Your name is MEDEIS POVOIR, and you are BORED OUT OF YOUR SKULL.

You are a military prodigy in the ALTERNIAN NAVY, and have been awarded THREE MEDALS for your service to the empire. For this you have been commercially branded as an ALL ALTERNIAN HERO.

However, as things currently stand, you are performing the duties of a GLORIFIED BABY SITTER. Not only do you have to stand guard over an ABDICATED HEIRESS to the Alternian throne who resides within a sunken city ruin, but you also have to deal with your EASILY BORED HELMSMAN who cannot stop bothering you and your NAVIGATION’S EXPERT for hours on end. The only good thing about your post is the REFUELING VESSEL, which only appears every six sweeps. Even your HYDRA LUSUS seems to be having more fun than you are just swimming in the waters below your parked BATTLE-CRUISER.

You have been thinking very carefully about asking the EMPRESS for a reassignment, or perhaps a mercy culling by her hand.

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Things Within: Part 4

The morning air of the Shroud had a surprisingly bitter bite to it, especially for this far south. Clearly the front that had swept in from the north was not eager to retreat to the wintry peaks and the normal, warm air of the forest morning had yet to return.  

It was this chill that had K’rick wrapped in a large, patchwork, bear-fur.  His walking stick clacked over the dew-soaked dirt of the main south road and it made a small, repetitive clacking noise as he moved.  Around him a few birds trilled their mornings songs.

The miqo’te was quiet as he went, thinking about all sorts of matters.  It was due to this preoccupation of his mind that he didn’t see the bandits until they were upon him.

In an instant of bursting foliage and shouting, a band of brigands emerged from the heavy undergrowth around the road. Two elezens stood near the trees and leveled bows at K’rick and Martin while another pair drew swords behind the necromancer.  A fifth, clearly the leader, walked towards them with a blunderbuss aimed at K’rick’s chest.

“Well good morning to you traveler!” the leader said, the low part of his face hidden behind a red scarf.  All the bandits had wrapped their faces in scarves and each wore a red hood over their brown leathers.  K’rick tightened his hands around his walking stick and took a deep breath.

“It is a morning.” K’rick replied, gazing nervously around.  “Though the ‘good’ part of it has recently ceased to be.” This reply caused the leader to laugh.

“Indeed.  Well, I’ll make you a deal then my old friend.  You and your companion there can part with your valuables and we’ll be on our way and you can be on yours.  Sound ‘good’ to you?” the man patted his firearm in a good-humored manner and K’rick nodded.  The necromancer pulled out his gil purse and tossed it at the leader’s feet.  The man knelt to inspect the gil.

“Not bad, old fellow, not bad. Toss down your bags though.”  

K’rick willed Martin, whose head and face were covered by a large hood and heavy scarf, to drop the camping supplies onto the earth.  One of the bandits with a sword walked over and began to inspect the pots and pans.

“And toss the satchels ye got.”  The leader said, pointing at K’rick.  The grey-haired miqo’te licked his lips.  

“These…these are my books and such. Surely you wouldn’t part a scholar from his books.”

“I would.” The leader admitted with a shrug. “Books sell for a lot to the right bloke and with all them adventures up in Gridania, I can fetch me a pretty coin. Them too.”

K’rick swallowed.  His books were one of a kind. Tomes made from years of twisted research and dark discovery and the rituals and spells within were his and his alone.  Further, the ‘Inevitable Skull’ ,along with other totems and implements of his craft, were inside.  These were irreplaceable items and no mere collection of bandits would gain such priceless treasures.

“Ah, I see.” K’rick drove the spiked end of his staff deep into the dirt and then began to unsling his satchels.  He held one in each hand and offered them to the leader.  “I’d advise you take them, they are somewhat fragile.”

The leader, feeling at ease from K’ricks’ seeming wiliness to cooperate, stepped forward to take the satchels in one hand.  As his hand was reaching out, K’rick’s eyes looked deep at the leader’s own.  

“Send Thal my regards.” K’rick whispered as he suddenly dropped his bags.  His left hand seized the muzzle of the firearm and pointed it down.  The leader fired in impulse and the blast blew a crater in the dirt.  Simultaneously, K’rick’s other hands seized the hand the leader had stretched out for the bags. K’ricks eyes began to glow a dull, twisted green.  The leader began to scream in agony as his flesh, muscles, clothes and bone began to rot as if infected by some hideous disease.  It spread up the arm quickly.  The leader struggled frantically but K’rick’s grip was freakishly strong.  In a  matter of seconds, the leader’s entire body was rotted and diseased and he felt to the ground, twitching as black puss oozed from his broken skin.

