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_John Lennon, Ringo Starr and/e Roy Orbison; England/Inglaterra; London/Londres; La Dolce Vita Restaurant/Restaurante La Dolce Vita; Roy Orbison’s birthday party/Festa de aniversário do Roy Orbison; April 23rd 1964/23 de abril de 1964.

_Source/Fonte: Solo Beatles Photos Forum.

Royed AU


ROYED Football AU

(I’m begging you to role with whatever I’m saying rn)

Roy as a senior football player with Maes and is extremely lady popular.

Ed is a transfer sophomore from a foster home with Al and he’s so frustrated being the new kid again! (But damn it Al is happy now that they’re actually in a good home so damn it he’ll have to live!)

First thing he does is spill coffee on Roy. (Oh sheet not on the popular bab)

Roy wants to flip shit but damn that girl is so fine he can’t bare to yell at her! (Yeah..yeah it’s exactly what it sounds like yEAH!) and Ed corrects him. But oh sell Roy thinks he’s lying, out of disinterest

They wind up having a lot of cute interactions. Like Roy and him have Gym together and Roy let’s him win at knock out becuase he’s to short. He lifts him up to make the winning shot as Ed flails but he loves it don’t lie to yourself Ed, don’t!

They prank Maes and cock block him and Gracia like all the time! And Maes is pissed like the sexual tension always gets ruined.

Ed goes to every practice wth Al because Foster parents Izumi and Sig work late. So he knows most of everything

Hawkeye -*cough*stupidbitch *cough*- breaks her ankle before the big game and they’re short one gal for the pyramid ;-;

Roy offers Ed. Ed be starring at the booty so he agreed anyways. Roy gets Ed in a skirt WHAT A TIME TO BE AL IvE!

Ed doesn’t realize until the first practice when he’s forced into a cheerleader outfit.

Game. Ed does the routine-only because Al wants him to for the teams sake- (pfft Ed dats a lie you wanna see Roy BUM BUM IN TIGHT WHITE SHORTS TACKLING OTHER MEN)

They throw him up in the air an Roy looks over and sees the skirt fly! Damn that ass be fine! But Maes throws the ball and it wails him in the face oh fuck. He goes to the nurse and everyone goes to check on him.

He wakes up and looks for Ed. Everyone else get out this is gonna be a good moment! Roy says he’s happy Eds there and happy that he spends so much time around him
And he kisses his cheek and it’s so cute. He says he fell in love with the prettiest girl in the world. But Ed says “still a boy…”

And the fling begins. They date and it’s cute and Roy is the best boyfriend and gets Ed surprise dates and gifts and totally is adorably cuddly in school so everyone knows Ed belongs to him. He skips class to go to lunch with Ed at his aunts restaurant.

Roy asks Ed to prom. And they go and Ed wears a dress as a joke. Roy wins prom king and old flame (heh see what I did there *w*) wins prom queen. Ed gets jealous. Roy takes him to the car and tells him he’ll only love him. They make out. They remove clothes. They do the do and the windows get steamy.

Al gets totally jealous that Roy and Ed spend so much time together and Ed feels bad. So he tells Roy to lighten up a bit and not he so clingy. Roy Getz hurt and they fight and yeah. Big problemos.

Roy an Ed don’t talk the rest of the year until graduation . Roy doesn’t want to graduation and like he’s sitting on the bleachers after graduation and Ed finds him there while he’s going home and goes to him and sits by him and they talk and Eds like “first off, you’re and asshole. Second off you’re an asshole and third off you’re an asshole!..but I don’t want you to leave.” And Roy takes his jersey from his bag and gives it to Ed to keep until they meet again because ‘now he has an excuse to see him again, that’s all’ but that’s obviously not the case Roy! Ed scoots close to him and they kiss extremely passionately in the bleachers and yeah.

Ed helps him apply for colleges and sees him off and they talk everyday and Roy helps him with homework over skype and cute visits and such and they always tells each other they love each other


The restaurant at the end of the universe.

From my final project in Background Art in college, I made 2 backgrounds from the second book from the series “The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy” - “the restaurant at the end of the universe”.
I used photoshop and pen with lords.
Enjoy :)
June 2014.

tea-withjamandbread  asked:

Do you have any Team Mustang playing Pokémon go headcannons to share? (feel free to include Ed and Al too!)

Oh gosh! Okay, let’s go!

