rozzybox: the vampire diaries

My favourite kind of OTP:

* has to destroy me;
* has to be impossible;
* has to make me suffer;
* has to make me cry & laugh & scream;
* has to make me look after gifs, images, videos and fanfics all night.

Imagine asking Damon to turn you but he refuses because he insists he likes your humanity.

“But why? Why won’t you turn me too? How can you not understand how I feel Damon. I am the only human here other than Matt and I feel so damn helpless! I want to be of use too!”

“You just don’t understand” Damon said softly, shaking his head.

“No, no I don’t. You won’t give me a good reason to understand you and keep insisting it’s for the best. How can you know that?!”

“Because I don’t want you to be like me!” he burst out and your eyes widened for a second.

“…Like you?” you whispered.

His head hung low until he looked up at you “A monster” he added in a hoarse voice and that’s when your eyes widened for sure.

“That’s- that’s what you think you are?” you stared at him in disbelief.

He laughed bitterly “Don’t want to sugarcoat it but yeah, yeah that’s what I think I am. I mean, look at me. I destroy everything I touch and you-” he took your hand in his, making a blush rise up in your cheeks “-are the only good thing I have. Turning you will just… make you like me and I don’t want that for you. Your humanity- it reflects mine (Y/n), if you lose that I don’t want to imagine what can happen”

“But Damon…” your voice was very low “Just because I wil be a vampire doesn’t mean I am going to stop being who I am now”

“Probably not, but I can’t risk it. (Y/n) you are the only person that bring the good out in me, the only one. You make me a better person, one I had forgotten I was when I became a vampire and all of that just because you are you. This way, human and if you like yes fragile… Besides I like being the one you’re going to come to when you need help”

You rolled your eyes in the end but couln’t help but smile anyway. You sighed, shaking your head “Yeah but you know I hate being this weak”

“I know but if it wasn’t for your humanity I wouldn’t be able to feel a single thing. Thanks to you I can tell the right from wrong and trust me… that means a lot. So please- don’t ask me to turn you. I would much rather drive a stake through my own heart than do anything to lose this-” he ran his fingers over your cheek “-You, as you are”

“I suppose this enough reason huh?” a small smirk formed on his lips and you fidgeted with your hands.

“Yeah yeah I guess. But when I get hurt and you come to save me again I will not stop rubbing it in your face, know it!” you poked his chest and he laughed.