As the leader had died, Martin had moved to protect K’rick.  The massive flesh-golem had seized the nearby bandits with the sword in his massive hands. With ease, Martin had hurled the screaming sword-bandit through the air at one of the two bow-wielding highwaymen. The flying bandit slammed into his bow-wielding counterpart and they smashed against a tree truck with a wet, smacking noise.  Both bodies fell to the earth in a fountain of bloody mist.  

The two remaining bandits were wide-eyed in terror.  The remaining swordsman turned to flee but Martin stormed after him.

K’rick’s eyes rose from the rotting thing convulsing at his feet and watching as the remaining archer loosed his arrow. It flew towards the mmiqo’te but then exploded in a rain of splinters.  Something blue and whispery flew around K’rick now.

The thing had black, hollow eyes, and a huge, cavernous maw like a jack-o-lantern.  It sputtered and danced as it raced through the air leaving a trail of blue smoke as it went.  The soul of the freshly dead leader now served the necromancer, having been plucked from the dying body just before Thal could claim his due.  Now, the spirit was inside this world as a mindless slave. Blood from the rotting body coated the wisp’s teeth.  It was from this blood that the ethereal being gained the ability to interact with the physical plane.  Without blood to act as a coating, the dead ghost could never harm a thing.  

The archer turned to flee.  K’rick willed his wisp to chase down the archer and tear out his throat.  In a flash, the ghost dove after its former ally and the sounds of wet, gargling death spilled from the woods a moment later.  

Then the necromancer waved his hand and allowed the leader’s soul to fade into Thal’s realm with his allies.

The vile green glow in K’rick’s eyes abated and he exhaled slowly as he bent to retrieve his bags.  

Martin had returned, a sword and arrow sticking from his chest.  The dead swordsman was now in two parts, one in each of the Martin’s ichor-drenched hands. K’rick nodded and the flesh-golem dropped his load before reaching over and retrieving the camping supplies. They would need to clean the bags later but for now, they needed to move.

Using powers like K’rick’s left a very noticeable mark on the world and there were many inside the Shroud that would notice the use of such magics.  

Eager to put distance between himself and this fresh carnage, K’rick took his staff and began his southerly course once more, this time at a much faster pace.

Amanessa Pt. 2: Sharing- A Guide for Gypsies and Witches Who Aren’t Good At It

(Continued from Pt. 1!)

Ama stepped out of the tub, and for a few seconds, Rin forgot she was frustrated. With dirty clothes and caked on mud washed away, she stood there, stark and gorgeous. Rin felt her heart pulse.

Thankfully, Ama asked to borrow a shirt from Rin, which gave the younger woman a chance to collect and set the grimy armor outside where its stench could harm no one. When she returned, Ama had not yet grabbed a shirt and was still looking at her scarves, blissfully topless. The two returned to friendly conversation, but Ama could feel the shift the mood.

“I know you’re frustrated.” She bluntly stated, sighing while beginning to scrub her scarves clean. “I’m sorry for causing it. I know this was all sudden and unexpected. All I could think of when I left for home was making sure you were okay… ” Ama’s lips pursed, hands pausing their scrubbing. “I was worried about leaving so suddenly and I didn’t want you to think you’d lost your friend or that I’d abandoned you in some way. I know what it’s like to be abandoned… not fun, aye?” She chuckled, returning to her scarves. “So I came  to you right away. Until I’m called again, I can help you with your shop. Shava is in the woods hunting… ski she wont eat the merchandise… or your furniture. I might though.”

Rin forced a smile. “Well, yer help and yer company are welcome, regardless of the consequences.”

“Thank you, Rin.”

After a pause of consideration, Rin spoke up. “I’m not angry with ye for leaving. It did kind of hurt when ye vanished without a word, though.” Her eyes were trained on the floor. “I’m not trying to be selfish or needy. I just want to be a real part of yer life, Ama. I guess I felt like a guest that is only part of the fringes of yer life.”

Anger was the reaction Amasheri was used to. Hatred, even tears, screaming or outright silence. But quiet acceptance and the want to be involved…? No, this was new. The gypsy licked her lips, pale eyes averted to the side suddenly. Guilt wasn’t an emotion she was used to, nor handled well. She didn’t know if she should be angry with it, or let the upset curdle her stomach and draw out her emotions.