  • Team Mystic: Falman and Fuery, then Al and Ed
  • Team Valor: Breda and Havoc
  • Team Instinct: Roy and Riza because it’s based on trust and intuition.
  • Roy loves collecting fire-type Pokemon. His first was a Charmander he named ‘Flame.’
  • Falman knows every square inch of the city and knows exactly where all of the PokeStops are and how quickly to get to each. He is never without Pokeballs.
  • Breda and Havoc control the gym outside the command center for the majority of the time. The second they’re overthrown they go back and battle to claim it at the expense of their work.
  • There’s a PokeStop right outside Roy’s office and literally everyone watches their phones and taps it every few minutes to restock Pokeballs and Revives.
  • Alphonse is partial to Eevee and Meowth. He doesn’t like transferring any of them away.
  • Riza acts like she casually plays but her highest CP Pokemon is a Pidgeot that she’s more than just ‘fond of.’
  • Ed and Al have the most diverse roster because they hatch so many of their eggs and travel so often.
  • East City is littered with Rattata and Pidgeys. When something other than those showed up on their radar, most of the team stopped what they were doing and ran outside.

_John Lennon and/e Ringo Starr; London/Londres; La Dolce Vita Restaurant/Restaurante La Dolce Vita; Roy Orbison’s birthday party/Festa de aniversário do Roy Orbison; April 23rd 1964/23 de abril de 1964.

_Source/Fonte: Solo Beatles Photos Forum.

Wedding Proposal W/Roy Harper

For @random-fandom-chick

Fandom: Arrow

Characters: Roy x Reader

Word Count: 836

Request: Hi. When you have time could you do wedding proposal with Roy Harper plz

“Maybe we should just miss dinner, stay at home.” You said, pulling back the curtains and peering out to the white, snowy scene outside. “It looks freezing.” You added, watching a woman run past in a large coat to enter the house opposite where you were living. Roy Harper appeared from around the corner behind you and kissed you on the neck, making you shiver.

“Come on baby, I booked this weeks ago.” Roy said, he was dressed in smart black pants and a white shirt, which he never usually wore.

“What is so special about tonight?” You turned around and put your hands on his chest, he drew you in close.

“Can’t I just do something nice for you (Y/N)?” Roy asked innocently.

“Of course.” You said. “But this dress isn’t very warm you know.” You glanced down at your short silver sequin dress that was open at the back with thin sleeves low on your shoulders. Roy smirked.

“You look amazing, and I promise, dinner will be worth it.” He said. “Now come on, we’ll be late.” You laughed at his eagerness.

“Only because I love you and I know Felicity got us these reservations.” You laughed again when Roy blushed. Linking arms with him you put your head on his shoulder.

“Shall we?” You nodded and you headed to your car, the ice cold whirling wind making you shiver instantly and the blundering snow covering you like a sheet of paper.

- At The Restaurant -

The menu was amazing, and expensive, but Roy had insisted that you could have anything that you wanted, it wasn’t a problem. That included a fancy starter, an appetising main, a delicious dessert and luxurious drinks, it almost made you drool.

For starters you had narrowed it down to a choice of snails in garlic, mussels with a creamy white wine sauce or garlic mushrooms with blue cheese. When it came to the mouth watering mains you didn’t know whether to choose the spaghetti carbonara with bacon, the creamy pesto shrimp or the chicken cordon bleu. And dessert just had you in awe, chocolate liqueur soufflés, chocolate truffles and tiramisu cheesecake… “Roy this is amazing.” You stated, looking at the drinks menu.

“Champagne?” Roy offered with a smug grin.

“Show off.” You smirked, smiling to the waiter as you ordered your meal. Roy did the same and the waiter, who was dressed in a nice cream suit with a stunning red bow tie, took the elegant golden menus away from your table. The long thin white candle in between you and Roy, along with the flowers and fancy cutlery all seemed a little much for a dinner out, any dinner out really, part of you still felt guilty for ordering the expensive dishes. Maybe… But no, you didn’t dare hope. Although…

You and Roy talked amongst yourselves about each other, work, friends as well as your late night ‘work’. When the first course arrived you thought you knew what heaven tasted like, but then you finished that and had your main meal but then your dessert… This really was heaven. You’d only had two glasses of champagne, Roy had insisted, but when he offered you a third you declined. “Really Roy, you know I love you, and this meal, but I don’t think it would be fair to have another glass of champagne, this meal already costs too much.” Roy frowned a little but nodded anyway, saying something to a waiter as he went past.

“I’ll pay and we’ll go then.” He said, you nodded, feeling like your stomach was going to burst with happiness and tasty food.

Once dinner was paid for and you and Roy left the restaurant the snow and wind had calmed down and the scene outside was beautiful. You were still cold though.

You both walked slowly, down the icy road, your heels threatening to send you flying into the middle of the street, and even further to the promenade that Oliver had helped salvage in his mayoral campaign. “It’s beautiful.” You said once you reached the edge, but Roy didn’t reply, he was looking at you and biting his lip. He merely nodded and you looked back confused to the freezing, sparkling waters before you.

