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What if the s boys found out that their SO had an identical twin, and she was concerned that the boys would confuse them?

Hope you enjoy!


  • At first, he’d be uncertain why his lover seemed so down after he had found out about their twin.
  • eventually, he’d realise it, because he can read people pretty easily. 
  • He’d confront you about it, demanding why you seem to be so sad and insecure and slightly panicked most of the time, despite already knowing the answer
  • After you tell him, he’d sigh softly, and then he’d assure his lover that he wasn’t stupid and could very well tell them and their twin apart. 
  • And then he’d probably “punish” you for thinking he would confuse you/for thinking so lowly of him. 


  • Shu doesn’t really care about your twin, they’ll probably be too troublesome for him. 
  • When you start being panick-y and stressed all of a sudden, it annoys and bothers him. 
  • He won’t admit it, but it doesn’t just bother him because it’s troublesome, or so because he doesn’t like to see you in such a state. 
  • So one day he makes you tell him whats wrong, and he let’s out a soft chuckle, before smirking his lazy (but hot asf) way, and stating that he won’t confuse you two, and teases you about being “troublesome” for him, but then he “shows” you that he loves you in some…”fun” ways.


  • Finds it pretty cool you have a twin! 
  • But gets hella confused when you start acting up and being all weird and insecure? Why?
  • He is honestly so confused what even is happening with you?
  • He’ll eventually either get annoyed by your behaviour and demand an answer, or you’ll have to tell him before that, or someone else will have to inform him because there’s no way he can work it out himself. 
  • He’s academically smart but he isn’t a fucking mind-reader. 
  • After you/someone else tells him how you feel, he’ll be like “…Oh.” 
  • And then he’ll brag a/b how you love him so much that you don’t wanna lose him an all that jazz
  • and then he’ll ‘make it up to you’ and assure you he knows which one is which and that there’s no way he’d mistake you and your twin. 


  • He does flirt w/ your twin but only slightly like he doesn’t do anything too far because he isn’t THAT much of a douchebag
  • At first when you start acting up he’ll be amused because Laito thinks you’re jealous or something (Which you kind of are??)
  • While it is amusing to see you stress for a while, it shortly turns sour for him because he doesn’t really like to see you stressed to such a degree. 
  • He isn’t 110% sure if it’s because you’re jealous or insecure, but it seems like it
  • So he asks you about it, and when you admit your feelings, he laughs softly and then assures you that he could recognise you from a mile away, and the two of you, well, it’s Laito so….let’s just say he shows you the reasons why he “loves” you~


  • Why are you being so…panick-y???
  • He finds it very amusing at first. He likes to see you all stressed
  • But it gets on his nerves eventually, and he forces you into telling him what is happening with you and why you seem so worried. 
  • Tbh he doesn’t even care about your Twin. It’s whatever to him. 
  • Laughs hysterically when you tell him the truth because how could you be so stupid to believe he’d mistake you, his lover for your twin!?
  • Totally embarrasses you but then once he’s done he’d share some cake w/ you and will privately tell you all the reasons why he won’t mistake you. 


  • Probably most confused out of the whole lot of them
  • Did he do something wrong? Did he hurt you accidentally!?
  • Will be too afraid of having hurt you without knowing it to approach you, so you’ll have to approach him and tell him the truth
  • He’d call you stupid for thinking this, you’re his, and your twin isn’t even half as…”good” as you. (He had a hard time explaining it)
  • Will take you to the garden and spend the whole day with you, and just a for a few more days, he’ll be a tad more loving to you, albit in typical Tsubaru fashion.

- Mod Rozalia