I mean… How could I not?!

Just imagine, the Fake AH crew as just unsuccessfully finished a heist, they need a a getaway, and their car had been shot to shit.

Hopeless right?!


Geoff sees a ‘ped fit for escape and screams for them to jump on, naturally Jack is the only one stupid  loyal enough to do it.
BUT, in the nearby street are some youths on skateboards, and that is all they need, Michael and Ryan grab one each, Gav screams and jumps on Michael’s. Grabbing hold of the ‘ped they shoot off into the night. Except, sadly, the press these days are rather quick and within minutes a camera pulls alongside and snaps this pic.

Geoff is feeling pretty damn smart having escaped the rozzers again.
Jack don’t care, he’s having fun.
Ryan will kill anyone who repeats this story.
Gavin is having a fucking ace time, scooting along with his Boi.
Michael will help Ryan kill anyone who repeats this story.

I love the whole Fake AH universe, I like to think of them as they are in real life, apart from Ryans hair, because, y’know I fuckin’ love long hair on guys, and Ryan in my fav, so???

TLDR, Fake AH Crew escape-Mobile

(also done one with Ray and facepaint-Ryan, anyone interested??)

The Big Reasons I'm Sad About the End of Top Gear

-I’m going to miss the Lads and The Dynamic
-going to miss James’ hair
-miss Jeremy’s wheezy smoker laugh
-miss Richard’s diabolical cackle
- “oh, cock.”
-“Crikey, it’s the ________ rozzers!”
- “It’s NOT the Stig! It’s the Stig’s ______ cousin!”
- “As you’d expect, I’ve done this properly.”
- Richard and his Porsches
-Jeremy and his Mercedes
- James and his Dacia Sanderos
- gold envelopes
- Gentleman’s relish?
- The long expected Porsche 918 Spyder vs. Mclaren P1 vs. Ferrari La Ferrari
- Jessica
- “And on that bombshell…”