kaldurrr  asked:


Star City is in California in my head canon, this means lots of fun shenanigans involving weed and pop-culture references.

Sweat rolled down Kaldur’s face and his skin itched with a happy buzz, sorta like when he would sneak out and nap by the submarine volcanoes, under his legs the rough bark of the pier catches and tugs on his pants as he shifts his weight. Next to him Roy reaches into the inflatable boat resting between them and pulls out a squirming lobster.

“Rodrigo,” he addresses the lobster, staring deep into its twitching antennae, “I have griped you tight and raised you from perdition,” Roy pauses to giggle a little hysterically, muttering about trench coats and impalas under his breath as the lobster raises one rubber band trapped claw and bumps him on the nose. “I-I saved your life because some day, and that day may never come, I’ll call upon you to do a service for me-e-e-”, Roy is laughing too hard by then to continue, Kaldur is too, although he’s not too sure why he’s laughing, just that it feels like an entire school of fish are swimming in his stomach and he hasn’t seen Roy this happy in a long time.

Roy kisses Rodrigo awkwardly on the head and spreading his arms wide, as if he were expecting the lobster to fly away, releases him, Rodrigo plops into the ocean with a small splash.

Fishing around in the yellow rubber safety boat, Kaldur pulls out another lobster and holding it by its squirming tail, brandishing it after every word for emphasis, and complete straight faced, says “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.”       

Roy’s laughter shakes him bodily, until he overbalances and falls into the ocean, where he flails and sputters, calling out for Rodrigo to save him. Kaldur laughs until his sides ache and it feels like his face is going to split apart.