U.S. Soldiers and Marines, with Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish and Lithuanian soldiers competing in the European Best Sniper Squad Competition at the 7th Army Training Commandâs, Grafenwoehr training area, Bavaria, Germany, Oct. 23, 2016. 


“You KNOW I hate selfies.”


Swedish Royal Family Challenge: Day 26- Favourite christening moment

Prince Nicolas couldn’t stop crying at his christening, much to the distress of his parents who couldn’t locate his pacifier. While her cousin was crying, Estelle ran away from the rest of the family. She came back a few minutes later and passed something to Chris O’Neill. It turns out little Estelle had taken the initiative to fetch a pacifier for his cousin and ran straight to his parents to help soothe the baby. As the oldest of the Bernadotte cousins, Estelle is clearly already embracing the maternal role!