🎭 Jealous Drake Walker would include 🎭

▪ Drake usually isn’t the type to get jealous

▫ he knows you’d never betray him and that you like him

▪ and ONLY him

▫ but it’s hard for him to stay rational when rich dudes try to flirt with you

▪ or look at you with hungry eyes, as if you’re some kind of trophy to win

▫ it angers him to see you with that fake smile on your lips and that bored look on your face

▪ especially because he can’t intervene

▫ and it’s killing him to see you with Liam

▪ his best friend

▫ the reason you were actually here in the first place

▪ the way the new King looks at you, with so much hope and love

▫ that’s the first time he feels something burn deep inside him

▪ and he wants to take you away

▫ away from court, away from the royalty and from the king

▪ to have you all to himself

▫ but he soon catches himself, thinking that it’s selfish to think that way

▪ but can you blame him?

▫ you were the first one that understood him

▪ the first one to be as bitter as he is

▫ the first Lady that enjoyed a nice whiskey and burnt marshmallows as much as he did

▪ and when you look at him it’s like the whole court wouldn’t exist anymore

▫ it’s just the two of you for the blink of an eye

▪ and then he sees you

▫ swaying to the music with another man under the light of the beautiful chandelier

▪ with a wonderful dress over your skin, hugging you in all the right places

▫ and he has to look away and leave the ballroom

▪ drake couldn’t see the dissapointment on your face

▫ he’d try to get his act together, to think about something different, to-

▪ that’s when he feels your hand on his arm

▫ and he freezes

▪ stands completely still, not even turning you way

▫ “Drake? Is everything alright?”

▪ your face wouldn’t be more than a soft whisper

▫ vanishing into thin air when he finally faces you

▪ “Yeah,… Of course!”

▫ but you don’t believe him

▪ why would you, right?

▫ he’s not one to actually sound cheery at a time like this

▪ “You’re lying. I know you Drake.” - “Do you now?”

▫ you’d be concerned by now, softly taking his hand in yours, carressing his knuckles with your thumb

▪ (and you know it would be bad when people see you like this)

▫ but you don’t really care, all you want is to make sure that Drake is happy again

▪ “Look, go inside again. Dance the night away for all I care. It’s stupid anyway.”

▫ his words cut you deeper than you’d think, hurting you with their sharp edges

▪ “It’s not when it upsets you so much. You know that you can tell me.” - “I’m- I’m jealous, okay? I’m jealous of all those men that get to hold you. That can talk to you and kiss your cheeks and hands. That can make you laugh when everybody is around. That get to-”

▫ you won’t let him finish

▪ you’d rather grab his handsome face and press your lips against his, kissing him hard and with so much care

▫ and you’d desperatly hope that he knows what you can’t tell him

🔥 Having sex with King Liam would include 🔥

▫ teasing him a lot

▪ especially when it’s during something boring

▫ like a dinner with his parents!!

▪ your hand would vanish under the table while you nod at something the former King said

▫ softly grazing his thigh with your fingertips

▪ it’s innocent at first, just your hand on his thigh

▫ catching his soft smile from the corner of your eye

▪ but it won’t stay like that for long

▫ your fingers would move higher and higher until you finally press your hand against his crotch

▪ and then Liam’s muscles would freeze at once

▫ his eyes would widen slightly

▪ at he’d have trouble forming normal sentences at first

▫ stuttering at first

▪ a soft red would dust his cheeks

▫ because he’s so not u s e d to that kind of stuff

▪ (I mean he was a virgin when you met him, so,,,)

▫ and that satisfied grin on your face when you press your palm against him a bit more is enough to make him whine softly

▪ “That’s not fair..”

▫ but his parents are obvious

▪ a few v v long meetings later you’d be finally alone

▫ and Liam didn’t forget what you did

▪ that’s for sure!

▫ watching him slowly unbuttoning his shirt you can’t help yourself

▪ walking up to him with that twinkle in your eyes


▪ kissing him v passionatly and almost desperate as you undress yourself

▫ arching for his touch

▪ guiding him to sit down

▫ and giving him a small show

▪ his eyes would drink you in as you’re standing completely exposed before him


▪ “Let’s try something new, okay?”


▪ seating yourself on one of his still pants clad thighs

▫ (and you can already feel the rough material rubbing against your arching core)

▪ and it feels so so good to get a bit of friction

▫ youre already so wet and your eyes would be closed

▪ tangling your fingers in his soft hair to tug on while your moving yourself against his thigh

▫ and its torture for him to hear you moan and whimper while you’re. so. close. to. his. ear.

▪ his hands would move on their own

▫ feeling every curve of you under his fingertips

▪ and he’s already so hard

▫ and can’t take the way you look while bouncing on his leg

▪ with swollen lips and flushed cheeks

▫ his pants would get impossibly uncomfortable and tight

▪ “I want you, Liam. Need you.”

▫ and you totally drive him crazy with a few words!!

▪ he’s a sucker for dirty talk

▫ and loves to hear you say how much you enjoy it and how good he feels

▪ Liam won’t hesitate a second longer and take you on that armchair

▫ he loves to see you on top of him, taking control of him when you want to, deciding what to do with him

Always keep your fangs sparkly clean! I commissioned this from the fabulous @lousysharkbutt as a gift for @gairid/ @vampchronfic, one of my fave fic writers in the VC fandom, for her birthday today! It’s Gairid’s OC Brian Callahan, with Lestat de Lioncourt and Louis de Pointe du Lac.

I headcanon that the vampires don’t always bother with this sort of thing but when it’s been a really messy evening, as they get ready for bed, they might want to brush their fangs, too. Brian is a very close mortal friend of theirs, and he lives with them sometimes, and even though he knows what they are, seeing those fangs is always a little unnerving.

A++ to @lousysharkbutt for including in all these little details I asked for, including Brian’s Night Island tourist tank, Louis’ ripped up nightshirt, and his mom-style showercap, and Lestat wearing nothing bc reasons <3 Their expressions are perfection and this is a wonderful artist to work with, fast turnaround and delivers more than requested, can’t recommend them highly enough ^______^