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♥ — Hug my muse!

♦ — Kiss my muse on the forehead!

♣ — Tickle my muse!

♠ — Massage my muse’s shoulders!

◘ — Stroke my muse’s hair!

♪ — Rub my muse’s back!

♫ — Kiss my muse’s neck!

☼ — Hold my muse’s hand! 

► — Lay your head in my muse’s lap!

▲ — Share a blanket with my muse!

◄ — Pull my muse to sit in your lap!

▼ — Share a bath/shower with my muse (writer or sender’s choice!)

✿ — To put a flower in my muses hair!

★ — To lean on my muse’s shoulder!

♫ — To sing to my muse!

skullinacowboyhat  asked:

Question 41 for Sekka!

41 -  What does your character do when they’re angry? Why?

Sekka is a very angry person yes. What she’ll do depend on the degree and reason of why she’s pissed off.

It can go from being grumpy and deadly glares, then she’ll start yelling very loudly for someone so small, and then… become utterly terryfing. It’s probably better not to get her angry… She won’t hesitate to punch you if pushed to hard. No really. She punches harder than you would think. Don’t get her mad.

…And then there’s Harkniss …


Prompto keeps showing me pictures of Noct and chocobos. The common theme? Apparently Noct is really bad at getting on them.

Still no word about the car, but at least everyone’s having fun. Prompto’s doing a good job keeping everyone distracted. We really needed a break, but I wish it had been under different circumstances.


“Nhaama heed me, for I am at crossroad again. As a woman of the Steppe, roads have no meanings to me, and yet I do not think I can stray from them any longer.”

“…Where do I start?”

((You know what that means, folks. RP recap under the cut. This one got long ‘cause I was having trouble writing it for a few weeks and there was a lot to catch up on. ;u;))

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S T E L L I F E R O U S    
                                        1.full of stars

Stars shine with their own purpose and with identity. We here at Stelliferous believe that every individual is a rising star in their own world, their own verse, body, face, character need not have to live with a label, but yet with a spark. Stars are seen in every sky, the same sky we all admire at the end of the day. So lets live like the stars, full of dreams and full of life.

Stelliferous is an open directory which accepts any roleplayers from any verse. Whether they are General, Au, Semi-au or Oc allowing three muses of each face claim; and whether they write in literate, illiterate or para forms. We accept them all. The sky has no limit. So why should we? 

NOTE: The directory will ONLY continue any official activities after atleast 10 applications. So you better start applying quickly as there are of course limited spaces available for each face claim.

                                    GUIDELINES - MASTERLIST - APPLY

okay, so after an astounding amount of votes, we will not be adding a cap !! however, we are currently looking for a compromise for those who aren’t fond of big rps, so if you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to let us know !! the vote was 26 vs. 16. you may find the screenshot under the cut. thanks to everyone who voted !! more announcements for blossomhq’s best day ever should be made soon !!

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automatonic-soul  asked:

Snippets simply watches the "abomination" from a distance. She wonders if it feels pain, or like her, cant feel anything.

Omega just kept looking around, exploring every nook and cranny he could in the area he was in, and didn’t notice Snippets at all.

But someone did.

“Don’t be shy, he doesn’t bite~” Kaiser said in a smooth tone from where he was sitting on a boulder, watching his “little” subject as he explored. He also couldn’t help but chuckle at his own joke. Perhaps he’ll make Omega mutate another mouth…