royed doujinshi

If you’re a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, I encourage you to follow my comic page! I’m currently working on a young!Royai comic that will span from the beginning of Roy’s apprenticeship until the end of the Ishval Civil War. The prologue is currently in the toning and lettering phase, and it should be posted within a week or two.


Hello folks i’m back from hell!!
I’ve been really inactive these days due to the prepararion of my exams and cannot attempt to draw any kind of art
These are my fav RoyEd doujinshies of all times, starting with Tracks Of Flame, Goodbye Pumpkin and Sicks. If you’re a RoyEd shipper i prefer these doujinshies should not be missed (///♡ ////) Also the 4th one which i was sketching is Munich 1921, i read this one so many times that i can remember the sfx in each frame (lol)