Swallowing, Amasheri let out a small sigh. “I don’t think my life is meant for good hearts like yours, Rin…” She admitted quietly, giving in and letting her shoulders slump. “But you are a part of my life… A good part. One I don’t want the Hellwolf to destroy.”

Rin bowed her head, understanding where Ama was coming from. “I get it. I know ye’re not just the sassy, free-spirited woman I get to see. I know there is that part of ye I don’ see… that Hellwolf.” Even the name she gave herself made Rin nervous.

She did not want to let nervousness get the best of her. “Ye’re the only person I want around the way I do,” she admitted. She stepped up to her friend, ignoring her toplessness to meet her eyes. “I don’ want ye afraid to let me in. I want the chance to be there for all of ye. I get that may not be something ye can offer me.” Disappointment touched her tone.

“I guess I just want to work on that. But I also won’ force my way into those parts of yer life.” She rubbed her arm, feeling awkward at what had unintentionally monologued. “So… yeah.”

“You don’t want to see that part… I don’t want to see that part!” She huffed in frustration. Why did the girl have to be so agreeable? Why did she have to understand? That just made it harder to protect her, keep her out at a safe distance… crush the small flicker of emotions that stuttered her heart and made her want to pull the woman into her arms and not let go– NO!!

Amasheri was trapped between wanting to shake sense into the tiny witch, tell her she didn’t want to be that close to her, that she was cursed to lose everyone she brought close, and simply bolting out the door. But that disappointment, the way Rin looked up at her. Amasheri couldn’t leave.

Instead, the gypsy gave another frustrated sigh, folding her arms over her chest and clenching her jaw. “I –” She stopped, mouth agape and not sure what to really say at this moment. “I’m sorry…” The gypsy finally copped out, giving the only answer that seemed to work for now.

Awkwardly, Amasheri reached over and gave Rin’s shoulder a gentle squeeze, trying to be reassuring, even smiling softly. “I like you, Rin. I don’t… I don’t want to hurt you, or see you hurt… I just… it’s…” She frowned. “You know what, how about that shirt, hmm? It’s a bit chilly without one. Afterwards we can go dance on the roof.”

Sometimes it felt like Rin was clicking with Ama. It felt like progress was made, and then she inevitably ran into a wall. She just wanted to be as close as she could be to Ama; what did she have to do to earn that chance?

Rin was disappointed, but what more could she do for the night? Ama almost gave her a window to make another case, but then the subject was changed. She sighed; maybe another time.  "Aye, we can get ya somethin. I think I have a long shirt that might e'en cover that bottom of yers. Then… I’d love t’ dance with ye again.“ At least things felt simpler dancing with her.

Amasheri felt like cad. Rin’s disappointment was almost palpable, and each look the girl gave her felt like a punch in the gut. Rin seemed so innocent. A sweet heart, shy demeanor, trusting and understanding. Briefly, the gypsy wondered if she herself had ever once seen the world the same as Rin did. If she had ever been as innocent, Amasheri couldn’t remember it.

"I have my scarves…” she managed quietly, smiling and giving a small wriggle of her hips to show her rear was mostly covered, though Rin would point out that mostly still left plenty on display for Ama. It seemed a hollow jest even to her. Gods dammit, why can’t I do this right?! she cursed to herself, chewing her lip with her teeth before giving in and heaving a large sigh.

“Rin… listen… I like you, alright? I truly do. I’m an arse at showing it, I always have been. This time it’s different though. I don’t want to hurt you in any way… and I know I’ll just end up doing that, or worse….” she ruffled a tattooed hand through her hair, looking to the tub. “I’m cursed, Rin. Not–” she waved a hand at the bite on her side. “– this curse… I mean cursed.” Her shoulders slumped beneath the admission, pale gaze following and dipping to her own feet.

“I just dont want to lose you too.”

It was like watching Ama fight herself internally. She wanted Rin to know how much she cared, but she was too scared to care as much as she did. The way she just looked defeated when she called herself cursed broke Rin’s heart.

Sighing, the young woman moved closer to her redheaded friend and placed a hand on her cheek. “Ye’re not gonna lose me, Ama.” Her smile was weak, but sincere. “Don’t ye know witches are good at handling curses?” It was a lame witch joke even Roxlyn would have been proud of.

