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I guess along with that New Year’s art resolution thing I’m going to try and blab more, like I used to, for better or worst. I dunno what it will be about, but it will be about dumb and silly stuff, I’m sure. Feel free to blacklist ‘rozzie rambles’ or 'personal’ if you don’t want to see that.

I guess first thing I’ll blab about is that I was trying to get some traditional art done and cleaned up to post soonish, but then I found myself writing a scientific article/essay about the Ultra Beasts from Pokemon. It is related to what I planned to post, but just…oops???

*shrugs at the universe*

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i miss your cool art and i hope you are doin well!

Hey! Sorry for the lack of art. At the start of 2016 I had planned to post more artwork as a New Year’s Resolution, since I hadn’t been posting much of what I do draw publicly. But, my brain is silly, and it fell apart early in the year when some of my art got a lot of attention. I guess I was afraid to disappoint my new followers, because the things I doodle shift around wildly when it comes to content. So, I panicked, and ended up posting barely anything.

I am going to try to do the New Year’s thing again for 2017. I’ll have some extra support this time, so hopefully it will go better and I won’t get scared again.

I’ve always had this need to post ‘quality’ content though, but scanning and editing art ends up taking up more time than actually drawing, and I give up part way most of the time. I may give in and just take cell phone pictures of my doodles, as lots of artists seem to do that and doing so is widely accepted.

So, yeah. That’s the plan. I’m not sure if I’ll post any older doodles from 2016 or earlier, but maybe I’ll show some of the more decent ones? We’ll see.

Thanks for sticking around and being so patient!


Got a notice from dad saying he had a ‘baby’ crow. He found it near the house when out with Max, and he put it in a pet carrier then took it inside, because he was afraid that his pet bengals would find and kill it. He had things to do so he asked for advice, and then I went over to release it somewhere safe because he had to go to work.

The crow was nearly full grown. Maybe fell out of the tree trying to fly. Parents were making a racket outside, and the 'baby’ was calling to them.

I walked to the other end of the field beyond the backyard while the parents made dives at me. I climbed a hill into some dense trees and found some branches to put the crow on. It wasn’t much, but I hoped it’d eventually move up the branch which was way higher off the ground.

So, I opened the carrier and put my hand in slowly to let the crow adjust a tad. Got bit twice which didn’t even pinch, then got a hold on it; one hand under its feet and one over the back and wings to keep it secure. It made some squawks, parents went bonkers, but once it had a grip on my hand it settled and wouldn’t let go when I tried to put it on the branch. Once it was on the branch fully it stayed, so I grabbed the carrier and got out of there. It made calls at the parents, and one stayed behind with it while the other followed me all the way back to the house. Once inside I got something cold to drink, flopped over on the couched, then was attacked by Max nuzzles so vicious I got doberman boogers in my hair (that I’m still picking out, ew). Was also one very chatty bengal waiting for me, wondering where the bird went.

So, yeah, that was my 'morning’. Have a horribly blurry picture.

Bad News: Tinychat appears to be blocking a lot of people for some reason, and I am one of them. Sorry if I’m scarce.

Good News: Met a fellow SPG fan through the Cavalcadium forums AND THEY’RE A 5 MIN DRIVE AWAY. We hung out a bit today, and tomorrow we’re doing a SPG movie thing with cookies, other artsy people and STUFF.

…I may also be scarce on Tinychat and the internet in general cus of that too. >_>

But yeah! AWESOME :D

So, that last picture of xeno!spine? He had to get some unscheduled maintenance/performance check done at the military facility he was at; maybe he was in the middle of cleaning/polishing himself. He put on the gloves first, then wondered why was he bothering to dress at all since he’s a machine. No one would care if he strutted down the hallway ‘naked’, right?

…then he just couldn’t stand being seen so exposed, so he left the gloves on, threw on his trench coat and hat (the latter was out of habit) then went to the check-up.

Just sayin’.

*after breathing through a paperbag for 15 mins*

I’m not sure how I should draw xeno!spine after the derp/livestream face one in the works. Like, maybe do something ‘cute’ (it will probably end up super creepy instead) or showing how he functions, because he’s got a lot of crazy stuff going on with him.

Oh, and I had lots of fun bouncing ideas off people and receiving feedback these last few days, in the tinychats and livestreams. Thank you so much!

Um, I can say this about his AU so far: it’s a war filled one, more so than in our own history, and his upgrades reflect that. And Rabbit was forcibly upgraded too, when The Spine had his military upgrades in the 50’s. There was a very good reason why, but saying Rabbit didn’t like it is an understatement…

Spine was upgraded for recon, and Rabbit for communication. His stuttering was detrimental to his future communications roll, so that was fixed, and the present time Rabbit has no stutter.

I’m not sure what to do for the other robots yet… They were likely all heavily upgraded, too. And calling them all xeno![insert name] wouldn’t fit the rest of them, and I feel like I shouldn’t force it to work. I only came up with the name to describe xeno!spine in some way, and because facehugger!spine was too silly.

*zips it*

Got back from blood work. The guy who took the blood did such an amazing job, holy crap. I wish I got his name, cus I didn’t even feel a thing. NOTHING. No pinch, nor slight pressure. I actually thought he didn’t do anything for a good few seconds and…

Thank you, nameless nurse guy who I thought was a trainee, but was actually a magical, magic man in disguise. You are the best stick-needle-in-person person I’ve ever met in my long life of needle sticky-ness.

This guy.

I...have no life...

I should be doing something productive, like drawing or maybe even *gasp* writing, but nope! Instead I feel like being a weirdo and ‘trolling’ my mom by changing the background of her laptop to a screencap of The Spine doing the livestream face. I plan to set a new screencap each day, when she’s asleep, because her laptop is older and the background can’t rotate.

Though she likes SPG I can see her getting tired of this, but I have a feeling she’ll just laugh or go “what” before continuing on as normal.

I guess I need build up my queue of silly faces and other shenanigans, regardless of how quickly this might-

Okay, mid-writing update. Mom woke up and turned on her laptop. I heard, “Anna, what is going on?” through the wall and when she opened the door to my room she had the goofiest grin imaginable on her face and she burst out laughing. We laughed for a few moments and when I mentioned that I planned to change it up she said:

“No, I want to keep this one. It’s nice.”

Gee, I dunno, mom. I mean…everyone needs a little variety…

Anyways, I wasn’t planning to tag this properly, but because of how positive this has turned out already I will now. I’m glad mom got to start her day with a genuine laughfest.