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I feel like Frozen was very... rushed? In it's plot. The timing wasn't very good. If you look at the beginning of the movie, it has 5 songs go by extremely quickly, then way later it has Let it Go and Fixer Upper. The music wasn't extremely good at all; the only song I really liked was Let it Go. The animation wasn't as good as everyone claims it to be, either. If you notice, a lot of the characters have the same face, not only Elsa and Anna. So do Hans and Elsa and Anna's dad.

Haha, you thought the songs went quickly?

For some reason, when I watched Frozen I felt like it was… too much song. Like.. it want on forever.   I guess I’m not a song person. Oddly, the concentration of songs in Frozen was a burden for me watching it. But my dislike of singing was developed in the past decade so… it might not be Frozen’s fault.

The animation wasn’t stellar compared to other animation’s I’ve seen, but I try to recognize that Disney is trying to evolve from 2D animation and keep their style (not that I approve–I love their 2D movies)

I loved the character expression–that’s always important to me.  The snow animation was… lackluster. Especially compared to RotG, which I had seen previously.  It’s never good to be introduced to something amazing and then let down by another company.

do get their style, as I said.  The same-face thing has been argued 10000x times.  I don’t get pissy over character design. I get pissy over character.  And Story.

It’s who I am, dad.

I loved both Anna and Else, I hated what they tried to force on us in that hokey, truncated plotline. It could have been better. It absolutely could have. 

As someone who takes sister relationship very seriously–my strongest relationships in my life–I was disappointed by what they tried to force on us, and what they tried to sell.