Dating Jason Todd Would Include...

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Can you please do a dating jason todd would include

  • Playful banter happens at least 30 times everyday
  • You always call him Jason or a cute nickname like Jay…
  • …Jaybird is reserved for Roy
  • He is the cook in the relationship
  • He doesn’t cook as often now because he loves teaching you how to cook…
  • …The food doesn’t turn out well
  • You do whatever you can to get him to cook
  • You even pretend to be sick just to get him to make you homemade soup
  • You and Jason have a joint book collection because you both love literature
  • Sometimes he reads to you in bed
  • He lets you wear his leather jackets all the time
  • Jason is occasionally distressed at night
  • He always wants to be close to you
  • You are always there with him when he has nightmares
  • He is very concerned about your safety and wants you to know how to protect yourself
  • He teaches you self defense and how to use different types of guns
  • There are guns everywhere around the house
  • Jason loves to go shopping at Costco with you
  • It’s the only place he can get first aid in bulk
  • Your relationship with Jason got him more involved with the Batfamily…
  • …Mainly because you became good friends with everyone and always at the manor
  • You even became great friends with Damian
  • Jason is still surprised that the Demon Spawn actually liked you when you first met
  • Being involved with Jason also mean being involved with Roy
  • Roy is over all the time…
  • …which usually results in a nerf war

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A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Chapter 5/5

Words: 2053

Author’s notes: Finally the last chapter! I hope you enjoyed this story! And now onto other stuff (like, I don’t know, the actual plot of the AU?)(Mod Junior “oooo’s” in the background)(And yes, there is an actual plot ;P) ~Mod Roy

He crouched low, hoping that the rustling in the bushes wasn’t the wind. This was it, it has to be. Too long has he been hunting, looking for some prey. After a while, he jumped out and ran face first into the defenseless… rock.

Link huffed and sat down, scrunching up his sore snout. Soon he was up once again, bending his front legs as he heard big footsteps behind him.

Ganon looked at the crouching wolf, “What are you doing?”

Pouncing,” He wiggled his butt, tail up in the air, “I need to hunt right?”

“Son,” The larger animal draped a front leg over Link, “Let a pro show you how it’s done.”

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Deep breaths. Keep breathing deep, deep  breaths. Oliver fired off arrows quickly, spotting gun men across the way in the upper floors of buildings across the boulevard, across the festival, and he sent arrows cleanly into the barrels of the guns across the way. He had finally managed to get those two other archers to listen to him—because, obviously, Oliver had to be the one in charge, because he was a bossy shit.

When he had asked Connor to come up to the roof, he hadn’t expected to see him tugging Roy along with him, but Oliver didn’t say anything. He hadn’t explained to Connor what had happened between him and Roy, and Oliver doubted that Roy had explained anything either, and he turned to Roy with no words. What was he supposed to say? He snapped himself back into the present. 

“Dinah, Connor, Thea—go down to the street level and help evacuate people,” he said sharply. “Please,” he added, after a look from Dinah. 

Seeing Roy again had brought back a whole host of feelings he hadn’t been expecting, and something ached in his chest at the sight of his old sidekick—his old partner. That’s what Roy had been. A partner. A son. And Oliver had fucked all of that up, and he knew that there was no forgiveness here. Nothing. 

Looking down over at the street, he started speaking without thinking. “Speedy, you got anything on you that’ll help?”


As they danced, Jason didn’t meet Roy’s eyes. Well—not really. Every once in a while his gaze would flick to Roy’s eyes, but mostly he was scanning the party, even as they danced with each other. His paranoia was certainly worse than it usually was, what with the crowd and the overt anti-hero sentiment, and Jason’s own anxieties certainly didn’t help. He pressed his lips together as he looked around before he glanced back at Roy. “The guy next to us has his fly undone.”


inked ;

Jason let the tattoo needle run a couple times, and he checked that it was working properly carefully, with a tilted head. He pressed his lips together for a moment, squinting through his glasses at it before he looked down at Roy. “Don’t be scared, Roy,” he said, a soft laugh leaving his lips as he leaned down and kissed the corner of Roy’s jaw as he lay on the couch, shirtless so that Jason could see Roy’s ribs to properly tattoo across them.

It was an idea they had been toying with for a while, Jason giving Roy a tattoo. Jason had done two of his own tattoos, and those had turned out just fine, and so, he figured that doing a tattoo on someone else would be even easier, since he wouldn’t be the one feeling the pain. He tilted his head, carefully running a gloved hand over the stencil he had traced out over Roy’s skin for the tattoo he had come up with. 

“I promise, it’ll be fine. I’m super gentle. I would know, I’ve tattooed myself,” Jason pointed out, letting the needle buzz in his hand once more before he pulled the chair on which he had balanced all the supplies a little closer to them so that he could have a better reach. He pressed his lips together, squinting at the design once more. “Are you ready?”


back to normal ;

“Will you just hold still?” Jason snorted, pulling the clippers over so that the cable was fully extended and he could get a better angle at Roy’s head. “Jesus, you’re worse than Scooby,” he said. The puppy had been lazing on the tile floor, but he started thumping his little tail against the floor at the sound of his name. Roy was sitting in the bathtub, with Jason sitting on the edge of it, gently pushing Roy’s head so that it was tilted down as he turned on the clippers. “Don’t freak out,” he warned as he started. “I promise, you’re not going to look like Speedy.” The brown puppy in the corner of the room stood at the sound of the clippers, backing into the corner for a moment before tentatively moving forward, nose wriggling as he sniffed at whatever it was that Jay was doing before standing up on his hind legs, front paws resting on the edge of the tub. Jason snorted. “Hold onto the dog, will ya? I don’t need him snapping at the cable.”


