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I cant believe you're so intolerant of pro life people. A majority of women make up the pro life movement and that's because there's no need to be against bringing a child into this world. The only exception I leave is when there is a medical emergency because if the baby cannot be delivered and this places a risk to the mother and any other childs(twins/triplets) life in the womb then there are no other alternatives but to do what's necessary.

Then you’ve obviously never read a single thing on my blog. Search pro life or abortion in my tags. 

I’m intolerant of people who would rather a woman bleed to death on a floor after getting an illegal abortion than having a perfectly safe procedure because they place a ball of cells above a real life human being and think that if they have an opinion every other woman in the world should obey it. I’m intolerant of people who want to deprive a woman the right to decide what to do with her own body. I’m intolerant of people who are stupid enough to think that a woman working two jobs to try and make ends meet can afford to be pregnant for 9 months, get the necessary healthcare, and take the time off work to give birth. I’m intolerant of people who are ignorant enough to think that forcing a woman to raise a child she doesn’t want or think that children should be put in to the unreliable, often traumatising, social care system is a better option. I’m intolerant of sexist people who think that having a womb qualifies them to force other women in to decisions they don’t want. 

Abortion has existed for as long as human beings have and will continue to do so for the rest of human existence. The choices are either to make it legal and safe, or illegal and kill women. You choose the second. I can’t accept that


Bath time part 6

“mommy, hello! Me done bathing ”

(That little water drop on her nose though 😂)

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Do you know why or how Jonghyun got the nickname Onibugi?? It's so adorable!

Onibugi is the Korean name of the Pokemon Wartortle! LOVEs mentioned to him during Canvas era that he looked a bit like a Wartortle on their heyoTV series NU’EST’s Private Life, and then later JR used this cute fan interaction as a way to introduce himself on Produce 101