Rodzanice / Narecznice / Rojenice / Sudice / Sudičky / Suđaje are the “Fates” from the Slavic mythology, often depicted as three sisters. They share many similarities with the Greek myth of the Moirai.

Rodzanice were caring for the pregnant women, protecting them from the evil forces, and appearing at the newborns’ cradles to designate their fate. They were approaching the household at the midnight, 3 days after the child’s birth, and as the visit was meant to designate the child’s destiny, the household was carefully tidied up and prepared to welcome the sisters of Fate. A feast was thrown, food was given generously to every guest who appeared at that night and the child was dressed in white linen clothes, symbolizing purity. Rodzanice were also appearing at every important event of the human life, such as the first haircut (when the child’s cut hair was offered to them) or the wedding, when they were also given offerings to ensure the continuity of the good fortune. Similar to the Moirai, one of them was believed to cut the ‘life-thread’ when the human’s fate was going to end.

After the process of Christinization they were replaced by the notion of the caring/protecting/observing angels.

[gifs from: “Słowiańska krew”]