Bedtime Stories

Words: 402

Ganon: 24 yrs

Link: 2 ½ yrs

Aothor’s Notes: Felt like doing something fluffy so here’s a short fic! ^_^ ~Mod Roy

He spread the blanket on the floor, trying to fluff it up as much as he could (he sure as hell was not going to let his son be uncomfortable). “Here you go, Link. A bed just for you, right next to your daddy.” He looked to the boy. “That’s how you wanted it, right?”

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julieta please give us good jayroy headcanons so we can over today's comic

i gotcha 

  • They Skype with Kori every Friday night, just before patrol or a mission. 
  • When they’re separated, they still keep their coms linked. It’s not unusual for the Red Hood to keep a conversation with Arsenal (“have you eaten? Have you slept? I know how you get when are working on a project” “yes mom, thanks for asking” “shut your mouth harper”) while he’s fighting criminals. He gets bored, okay? And anyway he can easily strangle a man with his thighs while Roy updates him on his recent invention.
  • Roy has received the shovel talk from Oracle and Red Robin. With Jason they have a bet going on, to see if Nightwing or Batman would notice next, and what would be their reactions
  • (I actually have so many headcanons about the batfam giving Roy The Shovel Talk™ , but they’re too long for this)
  • Because Jason is a Latino cliche, he wakes up every single sunday morning at 7am to clean around the house while blasting Luis Miguel, Juanes, Sin Bandera, and a lot of artists that Roy can’t remember but if you mention their names he would surely recognise them. 
  • Also!! Roy knew some Spanish, but not as much to keep a fluent conversation. So Jason definitely tries to teach him as much as he can
  • “Roy, you just asked me how many assholes i have” “menta” “roy,,,”
  • they have matching tattoos w Kori. Kori has a sun, Roy a star, and Jason a moon. 
  • every time Roy feels like shit because of Oliver, they always manage to get into his property to egg his house and car, and take selfies with their final work.
  • they have a vine account under civil names, where they post silly videos of them pranking people, or things like that.
  • (their first prank was aimed at Bruce. One time when Jason was in Gotham and Roy in metropolis, Roy received a call from a very distressed Jason. Apparently Red Hood had run into Batman and some not-chill things were said. Roy’s solution to that problem was to find the nearest billboard with Bruce Wayne’s face and film himself giving it a moustache and glasses. To say Jason was touched would be an understatement)
  • (yes, that’s how they flirt)
  • Jason’s skin is always cold as fuck, while Roy for some reason always seems to be extra warm, right? Jason has kicked him out of bed a lot of times because he just wouldn’t stop singing Hot n Cold by Katy Perry when they cuddle. 
  • or because he sings very off of tune “the cold never bothered me anyway~” when he gets his hands on Jason’s skin
  • every now and then Roy hacks into Bruce’s bank account and they go around the Gotham streets giving homeless people food, clothes, and hygiene items. 
  • they rarely have proper dates. Mostly they just curl together on the living room, order takeout, and watch tv shows and movies.
  • “and they say romance is dead” Jason says deadpan when Roy makes kissy noises at him which his mouth full of popcorn.
  • also! Cooking shows are their jam. They love watching cutthroat kitchen and coming up with strategies to win. (Or just screaming to the screen)
  • Once they almost adopted a kitten. But then Roy went “we should name it Catbird” “what” “you know like jaybird? but because it’s a cat-” “i changed my mind, you’re not ready for this” “oh come on!” 
  • Roy is a disaster cooking. He might be a genius but he always ends up burning the food, overcooking things or just…. making terrible meals.
  • Sometimes Roy stays up late working on his projects and Jason has to carry him to their bed
  • They love discussing things. Like, Roy would just wake Jason up in the middle of the night like “Illuminati, real or not?” “don’t you think Babs would know already if they were real?” “good point but-” 
  • When Jason is stressed out, Roy lets him [one direction voice] join up the dots with the freckles on his back to make drawins
  • “Jason, i know you’re drawing a dick on my back” “don’t be silly.. dick’s face wouldnt fit here” “i hate you” “i hate you more, now stay still” 
  • talking about 1d, Roy loves their music and serenades Jason all the time with their songs. At first Jason was like,, no,, please don’t,,, but now he loves 1d too and hates Roy for it. 
  • Jason learns a lot of different bird calls just to fuck up with Roy
  • He plays himself because Roy loves it and calls him “Snow White” for like a week
  • “Everything makes sense.. your need to keep everything clean… your pale skin… your cold ass hands… you have like seven siblings already….” “I literally have never hated you more than i do now, congratulations” “oh mirror mirror on the wall…whos the saltiest of them all.. oh thats right, jason” “oh my god” “YOU’RE SMILING” 
  • and this is getting too long im sorry 
  • i will stop now
i’ll be the courage you lack ;

At least when he was asleep, he wasn’t shaking. That was what Jay told himself, sprawled out on the couch with Roy sprawled out—next to him? On top of him? They were a tangle of limbs he didn’t quite understand and didn’t quite care to understand. His fingers traced absent shapes on Roy’s upper arm, his thick-framed glasses perched on his nose as he flipped lazily through The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins

Still, his mind wasn’t focused on the words on the page. Rather, his gaze kept getting draw to Roy, just to make sure he was still breathing, that he was still doing okay. He found himself staring at Roy more than a few times, blinking slowly before he realized what he was doing and went back to the book. In an hour, he couldn’t have read more than ten pages of this book—which really, wasn’t all that difficult to read, anyway. He bit down on his lower lip, his eyes flicking to Roy again.

Feeling a surge of paranoia in his chest, something inexplicably tightening, he just shifted his hand to wrap around Roy’s upper arm, squeezing lightly. “Roy? Roy, you still alive?”