Amasheri froze beneath the warmth of Rin’s hand, pale eyes watching her friend with quiet intensity. Emotions warred within her, struggling to dominate the other and come to voice. The gypsy’s internal battle pinched her features, though she didn’t flinch away from that palm, even managing a small smile at the witch joke.

“I’m not just gonna run or leave. I like ye, too.” Her hand was still on Ama’s cheek, feeling her warmth. “I like ye a lot. I… Ama, I have never liked someone like I like ye.” Rin felt almost guilty admitting it after all Ama had gone through, but the admission slipped.

In truth it stopped Amasheri’s heart. The idea of being liked the way she had claimed warmed the gypsy. She longed for that affection, craved it. I like a rare gem the gypsy treasures what love she could get, clutching to others with desperate fingers. And yet like sand, each one slipped through, falling away with pieces of her in tow.

And that’s what stopped her. Fear coiled its icy fingers about the remains of her heart, freezing her tongue and stealing the breath in her lungs. Amasheri was terrified of that witches warning. You’re not blessed by the gods, girl. Ye be cursed by ‘em! Ye lose all ye ever love. Always alone. By yer own hand or theirs, they’ll always leave… or die.

Embarrassed, Rin pulled her hand away and folded her arms. “M-maybe we’re both a wee bit taxed tonight. Forget I said anythin. Sorry.”

Rins hand moved before the gypsy could jerk away, swallowing heavily and forcing air into her lungs. Rins embarrassment added a different twinge of fear. That fear of loss– “No!” She blurted out abruptly,  reaching for the girls hand. “No… not forgetting. And no sorry.” She struggled to say more, brows furrowing harshly. “Never apologize for what you say and feel. Not to anyone, especially me. I just… need time….”

Amasheri’s hand took Rin’s own and the young witch froze, meeting her friend with wide, uncertain eyes. Rin was upset with herself for putting her own feelings ahead of Amasheri’s feelings. The girl had just ended her engagement, so the last thing she needed was Rin blurting out a confession.

Time. Ama needed time. That was understandable. It made sense that she would need time to sort herself out and decide what she wanted. “Okay.”

Ama’s hold on Rin’s hand remained desperately firm as Rin’s acceptance echoed in her mind. There was no argument, no tears, no shoving out the door. Just a reassuring breath and the simplest,  strongest word Amasheri had ever heard. 'Okay’.

She was just coming to terms with that quiet acceptance when the warmth of Rins lips found her own. Amasheri froze in surprise beneath the lingering press of that kiss, eyes widening. This was no the first kiss they had shared,  though she was only marginally more clothed than the last time. No, this one held something else to it. It wasn’t the fast, friendship styled kiss Ama had classified the first one under, no, this one was loving and warm.

Rin pulled away and nodded, feeling her cheeks pinken. “Take whatever time you need. Like I promised, I’ll be here. We can figure things out together one way or another, but only when you’re ready.”

Rin stepped away but kept Ama’s hand in her own. “So what do you say we share one dance beneath the stars before we go to bed?”

Ama could still taste the girl on her lips,  feeling her heart drumming harder and harder within her chest, the sudden heat as her own cheeks flushed scarlet, swallowing her freckles in a sea of red that almost rivaled her hair.

“Huh?” Ama blinked, coughing softly. “Dance?- oh! Uh, yes… that would be good. Besides, there’s more for you to learn, aye? But maybe I’ll nick a top from you first. This looks like a nice neighborhood and having a gypsy in it is considered bad enough; having a half naked one might start a street war.” She smiled, thinking a moment before giving a tug on Rin’s hand to pull the girl in tight against her, deciding 'why the hell not?

She held for a moment, briefly wondering if this was a good idea. It didn’t last. Impulse spurred the gypsy on, drawing Rin into a strong, passionate kiss.

Rin was already flushed from her act of boldness, but she was starting to come down from the emotional moment. She was not expecting the tight embrace or the heated kisses on her lips. Her breath caught in her throat and her heart skipped as she melted when faced with Ama’s fire. How could she resist? The woman brought heat to her blood and made it harder to think. She did not want to think. It was a moment she wanted to lose herself in.

And so she did.

open to - f - connection - girl he’s seeing. 

