there’s way too much work to do on this one so I won’t finish it just yet but I don’t think I’ve posted a real preview of it before



I’M in class again (forgive the bad pictures i have poor lighting in here) and sketching out Roz with Galen’s different stages
the other two turned out really bad and i had to opt out of drawing aegislash entirely so this is all that’s left eugh
he might have his arms free sometimes, but they’re usually as the sleeve and the armor is a translation from aegislash’s dumb pinecone handle (like what the heck you can’t hold that thing)
oops i forgot the shield but i’m too lazy to update the photo now

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In this case it translates to “Styling up to match with her sword buddy? This is so saccharine that it is giving me a heart attack, and I would like to express this sentiment through clenched teeth and labored breath” or “wow that’s adorable”

ehehEHEHEHEH I’m glad you think so then B)

I was going to make a comment about her probably having a scarf that matched his tassel but then it

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What's Roz's family like?

They’re very much “sheltered upper class”. Her dad is a fighter, but it’s gimmicky shit as he carries himself like a Proper Chap and he doesn’t actually know what real battles are these days. He’s proud of his daughter when she says she’s a fighter but he’d be horrified if he knew she was out like, slaying dragons or some shit.

Her mom is a somewhat airheaded southern belle kind of lady, kind of pompous, and the type to accidentally insult you- she means well, but it just…doesn’t come out right.

The rest of the family is pretty much rich folks who are either outright mean or just kind of dim to the outside world. Roz would have been like them if she allowed herself to fall into the same stream. u__u

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does rozy ever get into barfights ? does she even go to bars omg. does galen ever try t o talk sense into her (in general) and persuade her from fighting also is she the only one who can hear him?? and can she only hear him when theyre in contact or is it more of a bond that allows communication even if theyre apart . if other ppl can hear him do they ever freak out (either because holy shit talking sword or 'rozalind what the fuck did you do to wind up with. /this/')

I don’t think she goes to bars often but she might get into fights yeah NOT SOMETHING SHE’D START sometimes they just ‘happen’ (they’d end fast cause she can floor a dude)

Galen usually tries to only stop her when it’s something involving HIM, like if he’s bound to be used as a weapon in a challenge, but hey fistfights whatever go for it. After a while, he might even encourage it if she was getting disrespected. uHu

NAH people can hear him just fine! It’s like… that 'projected’ kind of voice where there’s just not a mouth to be found but he can be muffled or whatever as if there was. Cartoon logic. I think people are definitely caught off-guard at first HAHAHA

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does rozy have fans/admirers b/c she seems like shed have folks hella smitten (from afar. like, 'wow that wandering woman is incredible!!' .) maybe b/c of an incident where she looked like the hero but was actually doing whatever saving/heroing bc of a personal vendetta against the aggressors ?? also also is she the type to act all knightly and save the day for selfless reasons or is whatever saving she does for her own gain/because shes bored/for practive/what have u


and YEA she would definitely save people! She doesn’t believe in honestly hurting others (unless they’re bad, yknow) so she’d step in if she saw some shit goin’ down and hey if it’s something like…iunno, y’all need a monster slain? hell yeah she is all aBOUT that check this out

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HEADCANONS: Rozalind collects very ornate, expensive brushes and combs. She also carries around lots of hair products and tools, although no one really knows how she's storing them. "...Did she have that hair dryer moment ago?" "Wait, what is it even plugged into??"


the brushes are probably a result of her having grown up around ritzy shit and then if her hair’s that important she’s gonna ONLY HAVE DA BEST