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:: Thank you for letting me know ma’am. I appreciate it.  I am as well as I can be.  As for the tardiness I bought a new recharge slab and I have found it’s too comfortable, :: lied Prowl.  :: I hope to have my recharge schedule back on track very soon. ::

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       ¦ ¦  Good, I only wanted to assure you were not working yourself into a scrapheap — as so often has been the case. And while I enjoy days of rest as much as any other, I would warn against tardiness on your first days of Head of Security… ¦ ¦

Needless to say, such would not bode well with his new colleagues.

¦ ¦  … But, if you want, I can suggest a more comfortable recharge slab? The search can be a daunting one, but I have a few recommendations I could offer, should you wish.  ¦ ¦