Stifled breath as his frame shook, sitting up right instantly as he caught his breath mid scream, sweat beading down his forehead once he came about to realise where he was and that it was just a dream. Though the reality wasn’t any prettier, it caused a tug in his chest to realise that the events of the pictures in his mind actually happened and weren’t filled with happiness and joy, though that would have stung just as much. Any memory of his mother caused glistening to form in his icy blue orbs– she’d been gone for twelve years, but the pain was like a knife through his heart every time he thought of her. His hand slipped over his face as he exhaled a breath, anxiety causing his body to tremble as his eyes crumpled shut trying hard to concentrate long enough to steady his breathing. The day had rolled around again, something that he didn’t want to think about, but it was a permanent reminder in his life on a daily basis the fact that she was no longer here. Jess was positive that with his attitude, the way he was that he would end up lonely for the rest of his life– something his Mother was certain would never happen if he allowed people to see him for what he really was like, the vulnerable side of him that disappeared the second she did. The thought crossed his mind throughout the chaotic process that he wasn’t alone, that she’d stayed over the night before and although there was an empty space next to him– navy silk sheets pulled back and wrinkled, he had to admit he missed the comfort. It was a strange sensation, Jess feeling the way he did for someone, wanting them around for anything other than racy forms of intimacy but this was different. He craved her touch, even if it was holding her hand, or pulling her close to him. The taste of her lips against his own, the way she would cuddle into his chest when she fell asleep. He wanted to protect her from everything and everyone, and she was the most important thing in his entire world. 

The one thing that scared him was that she didn’t know the half of it. Details of his past and the reason he was so out of place today wasn’t to her knowledge. The words were physically painful to say, it was almost as if his throat seized up in the attempt to get it out, his bodies way of protecting himself from the hurt it caused and the vulnerability he was allowing himself to feel. There was a small amount of items that he kept that were his parents– one from his mother, and one from his father. A leather jacket, that was a fraction too big for him, it was his dad’s and he always remembered him wearing it, back when there were fond memories between the pair. One day he handed it over to him, and Jess treasured it, still wore it to this day though he questioned why he would wear fabric that reminded him of a man who abandoned him but there we go. He did love his dad, and the fact was before his mother died they had a strong relationship– the pair were inseparable, and he wanted nothing more than to cling onto them. Attached to the inside pocket was a brooch, one his mother wore on almost every cardigan she wore, and Jess felt an attachment to it, that his dad was aware of also that he gave it to him in a heartbeat. He knew he wouldn’t do it justice with the way she wore it, but the fact it was there, made him feel like there was always a little piece of her with him everyday. 

She’d seen a side of him that no one else had, that was one thing– but they weren’t in a place in their relationship where they’d used the L word yet, though Jess was wondering if he felt it, or atleast was getting close to, he hadn’t even asked her to be his yet, it was just a case of them being casual with no labels but completely exclusive to one another which he liked. The idea of her with another man made his anger bubble inside of him, fists instantly clenching at the images of anyone touching her in the way that he did. It was selfish of him to say she was his, though they were pretty much in a relationship at this point whether he wanted to admit it or not. 

Twisting himself to dangle his legs over the edge of the bed, pressing his feet onto the carpet as he caught his balance, standing up straight with a stretch of his inked arms over his head. His first thought was finding out where she’d gone. He knew it was quite early– it was evident by the light behind the blinds, but then again his sleep pattern had been corrupted years ago, and she was usually an early riser especially in comparison to him. Only in his ivy coloured boxers he wondered out towards the door, pushing it open carefully with his fingers as it sprang open and the brighter scene stung his eyes as he winced in shock at the comparison. It took him a moment, but once they adjusted he caught sight of her in the kitchen, wearing one of his t shirts which made his heart melt at how tiny she looked in the bagging fabric. She was the one beacon of hope he had in his life, the light in all the darkness and he was thankful that she’d taken a chance on him. That she’d seen something in him that no one else had before, despite the front that he’d put up for years and the walls that were sky high. Considering she was unaware of his presence at that moment, he took a few careful steps behind her before looping his arms around her waist– placing a soft kiss to her cheek and jawline. “Good morning..” His voice was still a little rattled, thirst beginning to kick in almost instantly now that he was more awake. “What are you doing up so early?” His brows knitted into a frown, tightening his grip as he pulled her towards his frame. “I missed you..” He almost whispered as he nuzzled his face into her hair. 

So, since its getting close to Halloween and I’m a big lover of all things monsters. I wanted to see if anyone rping Seed brothers that would want to do a sorta Monster Au with Vash being a hunter sent to get rid of them. I can see John being a vampire, Incubus maybe. Jacob is most definitely a werewolf. Anyone want just like this or comment.