Lesson Learned?

Sure we barely see the Headmaster around, but we know when he’s dealt with someone. This time the lucky soul was Roy King. It must take a lot of guts to tap Jenna Braddock’s ass and think you can get away with it. He may have thought he was just playing around, but Jenna’s games are much bigger. She filed a sexual harassment case to the teachers and Sonya D'Souza in particular has taken the complaint very seriously. Her and Candlelight West both informed our Headmaster and he had a serious talk with the son of Melinoe. We don’t know what exactly happened in his office but we do know the consequences. 

So here it is demi-gods. Roy King has been given an in school suspension for the next two weeks and is put on house arrest. He can’t leave his dorm at all, except for training that Sonya still wants him to come for. He is to be accompanied by a staff member to and from training. Can’t wait to see what the Bitchy Harpy has in store for him. Let’s hope he doesn’t get banned from the next games.

Lesson of the day, keep your hands to yourself and no means no. Oh, and stay the hell away from Jenna. She’s one vindictive bitch. 

- Grapevine Staff

QUILOMBO 2015 K-BOOM: Jungla del Sol (Deluxe Edition)

Este 21 de Agosto Kevin Royk presenta el Disco K-BOOM! en el Teatro Solis, en el marco del evento Quilombo 2015, organizado por el Ministerio de Desarrollo Social. Conjunto a esto saldrà a la venta una nueva edicion del Album en version extendida; con 20 tracks entre ellos estràn incluidos los nuevos beats: “Dia de Gloria”, “Jungla Negra”, “Olvidar”, destacando una nueva version de “El Juego del Dolor” feat Jhonny Ferreira (acustico).

La invitacion a paticipar del Quilombo 2015 “Afrodescendencia y derecho a la Salud” esta abierta a toda la poblacion; la jornada inicia a las 9am del dia 21 de Agosto, con un programa de trabajo y participacion de amplio espectro, culminando 13.30 con la intervencion artistica y un almuerzo colectivo. Todo el evento se realizarà en la sala Delmira Agustini del Teatro Solis. (entrada libre y gratuita)

El show contarà con la participacion del musico-compositor Jhonny Ferreira y del DJ Will Schokolade y serà trasmitido en la nueva serie #BeatSession por el canal de YouTube KevinRoykOficial.

El disco extendido tiene una duracion aproximada de 60 minutos. La edicion sera limitiada, podes acceder al material el dia del Evento, y en Tienda RARA (espacio cultural) Piedras esquina Bartolomè Mitre, Ciudad Vieja, Montevideo.

MIDES, una vez mas demotrando el apoyo a los Artistas Nacionales y a la cultura Afro que no solo està presente en los desfiles de llamadas, sino que al dia de hoy intervienen en verias areas del arte de nuestro Pais.

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Roy/Clara, Clara/Octavia, Clara/Blake.

Roy/Clara - 

She’s probably more likely to get drunk and sleep with him. Wouldn’t put it past her, and he clearly digs older women.

Clara/Octavia - 

They’re both a bit strange, so double the strangeness. 


She clearly wants to ride that hunk, but his libido is reserved for someone else. So we think a potential rape. 

Sometimes You See Something and it Makes you Think… As I was driving past the Ferrari/Maserati store in Cape Town I saw this Guy sleeping By the Entrance. I guess The Photo Says it All… Ask Yourself what are you Doing in Your Life to Bridge the Difference between the Rich & the Poor?

“If a Free Society cannot help the many who are Poor, it cannot save the Few who are Rich.”

― John F. Kennedy, Kennedy’s Inaugural address of 1961.

Royking (royal and king)
Malevolent pokemon
Type: psychic/dark
Evolution: evolves from princal if male

Pokedex: Royking are very angry pokemon. They are siad to have started many of the greatest wars in history by influencing leaders with thier psychic abilitys. The staves that they hold conduct these negative thoughts into thier victims. Royking usaully live alone becuase most creatures can sense thier negativity.

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The guy who fell on his face in training and kissed Angelina? That’s about all we know. Nah, just kidding. The kid’s pretty weird. Thinks he’s friends with Casper. He’ll probably end up going crazy soon, psst out.