13 Horror Movie AU’s

All of these AU’s/plots are based (sometimes roughly) on plots of horror films both new and old. Choose one from the list or send !!! for a randomly generated one.

A Nightmare on Elm Street – both of our muses are stuck in a dream together, surrounded by horrific images and near death experiences.

The Amityville Horror – while strange things are happening in our muses’ home, one of them starts to behave aggressively towards the other.

Lights Out – whenever our muses turn out the lights, something evil appears. Can they evade it long enough to escape, or find a way to defeat it?

Sinister – our muses find strange videos hidden in the house, but once they watch the disturbing images on them, strange things start to happen.

Ju On – after trespassing a supposedly haunted house, our muses are stalked by an eerie figure.

Cabin in the Woods – while camping/staying in a cabin, our muses unleash a curse and have to escape from a terrifying monster/spirit.

The Omen – our muses have a child, but when that child starts to behave wickedly, they worry that there’s something evil at work.

Chucky – our muses find a creepy doll that – surprise! - comes to life and is trying to kill them.

The Exorcist – one of our muses has become possessed by a demon. Bonus if the other muse is a priest trying to cast them out.

Let the Right One In – one of our muses is a vampire and finally decides to tell their friend: the other muse.

The Thing – a shapeshifter is loose and on the hunt, and now our muses aren’t sure if the other is really who they say they are.

The Purge – on a night when all crime is legal, our muses become partners to do something illegal.

The Blair Witch Project – our muses get lost in the woods and can’t find their way out. To make things worse, they’re hunted by something sinister.

anonymous asked:

(this is a question for Edd, Matt, and Tom) Matt are you still a vampire? tom do you still turn into a monster? and Edd do you still have a little bit of power?

Matt: I dont know… Why dont you come closer and find out…

Tom: Monster what…?

((this is not canon to the plot at all,,, i just wanted to draw monster boiis))

Birthday starters!

“Happy birthday!”

“Is there birthday cake?”

“I usually spend my birthdays with pizza”

“Are this many candles a fire hazard?”

“Congratulations on being a year older”

“I think my dog ate your gift”

“Guess what I’ve bought you this year”

“It may be my birthday today”

“I’m now a year closer to death”

“I don’t want to be reminded that I’ve gotten older”

“This has to be the worst gift you’ve received”

“Are there party bags?”

“I don’t have enough candles for your cake anymore”

“I should have bought a ‘Merry Christmas’ card”

“You have to make a wish”

“What are the point of birthdays?”

“Well done on surviving another whole year”

“I hate birthdays”

“Don’t you dare wish me a happy birthday”

“I bought you a children’s cake”

“You’re getting the most expensive birthday gift this year”

“Why do we burn wax on top of a pile of sugar to celebrate existing?”

“Where’s my present?”