Royalty AU

The masquerade ball was supposed to help prince Barry Allen’s decision of who to marry easier, as he prepared to take the throne in a few short weeks. He didn’t expect to end up dancing with Leonard Snart, the infamously cold-hearted king, for nearly the whole night.

Happy Valentine's Day! [02/14] 

I have this HC that Serena has never experienced Valentine’s Day in Academia, since the school is like a military institution. Students there were groomed to be battle-hardened warriors, so I figure that they never celebrate things like Valentine’s or even Christmas.

Serena and Yuri heard about Valentine’s from the Standard People, so they roughly have an idea already. But Serena didn’t expect Yuri to be interested, hence the reaction. (♥ó㉨ò)ノ♡


Peter Paul Rubens

Portrait of Élisabeth of France (Isabel de Borbón), Queen consort of Spain; c. 1628-1629

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

“Oil sketch made from life after the Queen. Its background is unfinished.”

[Source: Corpus Rubenianum XIX, Portraits I, 34a. (p. 160)]


#LookBook 10 : Special couple


(Girl Left 1; Girl Right 2)

Hair : 1 @darkosims3 / 2 @leahlillith 

Makeup : 

Eyebrows 1&2 @fashionroyaltysims

Eyes 1&2 @alf-si  

Eyeliner 1  Happy Marzipan / 2 Screaming Mustard

Eyeshadow 1 @pickypikachu / 2 @bernies-simblr

blush 2  @jomsimscreations  Face Modeleur (the first not the second)   

lipstick 1 @fashionroyaltysims / 2 @simpliciaty

eyelash 1 & 2 @kijiko-sims

+>  Earrings 1 @starlord-sims  Tattoo face 1 @overkillsimmer (We don’t see the tattoo on the face but I really like this facial tattoo so I put them in the lookbook), septum 2 @leahlillith

Outfits :
1 :

top @simpliciaty
skirt @sims4-marigold
shoes @sentate

+> Tattoo spellcasterr , Ring @simpliciaty , bracelet/watch toksik , Nail @salem2342

Dress @pauleanr
Shoes @madlensims (we don’t see it sorry)
+> Nail @pralinesims

(Boy Left 1; Boy Right 2)

Hair : 1 &  2  @stealthic  
Makeup : 

Eyebrows 1&2 @sclub-privee 

Eyes 1 @chisimi  /2 @annamsblue

Beard 1 @alecai-sims

+> Earrings 1 @s-sac, Beanies & Gloves 1 @marvinsims

Outfits :
1 :

top  & bottom @ooobsooo
shoes @madlensims

top  @s-sac
bottom EA
shoes @madlensims

( Girl Right 1; Boy Left  2)

Hair : 1 @cool-sims / 2 @stealthic

Makeup :

Eyebrows 1 @alf-si /2 @pralinesims

Eyes 1 @chisimi / 2 joannebernice

Eyeliner 1 @dani-paradise

Eyeshadow 1 Screaming Mustard

blush 1  @jomsimscreations  Face Modeleur (the first not the second)  

lipstick 1 @simpliciaty / 2 @pralinesims

eyelash 1  @kijiko-sims

+> Piercing 2 @puresims , Teeth 1 Zora Venka , Necklace 1 NataliS

Outfits :
1 :

top  @missfortunesims
Bottom  @missparaply
shoes @madlensims

+> Tattoo @overkillsimmer , Nail @pralinesims

Top  @s4seze
bottom @ooobsooo
Shoes @madlensims

+> Model (Diego Barrueco) @simpliciaty ( I use this model to the base and I modified a little to do as I want)


@rinvalee clic & clic

@iwikedsimblr clic

Prince Harry wears a decorated shawl on June 16, 2010 in Semongkong in Lesotho. The two Princes are on a joint trip to Africa which takes in Botswana, Lesotho and finally South Africa. During that time they will visit a number of projects supported by their respective charities Sentebale (Prince Harry) and Tusk Trust (Prince William). The trip will culminate with the brothers watching the England vs Algeria World Cup match in Cape Town.

Harry/Eggsy - To Valiant Hearts Sing

TitleTo Valiant Hearts Sing

Author: Anonymous (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Kingsman

Word Count: ~18.4k

Warnings: alpha/omega royalty AU, arranged marriage, knotting, omega!bottom!eggsy

Summary: “I would offer to you my son, and only omega child, Prince Gary’s hand in marriage.”

Gary won’t even look at him. The young man’s jaw is set in a hard line, his posture straight and head held high, but it looks more like false bravado of a man facing the hangman’s noose.

Comments: Lovely fic feat. badass warrior prince Eggsy