royaume du maroc

November 6, 1975 - sawt El-Hassan
Today is the 42nd anniversary of the Moroccan green march,

The green march (massiratu l-Khadra) is a peaceful march launched by the king of Morocco Hassan II, in 1975. This march had for objective to take again the Moroccan Sahara which was always under the influence of the Spanish power, the king has asked all Moroccans of all horizons to walk  to the Sahara with a Qur’an and an olive branch, without weapons or violence,that’s why she’s called green walk, it was a coup of political genius for the King.

Since the colonial era, Morocco has been completely cut off by the European powers. Morocco is one of the oldest states in Africa (and the world) and has always been delimited by the Sahara to the south and the Mediterranean to the north. For exemple when Hugues capet sacred king of francs in October 987 , the Moroccan monarchy was already 200 years old.