Lesson Learned?

Sure we barely see the Headmaster around, but we know when he’s dealt with someone. This time the lucky soul was Roy King. It must take a lot of guts to tap Jenna Braddock’s ass and think you can get away with it. He may have thought he was just playing around, but Jenna’s games are much bigger. She filed a sexual harassment case to the teachers and Sonya D'Souza in particular has taken the complaint very seriously. Her and Candlelight West both informed our Headmaster and he had a serious talk with the son of Melinoe. We don’t know what exactly happened in his office but we do know the consequences. 

So here it is demi-gods. Roy King has been given an in school suspension for the next two weeks and is put on house arrest. He can’t leave his dorm at all, except for training that Sonya still wants him to come for. He is to be accompanied by a staff member to and from training. Can’t wait to see what the Bitchy Harpy has in store for him. Let’s hope he doesn’t get banned from the next games.

Lesson of the day, keep your hands to yourself and no means no. Oh, and stay the hell away from Jenna. She’s one vindictive bitch. 

- Grapevine Staff

anonymous asked:

Roy/Clara, Clara/Octavia, Clara/Blake.

Roy/Clara - 

She’s probably more likely to get drunk and sleep with him. Wouldn’t put it past her, and he clearly digs older women.

Clara/Octavia - 

They’re both a bit strange, so double the strangeness. 


She clearly wants to ride that hunk, but his libido is reserved for someone else. So we think a potential rape. 

I don’t remember anymore what I used to be
Where is the quiet piece of home where I could breathe?

Just like a razor to my soul when I’m alone
Oh, I had this thing to call my own

I’m so confused, I cannot see
This wave of guilt is drowing me

It feels like blood is on my hands
I’d give it all for a second chance

I still don’t know just what I’ve done

—  Röyksopp - I Had This Thing

Sometimes You See Something and it Makes you Think… As I was driving past the Ferrari/Maserati store in Cape Town I saw this Guy sleeping By the Entrance. I guess The Photo Says it All… Ask Yourself what are you Doing in Your Life to Bridge the Difference between the Rich & the Poor?

“If a Free Society cannot help the many who are Poor, it cannot save the Few who are Rich.”

― John F. Kennedy, Kennedy’s Inaugural address of 1961.