royed doujinshi


COLORS  |  a Roy x Riza doujinshi

artist: sakurairo (桜色)
circle: sundial&compass (日時計とコンパス)

This snippet from one of my favorite djs is a surprise present for my first Royai friend on Tumblr. It’s my first attempt at scanlation and my Photoshop skills are awful, but I hope she’d still enjoy some good quality royai fluff right here <3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @sheragon~!!!

DISCLAIMER: THE ART IS NOT MINE, but the translation is (and I own the physical copy of the doujinshi). Both the artist and the circle’s websites and email addresses do not work/exist anymore so I couldn’t contact them to ask for permission to post a part of this doujinshi. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THE DESCRIPTION/TEXT PART of this photoset since it contains the credits + disclaimer. Thanks! ^__^


heads up for those who are interested in buying mostly royai doujinshis. I’ve selected which ones to sell from my collection (from G-rated to R18) and based on my list, I have about 80 different titles available.

I’ll reveal the royai dj sale sideblog TOMORROW, OCTOBER 15, 18:00 CEST/GMT+2 (Berlin, Brussels, Paris, etc.).

The covers + master list with a quick summary/description for each item will be posted there, as well as the details about payment, shipping, and how to request for sample images.

please look forward to it~!! ♡

Hiiii~!! I’m wondering if people are still interested in second/third-hand royai doujinshis.

I finally decided which Royai + all cast/team mustang djs I am willing to part with. Based on my final count, I have about 70 titles all in Japanese from my collection, some of which are anthologies/re-releases (i.e.compilation of various works). Almost all of them are out of print already so it’ll be really difficult to find them anywhere. 

I’m not sure how to sell them in the most efficient way, though. I think posting them on Tumblr would be really messy since I’d have to post a photo of ALL of the covers plus sample pages. Maybe I’ll create a website so I can put more details about each book??? Prices will most likely start at 15USD and will go up depending on the quality/rarity of the djs. They are in mint condition unless stated otherwise.

P.S. I’ll be selling my completed set (3 parts) of Parallel Love, the adorable young!royai dj that’s been going around Tumblr.

If you’re a fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, I encourage you to follow my comic page! I’m currently working on a young!Royai comic that will span from the beginning of Roy’s apprenticeship until the end of the Ishval Civil War. The prologue is currently in the toning and lettering phase, and it should be posted within a week or two.


Hello folks i’m back from hell!!
I’ve been really inactive these days due to the prepararion of my exams and cannot attempt to draw any kind of art
These are my fav RoyEd doujinshies of all times, starting with Tracks Of Flame, Goodbye Pumpkin and Sicks. If you’re a RoyEd shipper i prefer these doujinshies should not be missed (///♡ ////) Also the 4th one which i was sketching is Munich 1921, i read this one so many times that i can remember the sfx in each frame (lol)