3. Watching a movie

(For the 30 day OTP Challenge)

So of course Kaldur has this giant dolphin plushie he loves that Roy won for him when they went to the carnival and Roy was abusing the system at the balloon darts game

Okay besides the fact that it is going to be actually impossible for me to finish this in 30 days these are going to look progressively more unfinished and sketchy : |

Fic: Discipline [2/2]

Ugh Ugh Ugh I finished it sorry it took so long I’m basically the worst. This is the second part of my fic Discipline, the first part is here. This is the part with the sexytiems. So yeah, enjoy!

Title: Discipline

Fandom/Paring: Young Justice Animated, Roy/Kaldur


Summary: When a soldier is out of line, sometimes the only appropriate response is discipline.


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Kaldur could feel the stare burning slow down his back, settling at his hips, and lingering over the highest curve of his ass. He continued his report, ignoring it, for now. When they were dismissed, he headed to the entrance to the living quarters of the cave, and felt Roy's hand brush his wrist as the other boy came up beside him in a brisk stride. Even with the sunglasses on, Kaldur knew he was still staring. He made a mental note to wear the military uniform more often while topside.