When you turned around you almost fell back into it. Kneeling before you was Roy, holding in his hands a velvet red box containing a diamond ring. “(Y/N)-” Roy began and your heart leaped with joy. A grin spread uncontrollably across your face. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes!” You said as soon as the words left his mouth and he hastily put the ring on your finger, almost dropping it because his were so cold. He stood up and wrapped you in his warm and loving embrace.

“I’m so glad you said that.” He whispered, you held him at arms length and kissed him deeply.

“What else was I going to say?”  

A few months ago I got to illustrate one of my favorite topics, FOOD, for Los Angeles Magazine! Their dish of the year was the “Beep Beep Bowl” from chef Roy Choi at Pot restaurant. My AD, Annie Hong, cited my Kali Eats images and wanted me to draw the dish with the layers of rice, spicy sauce, raw uni, and furikake/garnish all separated out. Food is probably the most relaxing thing in the world for me to draw, so this was a treat! (and if you look at my instagram, you may notice there are some more food-related images in the works…)

Tuesday 6.41 pm

Roy has popped in to see Joël and Anita on his way home from work.

Roy: Did you get an email from Damo about his birthday weekend? 

Joël: Yeah. I don’t really feel like going. 

Roy: Awww dude, come on. It’ll be the shit. 

Joël: Sonia’s going to let you go? Seriously? 

Roy: What are you trying to say, dude? That I need Sonia’s permission to go away on a weekend with the bros? What the hell? You think she’s got me that much under the thumb?

Joël: I can’t believe she’s letting you go. That’s all. 

Roy: To be honest, Sonia doesn’t seem to care much at all about what I get up to these days. Not since she started hanging out more and more with the chicks from her support group. Or more specifically this one chick, Claire. They’re all meeting at someone’s house tonight to whinge and whine about their barren uteruses and sterile husbands. I guess I’ll just go to the gym or …I dunno. I’m sure I’ll be able to find some way to entertain myself for a few hours.

Joël: Oh, I’m sure you will.

Anita: You’re welcome to join us for dinner, Roy. We were just going to pop down to the local Chinese restaurant. 

Roy: Thanks for the offer Anita, but I’ll be fine. I’m sure I’ll be able to find some leftovers in the depths of the freezer-

Joël: I hope so. You know how you always work up quite an appetite after the gym

Roy: Dude, shut up. 

Joël: You shut up.


7 and a half years earlier at the very same restaurant…

Roy: My salmon was amazing. How was your steak, honey?
Sonia: I thought the mushrooms were a little overcooked, but other than that it was perfect.
Roy: Mushrooms give me the willies. Which is ironic, because that’s what they look like. Willies. Am I right?
Sonia: Roy, you’re obsessed. Stop it.
Roy: I’m obsessed? You can talk.
Sonia: Shhhh.
Roy: You weren’t shushing me this morning. You were all like ‘oooooh harder Roy harder that’s it right there oh my Gaaaaaaaaahd don’t stop-’
Sonia: ROY! People can hear you!
Roy: So? I don’t care. Anyway, if I know you, you’re probably naked under those clothes. Aren’t you? You slut.
Sonia: That’s enough. And get your hand off my leg, you naughty boy.
Roy: Sonia, honey? You know what? I don’t want to take my hand off your leg. Ever. Metaphorically speaking, that is. Because you know, like, it would be hard to do certain stuff if I always had my hand on your leg…shit. I think I’m a bit drunk. Anyway, stand up.
Sonia: Roy, what are you- Oh. My. GOD. ROYYYYY! What are you-oh my God, OH MY GOD…
Roy: Sonia, you’re the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. You make me a better person, you’ve got the best tits I’ve ever seen, and your pork and eggplant stir-fry is out of this world. I love you Sonia. Will you marry me?
Sonia: Oh, Roy. Oh, Roy. Oh, I love you too. Yes, Roy! YES! Of course I’ll marry you!


It was a very short, last minute journey, but the little keychains had a marvelous time visiting the Gulf of Mexico in southwest Florida this weekend. Aside from taking long walks on the beach and checking out the restaurant scene, Roy also tried to get Riza to ride a tree gecko with him.

She shot him down.

So I hit up Roy Choi’s new restaurant POT in the Line Hotel the other day for lunch. I had an excellent meal and put up an Instagram pic about the experience. The official POT account there, @eatatpot, likes the post. Cool, I thought. Now curious, I check out their account and see them posting all kinds of cool food pics… like these Fruity Pebbles Rice Krispie Treats they were selling at the Line Cafe that day!!

I didn’t even know there was a Line Cafe and I missed them! :(

But the food at eatatpot was amazing!! Post coming soon…

Pic via their Instagram