yourself being held onto by the waist, something starts grinding against you and you feel something hard rubbing and poking you as it happens along with whining and whimpering.

Seven grinned. “Do you… Need something?” He feigned ignorance.


Wendy was pretty calm threw the whole process of getting the arm fitted. She was grinning like an idiot though. As soon as they had finished all the testing and she had full control of it she excitedly grabbed the case she had brought with her and pulled out her banjo. And after what was probably the quickest tuning she had probably ever done she started playing like a mad woman.


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You better make miqo'te/elezen babies with Bee. I wanna be an uncle.

Zephirin looked at the scrawled missive before him.  A blonde eyebrow raised as he reread it yet again.  He sighed and set it on the desk before him.  Certainly not the first of it’s nature to cross his desk and he suspected not the last though this one…  He pinched the bridge of his nose as he thought again who could have sent this one.  Surely someone close to him.  Though was it one of his brothers in arms?  Grinnaux? Paulecrain?  The very thought left a slight tremor tear through him.  The thoughts of some of his brothers in arms bearing baby gifts, or what they thought were baby gifts.

“They’d have the child armed to the teeth before it could even walk,” he mumbled quietly.  He shook his head slightly, “Save Charibert… he won’t come anywhere near our child given his well noted distaste for my choice of a wife.  Though perhaps because of that I must needs be more careful around him.”

No, someone else perhaps? A blood relation? With no signature he was unable to put a face to this missive.  Zephirin shook his head and moved to the next letter in the pile with a vow to speak to certain parties on the morrow and determine the letter’s sender.

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