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• things you said ♡☂
• 100 ways to say I Love You ♡☂☆ | collab with @minsvga 



eight ♡
• need a hand? ♡ | college au
• like flowers we bloom ♡ | bad boy au
see you soon [ft. Jungkook] ♡☂ | soulmate au
• the gap ♡ | neighbor au
• better place ♡ | harry potter au
• brighter than fire ♡☆ | camp counselor au  


all too well [10/10] ♡☂☆ | idol & makeup artist au



• begin again ♡☆ | harry potter au



 improvise ♡
• until you find me ♡ | harry potter au
• chrysalism ♡
• the endless winter ♡ | idol/fan + soulmate au
• shades of wrong ♡☆ | harry potter au
• stay ♡ | camp counselor au 



 dare ♡
• a happy memory ♡ | harry potter au
• pillow fort ♡☆
along the boardwalk ♡ | skater boy au
• muse ♡ | artist au
 breath of spring ♡ | florist au


• hold me tight [2/?] ♡☂ | hwarang/royalty/soulmate au



behind these walls ♡ | neighbor au
• in media res ♡ | photographer au
• sunflower letter ♡ | harry potter au
• over and over again ♡
• twinkling starlight ♡ | christmas au
believe in me ♡☂ | guardian angel au
• you and i ♡☂ ☆ | reincarnation au
• wait for it ♡☆ | royalty au
• overtime ♡☆ | ceo/boss au
• take my hand ♡☂ | amnesia au
hopeless hearts ♡ | idol/fan au
exchanges ♡☆ | spiderman au


it’s all fun & games [5/5] ♡☂ | fake dating au
purpose [1/?] ☂ × | assassin au

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anonymous asked:

Hopping on your search for fluffy prompts, I'd love to see Stiles as a horticulturist who owns a nursery and Derek as a potter who really enjoys walking around Stiles' nursery and uses the plants there as inspiration for making pots. Either Stiles finds Derek's "store" (which is, really, half gallery half shop run from his house), or Derek gives in and brings Stiles a pot one day when he notices one of the growing maples at the front is in a broken one.

Oooh, cute! I’m actually working on a nymph!Stiles AU but I think I’ll make this a human AU for today ;) I hope you enjoy!

The bell over the shop door rings and Stiles check the clock on his table and notes that it’s 2:15 and smiles before jumping up from his work bench. He stops at the door leading to the front of the store from his work room and runs his fingers through his hair and makes sure his apron is on straight.

Walking out into the brightly lit shop, Stiles instantly catches his eye. Derek is just walking in and grins when he sees Stiles. He lifts a hand carrying a sketch pad in a wave that Stiles returns.

“Here to plagiarize my plants again?” Stiles asks cheekily watch Derek shake his head.

“Simply gathering inspiration, it’s not -”

“Not plagiarism if you’re using it as reference, yeah yeah. I still think I’m entitled to royalties,” Stiles tells him primly as he walks out from behind the counter and over to where Derek seems to have taken inspiration in his chrysanthemum bush. 

Derek had first appeared two weeks ago, looking around the room and gently petting flower petals and looking at the saplings Stiles kept in his greenhouse next door. Stiles had watched him walk around for nearly half an hour before asking tiredly if he was ever going to buy something. Derek had blushed from the tips of his ears and all the way down his next, flustered and shy.

Derek had explained that he was hoping to use the plants as inspiration for the pots he made and sold online. And how could Stiles say no, not to those precious bunny teeth and earth toned eyes. So, now, Derek came in everyday at 2:15 with his sketch pad and kept Stiles’ boredom at bay while they engaged in idle chit-chat. Stiles had come to the point where he counted down the minutes until his standing date with Derek arrived.

He watched at Derek sat himself down in front of the chrysanthemum plant and started to sketch, adding the sound of pencil scratches to the sounds of leaves in the wind and the water Stiles poured on thirsty plants. He couldn’t help but get caught up in watching Derek every now and then, distracting himself with the fan of his eyelashes, catching the sunlight and the way he must be biting the inside of his cheek as he drew.

All too soon, Derek was packing up to leave once again and Stiles would have to wait another 23 hours before he came back. The hours dragged by until Derek returned and not empty handed.

“What’s this?” Stiles laughed as he opened the front door to let Derek in.

“Your maple sapling is in a broken pot and I knew I had a pot big enough to replant it in before it dies.” Derek places the pot down next to the sapling in question, looking up shyly at Stiles as he stands up right again.

“Oh, is this my royalties, then?” Stiles asks, heart beating a bit faster.

“I guess you could call it that.” Derek shrugs as he makes eye contact.

“Well, I guess I’ll have to find new ways of keeping you in my debt then, shouldn’t I?” Stiles asks, hating the idea of Derek leaving.

“No, no I don’t need anything, really I-”

But Stiles cuts him off with a kiss. It’s quick and a little dry but warm and heart melting all the same.

“That’s nice, too.” And then Derek’s kissing Stiles and all he can think is that this is very nice indeed.

I hope that’s what you wanted? Yeah, fluffy stuff :) The nymph!Stiles AU will be up in the days to come so feel free to check out my Ao3

Pick up Lines for OFF

“But mun, its not Valentine Day-” Shush. There is no such thing as too much cringey pick up lines. Based on character. 

The Batter - Is it just me, or did you pitch a fastball into my heart?

The Judge - I think the only one worthy to judge my feelings is you.

Valerie - Say nothing. Just give him food and headpats. Instant affection.

Dedan - I want to stop time so that I can look at you a little longer.

Japhet - My heart burns up everytime I see you.

Enoch - You know, you sweep me off my feet into heaven.

Vader Eloha - You’re definitely royalty, because you’re the queen of my heart.

Zacharie -  Not only will I give you all of my credits, I’ll give you my heart too.

Sucre - The reason you have so much sugar in your life is because you’re so sweet. 

Elsen - …Want some permanent security in your life?

Bad Batter - My feelings for you are as pure as your devotion for this world.

Feel free to add onto this post. its not as though pick up lines can get any worse, right? Right?