wrt: that hypothetical Marathon dating sim/VN idea, I bet that boarding the Rozinante for the first time would be a confusing experience for Logan.

Like, they’re a Security Officer, and they were hired to do security officing, so they’re expecting their new place of employment to have a large, varied crew. Durandal takes them onboard (after diligently refusing to explain why he’s wearing a mask) and…the halls are completely empty, save for the two of them.

After learning about the S’pht, and Durandal’s selective distaste for squishy humans, Logan then asks what they’re supposed to be doing here. The short answer: mercenary/vigilante work, but you probably couldn’t get Durandal to actually call it such. Cue snide remarks (to other people, not him) about how he doesn’t know what “Security Officer” means.