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A new photo has been released of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, in connection with the launch of the Prince Couple’s new website for their foundation, The Prins Carl Philip & Prinsessan Sofia Stiftele. 

The couple has also made a personal blog post on their new website. In the blog post, the first on the site, the couple stated: “We are proud to dedicate this blog to draw attention to bullying and all those affected by bullying. Mainly we will focus on näthat and living with dyslexia, topics that are close to us both. This blog will feature guest bloggers, and articles that we think are important. A warm welcome to our Foundation!”

You can read the rest of the couple’s blog post here

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Prince Carl-Philip and Princess Sofia have launched a blog for their foundation and have included a personal entry. 

All children deserve to believe in their own worth 

We are proud to dedicate this blog to draw attention to bullying and all those affected by bullying. Mainly we will focus on online hate and living with dyslexia, topics that are close to us both. The blog will feature guest bloggers, and articles that we think are important. Warm welcome to our Foundation! 

Subjecting a person to bullying is horrible. Exposing a child to bullying is terrible.Words hurt not only for the moment and kind of do not only hurt for a moment.Bullying gives wounds that for many lasts a lifetime. We can not understand what all go or have gone through, but we have both experienced online hate. It has given us an understanding, and an incentive to work with the issues and a willingness to help others. Hat feels no matter who you are and that new parents feel it is more important than ever for us.

Every day, young kids around Sweden lot worse things than what we have experienced. Digs, beaten and exclusion becomes in time a backpack that can crack the strong back anytime. Instead of living happy children playing relegated to the corner of the schoolyard, but to believe in themselves and without trust in society or the adults around them.

It should not be so, and it’s not good enough just to shout that “someone” had to do something. The responsibility is ours along, every day, for every barn. It is our duty as adults to talk to our children, but also to be good examples.

Therefore, we are starting Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia Foundation, in order to strengthen the good conversation, strengthening the positive role models and to enhance all children, both those who are bullied, those who bully and those who stand passively on the sidelines. The good society is built on good citizens. And the good citizens coming from strong self-esteem and belief in their own worth. No child deserves less than that.“

For more information about their Foundation and blog can be found at this website

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Woah Beatrice was in the young Victoria??

Ohh fun story time. 

OK so her Mother Sarah is a duper Victoria fan, in fact both Beatrice and Eugenie (with her middle name Helena are actually named after some of Victoria’s daughters) In  fact with her access to royal records Sarah has been for decades researching about Victoria. So with all her years of Victoria research she was able to make this movie, Sarah is one of the producers of the Film and is the reason it was made. 

So that is the Beatrice connection and how she was able to be in the film

Here are some pics from her little cameo as one of Victoria’s Ladies in Waiting at her Coronation

doesn’t she look fabulous! 

Also doesn’t she look more like Victoria then Emily Blunt did haha!

- Was it easy playing Le Chiffre?
Mads Mikkelsen: “Yes, fairly easy. I liked this role! He’s a vain guy, he likes to dress up nicely. I definitely like this character. I play him up as much as I could. As an actor coming from Denmark, an opportunity like this is unbelievable. I have a friend [Ulrich Thomsen] who’s playing the baddie’s second or third-hand man, but I play the baddie. So I immediately gave him a call when I got this part!” [x]