Bedtime Stories

Words: 402

Ganon: 24 yrs

Link: 2 ½ yrs

Aothor’s Notes: Felt like doing something fluffy so here’s a short fic! ^_^ ~Mod Roy

He spread the blanket on the floor, trying to fluff it up as much as he could (he sure as hell was not going to let his son be uncomfortable). “Here you go, Link. A bed just for you, right next to your daddy.” He looked to the boy. “That’s how you wanted it, right?”

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A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Chapter 5/5

Words: 2053

Author’s notes: Finally the last chapter! I hope you enjoyed this story! And now onto other stuff (like, I don’t know, the actual plot of the AU?)(Mod Junior “oooo’s” in the background)(And yes, there is an actual plot ;P) ~Mod Roy

He crouched low, hoping that the rustling in the bushes wasn’t the wind. This was it, it has to be. Too long has he been hunting, looking for some prey. After a while, he jumped out and ran face first into the defenseless… rock.

Link huffed and sat down, scrunching up his sore snout. Soon he was up once again, bending his front legs as he heard big footsteps behind him.

Ganon looked at the crouching wolf, “What are you doing?”

Pouncing,” He wiggled his butt, tail up in the air, “I need to hunt right?”

“Son,” The larger animal draped a front leg over Link, “Let a pro show you how it’s done.”

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